Testing Cinnamon

Yesterday i installed Archlinux to do some tests with some packages and within them, it was included to test Cinnamon.

Maybe the result is not what you expected (I'll tell you later why), but without a doubt I have been left with an excellent impression. From the outset, I don't know if the installation I did of Cinnamon about Archlinux give me the same experience regarding the behavior of this shell, compared to its official distro: Linux Mint.

The image you see at the beginning of the Post is Cinnamon running over Xfce. Yes, they have read perfectly, about Xfdesktop. After installing I couldn't start Cinnamon through LigthDM, so I have to enter through Xfce, run the application launcher (Alt + F2) and write:

cinnamon --replace

And voila !!! The magic is done.

My impressions

With Firefox, Thunderbird y Pidgin open, Cinnamon remains stable over 400 Mb de RAM. Perhaps the elements of Xfce that keep running underneath. Although the consumption seems somewhat high, the performance is impressive. Cinnamon It is very fast and the effects that are included by default are very smooth and elegant.

The application to manage the preferences of Cinnamon (Cinnamon Settings) It is very simple and contains what is necessary to adjust our desktop. I find the option to disable the Overview and the icon of Hot corner.

It is true that perhaps it lacks many more options, since it cannot be denied that it is still not possible to customize all the elements of the interface, such as the panel, which from my point of view is a bit tough in terms of organizing his applets.

The menu is quite fast and at least I see it more functional than any other existing start menu. From my point of view, no one can stand next to him, not even the KDE.

But do not "take away the dance", Cinnamon It behaves in a very stable way and I am sure that with the evolution of its development it will improve for the better. I'm hoping as a good thing that I just became compatible with LMDE to use it on me Debian, as an alternative next to Xfce. Without a doubt, we already have one more option in GNU / Linux and at least I love it 😀

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  1.   Sebastian said

    This is my second desktop after LXDE.

  2.   Courage said

    Yesterday I installed Archlinux

    You secretly love Arch Linux as much as you love Kitty

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      What I have in secret is the host that I am going to put you if you keep saying that I like Kitty.

      1.    Courage said

        You deserved that carcamal hahahaha

  3.   proper said

    Ohhhh !!! the dog is great xDDDD

    1.    Courage said

      And the dog's eyes are KZKG ^ Gaara's eyes hahaha

  4.   Maxwell said

    It looks very good, but I loved the desktop background the most, where can I download it from?


      1.    Maxwell said

        Thank you very much, it looks good.

  5.   Manuel de la Fuente said

    I still don't understand why Cinnamon consumes them so much. As I read here, the consumption is adapted to the RAM that the machine has installed, so I imagine that they must have much more RAM than me, or that the measurement that the GNOME system monitor gives me is not correct.

    This is a capture of the processes of my machine, it is a Dell Vostro 1320 with 2 GB of RAM. Chromium is running with 4 tabs open, Thunderbird, VirtualBox (doing a virtual installation of Windows XP), and Dropbox and Synapse in the background.


    And this is what my desktop looks like 😉:


    1.    pandev92 said

      400 Mb of ram is very little…., It is not a problem, as long as it does not exceed 800 or 900.

      1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

        For me it is something brutal, if I saw that consumption on my machine I would have already switched to a lighter desktop. I prefer that the RAM is available for applications and not that the desktop takes it all.

        By the way, I already finished my Windows XP installation so be horrified by this user agent. 😀

        1.    pandev92 said

          Man, I in windows 7 with 4 gb of ram, windows consumes me about 2 gb and so far with lots of open applications, opera, photoshop, qbittorent, wlm, pidgin, outlook, steam and excel, it has not exceeded me 2,4, there are still 1,6 left, so I don't know which app could suck as much ram as a bloody xd.

          1.    elav <° Linux said

            I think we have a few Microsoft employees among us.

          2.    pandev92 said

            elav, if you can convince steve ballmer to hire me and pay me 3 euros a month, i'm running xd, money is money. XD

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              Yes man, before talking to you, I earn the dough ... Doesn't it bother you?

          3.    pandev92 said

            Man, the one who can't see Microsoft is you, not me XD.

          4.    Courage said

            money is money

            1: Man, elav doesn't need much money, maybe to hire a chubby girl, yes, but nothing else, so I'll take it because I need it more than him.

            2: In witchcraft things, it is said that if you receive something from someone you don't like it could be a type of black magic or something like that, let's see if something is going to happen to you and you end up in misery or drugs hahaha

            3: As extreme as I can be, I think I would not receive money from someone who hates


  6.   pacoeloyo said

    Cinnamon on xfce that's fine. Mint is on a very good path, I have only been with the xfce environment for 3 months and I like it a lot, there are little things that do not convince me such as the start menu and little else, as well has been written by some other site xfce has become in the refuge of the gnomers and on the other hand I quite like Cinnamon

    1.    Thirteen said

      I assume it is XFCE with GTK3 isn't it? In any case, I agree that it is a wise choice for LM to work on Cinnamon compatibility across different distros and desktops (GTK). I consider it an error of Canonical not to make Unity an interface available to any distro.

      Although I am satisfied with gnome-shell (and its extensions) and do not use at the moment, neither Unity, nor Cinnamon, I would like them to be available, regardless of the distro I use.


  7.   Christopher said

    gedit /usr/share/xsessions/cinnamon.desktop

    and we erase the lines

    TryExec = / usr / bin / cinnamon
    Icon =

    Ready boots from GDM3.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      It works 😀

      1.    Christopher said

        Sure it works: D, hey I signed up for the blog and made an entry on how to install Cinnamon on Debian, I sent it for review, I did that last Friday. Didn't pass the test or what happened to the entry?

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          We had not seen it hehe, sorry 🙂
          I'm checking it right now.

          I send you an email to which you leave here later.

  8.   kik1n said

    I recommend it.
    I have it installed from the beta.

    Cinnamon has never passed 100 megabytes, when it is idle, it returns to 40 or 50 megabytes

  9.   nonamed said

    You talk a lot about cinnamon, but what is cinnamon? I can't find an answer in this post

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      WTF? You really don't know what Cinnamon is? Well, I think I have left several clues in the post. First, the image that the Post starts shows Cinnamon running. Second, in the name I left a link that takes you to all the articles in Desdelinux related to Cinnamon. However, to explain it to you in a few words:

      Cinnamon on a Gnome-Shell Fork created for the Linux Mint distribution that tries to convey to Gnome2 users, a similar experience but in Gnome3

      1.    nonamed said

        Thank you

  10.   Mauritius said

    It looks very good, let's see if I dare to try it on my XFCE.

  11.   Aetanes said

    I want it for my debian!

  12.   Mac said

    Good morning, I am one more linux user, I installed fedora 16 xfce yesterday and since cinnamon came out I have wanted to try it so I downloaded and installed it, but when starting, it is left thinking then the screen darkens and it returns me to the lightDM I did what from cinnamon –replace and I won't even tell you how my pc became, the question is, should I have gnome3 installed to be able to load cinnamon or is it a desktop other than gnome3? Thanks a lot.

  13.   Zokeber said


    If you are not using a Display Manager, you can add it to your $ HOME .xinitrc, editing it and adding:

    exec ck-launch-session gnome-session-cinnamon

    and then they do their due:

    $ startx

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Exactly .. Thanks for the information Zokeber ^^

  14.   mac said

    good to say to make that brief, but as I reiterate, I have xfce instead of gnome or gnome3 will it work the same?

    or do I have to download gnome3?

    Thank you

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I feel that elav He managed to have Cinnamon in his Xfce ... tomorrow when he is connected he will clarify the doubt 😀

  15.   Jack said

    Hello, could you tell me how to install cinnamon in Arch, it happens that it sends me this error:

    configure: error: Package requirements (gtk + -3.0> = 3.3.3) were not met:

    Requested 'gtk + -3.0> = 3.3.3' but version of GTK + is 3.2.3

    Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
    installed software in a non-standard prefix.

    Alternatively, you may set the environment variables MUFFIN_MESSAGE_CFLAGS
    and MUFFIN_MESSAGE_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
    See the pkg-config man page for more details.
    ==> ERROR: An error occurred in build ().
    Canceling ...
    ==> ERROR: Makepkg failed to compile muffin-git.

    Thanks in advance…

  16.   mac said

    Well I did a reinstallation of cinnamon updating its components but even so I have not been able to start it since in the DM to start the session I choose cinnamon I put my password the black screen is put and it returns to the DM, for lack of respect to my problem I will have to uninstall it and go back to ubuntu.

    anyway thanks a lot for the help.

    1.    Christopher said

      There are already repositories, this post has become obsolete.

      Follow these steps:


      but instead of installing mate install


      It is for debian testing and it worked for me from debian sid 😀

      1.    Elynx said

        Luxury, thank you very much!


  17.   inukaze said

    Hello very good, I just installed cinnamon in LinuxMint 13 Maya, the problem is that every time I start the session, I do not have the panel where the "Menu" button is, well I really do not have any panel

    At the moment load the «mate-panel», since I have no idea what is the command that cinnamon uses for the panel, does anyone know ??