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I'll be back soon ...

I have been a little over a month in a row since after a discussion with the Ubuntuneros of the site, I decided to switch to OS X indefinitely and although I am 100% delighted in certain aspects, at the same time I feel that I lack a home ... soon I will use Linux as my main OS again, well, that as soon as the summer passes and I no longer have time to be playing formula 1 2012 (xD).

The reason for this post is rather simple, I want to do a bit of self-criticism in Linux and leave my wish list, something that I hope will soon change and get better and that they can surpass their proprietary rivals.

I remember that about a week ago Metalbyte told me that using OS X was worse than using Ubuntu, and maybe yes, if we consider this from a philosophical and not practical point of view, probably the Apple license is not to start crying ... (But let it be said ... the Darwin kernel is as free as Linux), but if we think about usability and default applications, Ubuntu is far behind, (KDE far exceeds OS X in options, yes), so I want to leave my wish list on the things I hope to see soon in Linux:

1) Facilitate default support for writing in Japanese characters, Koreans etc. Something that I liked a lot about OS X is the possibility to choose from the beginning in which language to write and change it easily. In Linux you can also, but you have to install some packages ..., which to my potato never finished going to me ..., if in this case I know, it is a layer 8 XDDDD error.


2) A more beautiful and functional music player. Although iTunes on Windows computers and somewhat old PCs can drag, in OS X it usually has very good performance, the truth is, I would like those music players that take more care of the interface (noise is an example), not to forget to add functionalities, such as equalizers, cover downloads, the store where you can download music, different album views and not just the classic stacked vertical view (clementine, amarok inside), a music store, and above all, I want radios, many radios, international, jazz, Japanese, religious, news, sports ... (enough of the classic icecast ... and sky fm ..., I would also like shoutcast radios).


TinyGrab Screen Shot 19-06-13 14.34.45

3) Libreoffice interface refresh. Yes ..., I think that if we searched this blog 2 years ago ..., we would find people asking for an interface change, something that to this day has not yet happened and which I begin to think will never happen. I not only want the libreoffice interface to be more beautiful, but I also want it to make my life easier, especially in CALC (I had a lot of problems doing some work ...), I don't ask for a copy of ms office, in fact I could even take a note of Iwork in certain respects.

4) Wayland. Here we go into an aspect that has always caused me some anger in Linux, the use of xorg. Wayland is the future and I hope that very soon it can be the present of our desktops, the use of xorg does not free us from tearing without a composer (kwin, compiz, compton ..), and it has also created some annoying things among them:

1: That when entering a game with 1024 x 760 resolution, change the resolution of the entire environment and not just that of the game.

2: If the game crashes, many times the environment stays in low resolution and I had to go to change the resolution in the control panel .., but sometimes the resolution was so low that I could not press the del key change .., because it did not fit on the screen.

3: Flickering when you change from full screen to window mode, a clear example is when you are watching a movie with mplayer and suddenly a notification of kmess or empathy appears.

Wayland is supposed to prevent all these things from happening.

5) Audio: Jack .., press ..., alsa, I have tried them all, I have configured them all, and today nobody has been able to tell me how to record the internal audio of the pc and the microphone at the same time, to be able to make a gameplay ... , and about pulseaudio I can only say bad things.

Although pulse is a great advance in functionalities since it makes life easier, with usb headphones, 5.1 audio and other herbs, on my pc, I never, I repeat, it has finished sounding completely clear, I can always notice that noise in the songs .. and no, it's not a configuration problem, I did everything I could, change resampling, deactivate and activate functions according to the guide in Archlinux .., but nothing, to date has caused me more problems than advantages (better I'm not talking about how it goes with wine…).

At this point, it seems that certain users are paid by red hat to insult anyone who says that pulseaudio is doing badly…. (Gentlemen, a little self-criticism… it would never hurt us…, even Apple users complain about many things in their forums).

I have no more complaints, they are these simple things, in everything else I think that GNU / Linux is much superior, configurability, options for the users ..., in fact not even games are going to be a problem, since probably all games that are for OS X will be for Linux (thanks opengl).

I hope that in a year from now, when you look at this again, I can say that most of it is a thing of the past.

If someone after this post, wants to come and troll or light a flamewar, I can only say that it is not welcome, I would like that together we can calmly discuss these aspects and that opinions can be given without messing with anyone's mother.

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  1.   progdebian said

    As for a player, you lose nothing by trying guayadeque ... I knew him a little over two years ... and I do not change it for anything ... unless I am in windows ... as right now xD ... ahh and as for the self-criticism it seems pertinent ... Greetings.

    1.    pandev92 said

      I'll give you a taste, thanks! 🙂

      1.    vicky said

        Try tomahawk and yarock too. Tomahawk has a Mac version 😉

        1.    pandev92 said

          Tomahawk for me is the best;), he would only need radios to be added and it would be perfect: '(

          1.    vicky said

            Mmm try yarock then, it supports this type of radios.

            * Play radio stream (icecast, shoutcast, user stream files)

    2.    houndix said

      Guayadeque I was using it for a while, and I liked it a lot too, and it seemed very complete in terms of functionality, options and all that. The only thing that did not convince me at all is that the music library loaded me very slowly when I had a lot of music inserted.

      And since I switched to KDE I switched to Clementine, and I'm pretty happy with him too. I only miss a few tricks without too much importance, such as being able to do audioscrobbling with and not just (something I miss from Guayadeque, which allowed both at the same time).

      Another one that I also liked a lot in my GNOME2 time was gmusicbrowser, above all because of the possibility of choosing several imitation interfaces to other players (such as Exaile, Rythmbox and many others) even though it is always the same player in everything else.

      I will also take an eye (and hear) to others that you have named and that I still do not know 🙂

  2.   Gabriel said

    Let's see if I understand: this blog is called "From Linux" and the author describes himself as "I firmly believe in opensource as the solution to lift and promote the computer sector" and I come across a post written by someone who uses Apple? It is a joke?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I ask myself this… O_O… pandev, Apple? … Seriously? O_O

      1.    pandev92 said

        Yoyo is more of a makeup artist than me XDDDD… .., to quote someone eheheheh. Just for the summer while I'm playing formula 1 and call of duty XD ..., in September you'll see me again using arch ahahah

        1.    DanielC said

          In my city there is a saying that says "if it doesn't fit, don't distribute", the cheek (load, joke, joke) goes on you, don't take refuge in others. xD

          Good article to get out of the "routine", no matter it is a linux blog, from time to time it is good to find out what other non-linux OSs handle.

    2.    dwarf said

      And, in parts, for both Gabriel and Sandy.

      It touches my balls that, every time something other than Linux is mentioned, someone will jump up and say things like “seriously, did you say OsX? oh ... by ... god »enough of so much idiocy, whether or not he uses OsX is his problem and really what he says in the article is not small, he has quite successful points like or audio in many cases.

      I mean, it seems to me that people are too short-minded, closed, the simple fact of criticizing someone or what they write just because they use another operating system, then just because they use OsX is their opinion disposable? Does it bother you sooooo much that I use OsX and express an opinion on SL? Enough gentlemen, enough, this is ridiculous, then they call themselves defenders of freedom, but they do not let someone be free to make a decision as simple as which system to use.

      Especially your Sandy, come on, you're not like that.

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        Ehm ... slow down boy ...

      2.    mr linux said

        I agree with Nano, people have the freedom to use and test the operating system they want and that is not an impediment to refrain from giving an opinion on any OS What if I would like to know in more detail are the arguments that Metalbyte put forward to say that OsX was worse than Ubuntu.

        1.    pandev92 said

          There are none, I simply told him as a joke, that the end of the world had come since he had become ubunctual, and we all know that he was an open-ended man to death ..., and he answered me with that phrase XD

          1.    kondur05 said

            Is it true what nano says, for my part the only thing I would say is pandev OsX? You do have copper! hehehe

      3.    eliotime3000 said

        In fact, OSX is a derivative of FreeBSD but one of the bad guys, so your opinion still carries weight as is the case with pandev92 (I admit that I use a worse version of Windows than a floppy disk to avoid unnecessary update problems and a desktop as bad as Windows 8/7 is, but I also use Debian Stable so I can keep an eye on what's going on in the Debian world).

        I realize that the fanaticism towards a distro is increasingly noticeable in many of these users, but I also run into increasingly tolerant and veteran GNU / Linux users who really know how to express themselves and respect the decisions of others.

        I would have liked to deal with a Mac, but for reasons of time and money, I couldn't. Anyway, it seems that it has several things that can be taken advantage of from the old FreeBSD, but still, GNU / Linux is of an unsurpassed quality. The only thing missing is the free software developers who understand that the current paradigm of the common and current user is not the console, but the GUI's and the practicality of the tools.

      4.    wilbert isaac said

        Will it be the same Nano from Tira Ecol?

    3.    elruiz1993 said

      On that I am against, that the freedom of Software is above the freedom of choice and expression.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        In that I agree with you. What's more, I think tolerance towards other users of So owners who are scared off by the first comment that degrades them has already been lost.

    4.    houndix said

      I don't see how bad it is to use other non-free things from time to time. It can even come in handy to get inspired and learn from the "enemy" by seeing how everything in the software is going beyond free, as well as being more objective.

      If for example I collaborate in a metal music blog, should I consider myself a hypocrite for also listening to experimental music, classical, jazz, soundtracks, etc. and not only metal as the blog's theme?

      1.    Andrelo said

        And but one thing is that you listen and another that you upload another style of music

    5.    ariki said

      Taliban mode = on ????

      According to my point of view, we should have more posts from other OS for PCs as well as there are posts from OS for mobiles, it's okay, it's always good to find out what others are doing.
      For my part OSX is boring and I find it heavy and with a range of software that you will not occupy and for more there are those who still have to use windows office and pay or crack. And needless to say about the quality of their products that every day disappoints me more, the latter I say with clear foundations since I have two mac with which they work in this house for scientific uses. Specifying it seems to me a very good post and as always thanks for your work guys! Greetings Ariki

  3.   thng said

    I agree on some points, but other points seem silly to me. In particular I very much agree with the sound in linux.
    I have tried dozens of distributions, different configurations and have come to the conclusion that those who made pulseaudio deserve to be tried in the international criminal court for crimes against humanity.

    1.    pandev92 said

      ahaha and with the photo of the accusing sheriff eheheh:) .., if pulseaudio cries out to heaven xdd ...

      1.    vicky said

        Doesn't the sound have to do with the drivers as well? The truth is that I have never had problems, but because my headphones, speakers and music already have a mediocre quality XD

        1.    pandev92 said

          it's probably a mix between drivers and poor pulseaudio quality = deadly XD ...

    2.    houndix said

      Totally agree with the sound. It is one of the very few things that I miss from my old and remote Windows times, and more being so 'music lover' XD.

      Luckily, on the bad side or "not-so-good" it doesn't sound too bad, thanks to the fact that I have a minimally decent sound card. Although in terms of recording and other things beyond listening, everything is even greener. To be a musician in GNU / Linux you have to be almost a computer engineer at the same time xD.

  4.   elav said

    I approved the post because however it is, it is the opinion of a writer on things that should be improved in GNU / Linux. But, there are many things that I cannot understand:

    1- I install Debian on the Laptop I work with and I rarely have problems, that is, I install and forget. Maybe the problem is that the author, that is pandev, changes the distribution like underpants 😀

    2- It is true that I like that the applications look good, but the fact that an audio player is not pretty .. that's not a reason, and there are many players, both in the repositories and in 3rd party sites .. ¿ Have you tried them all?

    It is very easy and very comfortable to use Windows and OS X, because of course we all know that they have their drivers in the case of Windows and in the case of OS X, they only focus on supporting a specific hardware.

    My advice: Use all Intel, problems rarely arise ... And if you like to play, then leave a partition with Windows and voila, or better, buy a console, which was invented for that.

    Pandev, have a nice stay on OS X .. Linux users say hello.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Do not believe on windows ..., in windows I have had even more problems with the audio than in linux with pulse, directsound, on the laptop with intel hda audio, it has given me enough headaches. the kind of hanging out making noise like: »NAAAAAAAAAAAGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU» and forcing you to restart the pc from the shutdown button .., although Windows has a lot of support, this second-hand hardware support is sometimes even more ridiculous ...

      1.    Elijah said

        WTF? what are you talking about? How would you recommend using windows for games? if we want linux to launch.

        This post is correct in everything. Check out the most important applications
        (relatively) of an operating system are Player, Office Suite, and Games. These are the things that attract users (Normal). I don't know from my point of view.

        I think he is right about everything. And I also think that you do not accept a criticism. I use Debian and I have to say that it is right in everything.

  5.   Elijah said

    Very good post. I agree with you in everything :). (It's not sarcasm hehe)

    Especially on Wayland and Pulseaudio.

  6.   Dark purple said

    The truth is, I think that before asking for visual updates in LibreOffice, we should focus on polishing its performance and compatibility with OOXML (and the latter is key for many users to use it, on any system).

    I agree about Pulseaudio, Wayland is just a matter of waiting a bit for it to arrive… And I am happy with Clementine, really.

    1.    Azazel said

      I say that the compatibility of LibreOffice with M. Office should go to hell (forgive the word) Why seek to be compatible when they should seek to innovate the LibreOffice team should further improve the ODT format to make new users of this office suite fall in love with it and replace M. Office definitively, that the doc, docx format or whatever Microsoft wants to call it in the future is little done (shit, dung, poop, etc.) before the ODT. Those of LibreOffice waste a lot of time looking for compatibility with the Microsoft suite when they should be overshadowing it with new and better features than it has and leaving compatibility in the background, LibreOffice has to be converted into a KDE compared to the Windows and OsX interfaces . Well that's my humble opinion I don't know what you guys think.

  7.   mikaoP said

    pandev92: did you install osx on a PC? I just want to try it, I have the niresh iso downloaded but I don't know if when I install it I will be able to keep the Windows partition and be able to use it with dualboot. If once installed I install grub, will I be able to start with both? Thank you

    1.    pandev92 said

      Yes, but I can't give you support on a linux blog, it seems amoral to me XD…, if you use google there are good guides on how to install it if you have the right hardware.
      Osx asks you to partition in gpt .., so in principle I think you lose windows ..., please use google> ____ <, nobody helped me and I did.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        What bothered me about OSX is that its Aqua interface consumed more video than Windows Aero itself, and even so, the Makers were not complaining about it.

        Even so, I am bothered by the imposition promoted by some fanboys who do not know how to respect the other users of other platforms than GNU / Linux who visit us here.

        1.    Cocolium said

          Applause compadre, and is that this little boy is a great connoisseur, God there is no way to block his posts? they are a reverend disgusting.

          1.    pandev92 said

            Whoever warned is not a traitor, I already warned you.

          2.    Cocolium said

            HAhahaha mature mature boy.

          3.    pandev92 said

            🙂 Yes, but apply the story, because your trolling is worse than smelling poop. 🙂 I guess you must be between 12 and 13 years old and being fap fap all day in front of the pc.

          4.    Cocolium said

            Which trolling? what? Now trolling is telling you your truths? have a different opinion than yours? Come on, by the way, your opinion does not go beyond some country puber who is using a computer for the first time, but of course you are the panacea of ​​computing, right? hahahaha, let's see if you at least learn to write articles like the other editors on this site, to begin with they have trained and adult criteria.

          5.    pandev92 said

            If you continue, you do me a great favor to get banned, you continue.

          6.    Cocolium said

            Hahaha and why are they going to ban me boy? for telling you the truths? Anyway, what they should do is prevent you from writing such ridiculous posts, typical of a capricious child.

          7.    pandev92 said

            They will ban you for annoying, nagging, believing you have the absolute truth, messing with editors repeatedly, after all, and in short, trolling staff :). I'm going to choose to ignore you until you get banned. 🙂

          8.    Cocolium said

            Actually I don't know why I'm answering you, if both your "posts" (if they can be called that) and your comments are puerile, without argument and much less contribution, I don't know why you act as an engineer with a doctorate from MIT when You only show your tantrums as a spoiled child, you embarrass others.

          9.    pandev92 said

            The thief always believes that everyone is of his condition 😀

          10.    Cocolium said

            Scientifically proven you're a kid.

          11.    pandev92 said

            the same I say, SIR

          12.    Cocolium said

            JAjajaj yayaya you are the man of the potato and by the way you know how to speak English, what a capo type, in short I hope you have read things thoroughly so that you try to learn something in life, until never.

          13.    pandev92 said

            Continue with the circus that I have fun 😀

          14.    eliotime3000 said

            It's Troll Time !!!

          15.    elav said

            It seems to me that they can leave the subject already. As I always say, go out and solve it by Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger ... or similar. Please.

          16.    pandev92 said

            Well I'm sorry @elav but I don't add children in gmail or anything like that, it's enough for me that certain characters stop fucking like this guy does, in all the posts that don't say "windows is the best, ballmer is the prophet and bill gates is god.
            Just as I am asked to respect people when I say something to them, I ask to be respected by these characters, who believe they have the absolute truth and believe they have the right to disqualify the opinions of others.

            Thanks @elav for allowing even more trolling than in muylinux.

          17.    Cocolium said

            With all due respect, Elav, your friend is a capricious little boy who believes himself to be the panacea of ​​computing, I suppose his mother is to blame that he is so well believed, I don't know why they let this child write his whims and stupidities is very tiring read such an unfriendly guy, greetings.

          18.    eliotime3000 said

            And since this cockfight will not stop until one of us dies, I prefer that this fight take place in the field in which it was designed: the forums. At least the page is not saturated when commenting and each message can be cited more easily than writing blockquote in the comments of this blog made in WordPress (and you should also understand that WordPress is not so agile to process this type of data like Drupal, so be considerate of admins).

        2.    pandev92 said

          of course of course, as maradona would say, "that you continue to suck her." cocolio

          1.    Cocolium said

            Pffta kid, I really don't know how you can handle it, how fucked up ……

          2.    pandev92 said

            of course of course, as Maradona would say to you, "that you continue to suck her." cocolio

          3.    Cocolium said

            Hahahaha now, I'll answer you with another from MaraCona that goes very well with you

          4.    Cocolium said

            YOU HAVE IT INSIDE!!!!!

          5.    pandev92 said

            for the third time: of course of course, as Maradona would say to you, "that you continue to suck her." cocolio

  8.   peterczech said

    Hello Pandev92,
    see if you want to have everything easy install Linux Mint with Cinnamon or Mate and voila, but use Apple .. Please, what to read and above with the excuses mentioned .. 🙂

    1.    pandev92 said

      Nowhere have I said that my problem is that everything is easy, I have talked about technical problems (video and audio), and appearance (music player).
      For easy distros I recommend the new deepin linux.

      And no, I'm not using apple for those problems, I'm using it because I want to play and I refuse to install windows to play formula 1 and cal of duty.

      When my holidays are over, I'll go back to using arch as usual.

      1.    peterczech said

        Well good: D .. Even so I think that you will not last two months with Apple since its limitations will surprise you: D .. Enjoy wolf games and remember that with Wine, Playonlinux and Steam you can also play 🙂

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          I'd rather Steam than cry over the limitations Wine gives me. Anyway, I still use Windows to be able to do my work with proprietary software (CorelDraw, Illustrator, Dreamweaver ...), but I would have liked to be taught by Krita, GIMP, Inkscape, Bluefish, and many other free design programs, but unfortunately in Peru they have become fully rooted in proprietary software.

  9.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    A Linuxero that has gone to Mac?

    High treason!!! light the torches, the hunt begins !!! ¬_¬

    1.    pandev92 said

      and write it from a mac XDDD .., mac mini AHHAHAHAHAHA

      1.    Manu Rincon said

        I'm afraid the comment was ironic 🙂

        1.    pandev92 said

          I had already realized it xD when I answered, there is nothing to fear.

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      [sarcasm] Are we also included Steve Ballmer's lackeys? Since I use Windows Vista [/ sarcasm].

  10.   cat said

    I do not agree very much about the players, VLC is the best of the best there is. Regarding the discussions between users just for using different distros or DE, there is a very big problem in Linux: fragmentation, but of the users, a large part instead of contributing to the community with tips or help only dedicate themselves to discussing In the purest fanboy style about which distro, program to perform X task or DE is better, how much fanboy of KDE, Debian, Archlinux, Ubuntu, etc has not been seen around here or other places just with the intention of throwing sh * t at the others because (to give an example) an Archlinux X user feels superior to Ubuntu users because the installation and use of their distro requires some extra knowledge.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      VLC is my preferred media player. I use it on both Windows and GNU / Linux, and it's the one I use to watch any video in the format that I have to open. Also, it has the playlist option which is really decent.

    2.    pandev92 said

      vlc is the only decent video player for osx, for audio I don't like it at all but.

  11.   linuxmanr4 said

    If you have the money to buy a Mac, I do not see a major problem ... let's see how it goes with the restrictions, because Apple is their way ... or nothing!

    1.    dwarf said

      Use hackintosh

      1.    itachi said

        So much talking about free software and then recommending something that is totally illegal, and therefore unethical. There is nothing more contrary to free software than the unethical.

        1.    Cocolium said

          clap clap clap

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            [Applause for Cocolio]

        2.    pandev92 said

          And where do you see that I have recommended that you mount a hackintosh? because I don't see it.

          1.    itachi said

            I was referring to nano's comment, but maybe I didn't understand it.

          2.    pandev92 said

            ahh ok, look, nano just said that I use hackintosh XD

          3.    itachi said

            I thought it was an imperative, xD because the previous comment talked about what the hardware costs. sorry

          4.    dwarf said

            Hmm yes, I was talking about him ... we just have some pretty idiotic people who like to comment just for doing it ... I don't go into details, although Itachi, tries to contextualize what you read more, and I think I missed making some things clear.

            Hackintosh as such should not be legal as long as you buy the operating system and install it on a PC, I'm not sure about that but I don't think there is a license that prohibits you from installing OsX on anything other than a Mac.

          5.    pandev92 said

            Yes @nano, although that is part of the apple license, then this license is applicable in some countries yes and in others not for violating higher laws.
            It should be remembered that the EULA, is based on US laws and for the most part, is illegal in Europe (except Germany….)


            Here you can buy legal hackintosh! and they have been selling in Europe for more than 5 years 🙂

        3.    vicky said

          It is illegal only in the United States and a few other countries.
          And since we are, apple licenses are not exactly ethical ...

  12.   cronos said

    I used OSX for a few weeks for work reasons (technical training) they took me out quickly for "question" hahaha.

    Aesthetics is its best virtue for me, and some functionalities in the management of its desktop (effects, shortcuts, etc) but its hardware is limited for the cost / benefit that it brings since the system is greedy in itself.
    I have to put more RAM to virtualize or other heavier jobs, this to the Macbook, iMac and macmini, to be able to use it normally. Its hardware is very limited, very closed, with the fair. I had crashes and I played until the whole system was reset (functionalities to reinstall the system image, which is in one of its partitions).

    Conclusion does not convince me, neither as a system nor by philosophy, by aesthetic approval grade. A plastic girl wherever you see her. But there is something for everyone.

    1.    pandev92 said

      about the hardware nothing to claim, it's true, it will be years before they see me buy something XD

  13.   Striders said

    I leave you a piece of the interview in 1998 with the Founder of KDE

    Regarding Gnome: Since everything a KDE developer says about Gnome in public is interpreted as bashing, I should rather be quiet. Anyways, there is nothing like a Gnome / KDE war, at least not among the developers. Developers usually respect everybody, who actually makes his hands dirty and writes source code. Anyways, the flame wars really made me sort of sad, destroying my belief that there actually is or was something like a linux-community. It's not just KDE, it's everything. Announce for instance that you wrote a new texteditor. People will flame you that you did not improve emacs instead. Others will start to argue that vi has a similar mode and here we go. Did you ever read a posting from an emacs or vim developer bashing the other one? Or announce that you wrote a LaTeX frontend. People will flame you that their current way of writing TeX is better, more powerful, more unix-like, etc. Why? Many linux users out there seem to believe that authors of free software want to force them to use the new stuff exclusively. That's nonsense. If you like some software, use it, if not, use something else. Why is that so hard to understand for many linux fans? I have no idea. Anyways, it's getting slightly better, so there is some hope. Nowadays people can even ask technical questions about KDE in a general linux newsgroup and get, well, a technical answer instead of flaming. Personally, I do not read linux newsgroups any longer. Real development or end user support happens in mailing list that provide a much better signal / noise ratio.

    1.    DanielC said

      From 98 to this date the scene has changed a lot, and the developers for KDE, or at least for Qt, have become very radical since a couple of years now. It is true that things have changed and the COMPLAINTS of the gtk developers could be valid, but today, although it is not a war, many of the outside gtk developers do rant a lot against gtk.

  14.   Blitzkrieg said

    Linux lacks a lot but I still use it
    Linux is for servers that is why the failure of the Desktop

  15.   Manu Rincon said

    Linux is the core of the system, and there are distributions oriented to servers and also to desktop (the much hated Ubuntu for example). Virtually everything that has been done in Linux is thanks to the collaboration of thousands of community users, and anyone can contribute, so rather than complain, what you should do is try to improve it (and you don't have to be a programmer, you can collaborate in a thousand ways, for example by leaving a donation or leaving these "suggestions" on the project website). Yes, Linux can be improved, but the solution is not to put them green or say that everything from Windows and Mac is better (that is taken for granted, otherwise they would not be paid and much less so expensive).

    1.    pandev92 said

      And just in this post I did not make them green, if I had wanted to green linux, I would have taken other things that I preferred not to talk about because they are not relevant.

  16.   Cocolium said

    OS X is the worst crap I've seen from afar, I don't even like its aesthetic call, it's very "slutty", not in the mood to insult, but that's the truth, I have had an MBP and it has been the worst five days of my life, then I installed OS X in a secondary Lappie that I have out there (if a hackintosh) with almost the same characteristics as an MBP of its time, I say almost because it is actually much better hahaha, and well that is so bad Operating system that I removed it and now it is with Windows 8 and it is fine despite the fact that the bullshit only recognizes 256 of video memory instead of 512, but hey, it's a secondary lappie.

    But what you say about the players because iTunes is the worst because I wanted there, it is more thanks to that program and others is that I hate Apple but hey I have to have it installed to use my iPhones, in any case Winamp a thousand times preferable, much lighter and more useful than that thing, in Linux I remember using Listen a lot, very good despite the fact that like all Linux prog was in beta and crashed ugly, hopefully they have solved that problem.

    But that's your excuse for the drivers and audio because I don't believe it at all, hopefully you would elaborate more on that section, because recording sounds has never been a problem since Windows 3.1 hahahaha and needless to say doing tutorials and so on.

    Actually I do not see the reason to install that OS, nor to play, it is more nor for that it is good, but good each one with his story, right? I at least have Windows installed in all my machines, I have a tablet with Android, 2 iPhones and other cell phones with Android, and I can buy one of those mini PCs with Android since they catch my attention, so I'm not a fanboy, I perform Windows a thousand times on the desktop and Linux on the servers, although they are still a headache hahahaha, greetings.

    1.    pandev92 said

      very well, we already know that you love windows, congratulations, I would not use windows 8 or given away (and that I still have my original licenses thanks to the microsoft developers program). If so happy you are very well.

      And since I have no desire to mount a polemic because I already know you, there I leave you.

      Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
      Martin Luther King

      1.    Cocolium said

        Ahhh right you are one of the greatest computer connoisseurs out there, you are going to excuse me hahahahaha, I will not comment on your posts again, for the same reason, I know you. (thanks for reminding me)

        1.    pandev92 said

          +1 peace and republic.

    2.    pandev92 said

      taking into account that the hackintosh community is a community that operates under an opensource spirit and that tonymac takes the work of others to put them in their programs without releasing the source code, and also makes money with the hardware that appears there, this link I shouldn't even appear around here.

      1.    Cocolium said

        Pffta I really don't know how you can handle yourself compadre …….

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          I don't even know how he does it, but he still complains.

          1.    Cocolium said

            Elio I don't think anyone knows, but hey, what a self-conscious little fellow he is, a typical Apple fanboy.

            1.    eliotime3000 said

              Apparently, surely you do not know how to smooth things over with alsa, pulseaudio, the resolution settings of each game that you can easily buy through Steam for Ubuntu Mint and see if the video card or its driver works correctly with OpenGL ( in OSX almost everything is solved by the hardware limitations it imposes, but in GNU / Linux, BSD and derivatives, that aspect would have to be carefully configured, and more if they are from NVIDIA and ATI / AMD that are reluctant to provide better support for GNU / Linux).

            2.    eliotime3000 said

              What's more, Debian Stable seems to me to be completely easier to handle with GNOME 3.4 fallback than OSX with its Aqua interface.

            3.    Cocolium said

              The truth is that for me the most comfortable and beautiful interface that I have used is Gnome, configured with compiz and emerald skins a beauty, the games well with WINE no more, no? Although minesweeper and similar games entertain me more.

            4.    eliotime3000 said

              Well, I'd rather Steam than get bored with GNU Minesweepers and Tetris.

    3.    eliotime3000 said

      I tried OpenBSD and the truth is that it is a true parallel universe between GNU / Linux and UNIX. Let's see if one of these days I download Solaris through the Oracle site and give it a taste.

      As for Windows, I can say that it is used by the majority of PC users since Microsoft imposes the manufacturers to include it or they will "lose their money" (Strategy created by John D. Rockefeller applied for M $), but less Too bad Cannonical is changing that paradigm with Ubuntu (although it is not the best of all the distros, it is the most popular of all).

  17.   kondur05 said

    aaahh I already read all the comments and I know that pandev does not have coppers hehe, it's a joke old man, I think you take the osX as one more distro, and if it helps you for what you need at the moment it is not bad is your decision. And why I write from my work computer, ok!

    1.    pandev92 said

      ehehe exact XD

  18.   xarlieb said

    uff to my iTunes I find it abominable both in terms of consumption and due to excess functionality. in fact I have not found a single music player in linux with which I feel 100% comfortable (sorry I am a foobar boy). And look, I must have tried more than twenty.

    Anyway, that the interface is more or less beautiful it does not matter because I always have it minimized while I work, browse, play or whatever.

    deadbeef is great, and it even has the same equalizer as foobar (SuperEQ) but lacks a file explorer like eating. audacious is very good in general but the equalizer does not seem very there, amarok eats me 500mb of ram just to start etc etc etc.

    As for games I have it clear: windows partition with whatever I play at that moment and some application for which I do not find a decent replacement in debian and to run 🙂

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Amarok arguably the iTunes from GNU / Linux (from KDE to be more precise). With Audacious, I don't have a problem, as it has the basics of an audio player, but it doesn't compare to how great VLC Media Player is.

    2.    pandev92 said

      On consumption, this consumes on my pc

      Almost nothing.

      1.    Cocolium said

        Hahahahaha so much? and for nothing? weinamp on my desktop PC is at 8 megabytes, and on my laptop it reaches a maximum of 58 megabytes because it is loaded with many songs hahahahahahaha, hurray for iTunes !!!!

        1.    pandev92 said

          He was not talking about itunes, he was talking about cpu, memory, as if he wanted to consume 500 megabytes.

        2.    pandev92 said

          and winamp is the ugliest player I've ever seen, much better media monkey for windows.

          1.    Cocolium said

            JAjajajaja but you have the possibility to change skins, put DSPs, add equalizers, viewers and a long etcetera and your download only weighs 16 megabytes maximum, on the other hand iTunes 90 megabytes? I already forgot but it goes there right? And to put all those things (DSP, skins, etc) not to mention, iTunes and the entire Apple interface is a real disgusting, too shabby and childish.

          2.    cat said

            Winamp is horrible, its aesthetics are very "archaic" (if you could say that) and when I used it a long time ago it gave me lots of errors such as hangs, no sound or things like that, the only thing I recognize is that in computers old ones does its job well (not counting the errors that the program sometimes gave) but for years I have not seen a computer with less than 2GB of RAM.

          3.    eliotime3000 said

            @cat @cocolio:
            At least with Winamp you have the advantage of being able to synchronize your songs with Android devices in the most comfortable way possible, in addition to the fact that although its current default interface called Bento is disgusting for many (in my opinion it was a facelift to the interface «Classic» and «Modern»), you can take a look at the official website so that you can choose skins that even mimic iTunes (I tried it, and I can say that iTunes for Windows consumes more resources than Winamp consumes with a "Modern skin").

            As of version 3, many have stopped using Winamp due to its many incompatibilities, so they decided to rescue the features of versions 1 and 2 and combine them in version 3, and then release version 5 (the current version is 5.6 X and it is more stable than before and they stopped the rolling release that was already annoying enough).

            The version that in itself is to cry on is the version that they released for OSX, which really depends entirely on iTunes to be able to synchronize your playlists and songs to your Android, and it does not give you the option to enjoy Shoutcast as your counterpart for Windows.

          4.    pandev92 said

            It's that the version for osx ... it's a joke, they took it out because they had free time, but any player is better than that.
            About the synchronization of android .., because it is not that I care much about the truth, I do not think I will ever buy one.

          5.    Cocolium said

            The truth is that I had very little time to use it on my hackintosh, well actually, it hardly even turned on that laptop because the same OS is useless, but in reality what seems to me to have an advantage lies mainly in the file system of the same system (for song search), and actually that is the advantage that * nix have over Windows, NTFS, no matter how up-to-date it is, is behind the others, but from there ... iTunes is not at all to my liking , especially the latest version, increasingly cumbersome and cumbersome, in Winamp I simply drag or press shift + enter so that the songs are added to the playlist, the same program automatically labels the songs for me if they do not have a name thing that iTunes requires that the songs have been encoded with this program and it is a long etcetera that…. good FOR ME it's crap.

          6.    pandev92 said

            In any case, for windows I highly recommend foobar, it has the best sound (proven by hydrogenaudio ..), and the odd pretty nice skin out there, plus I think it's free software.

          7.    cat said

            @Elio I don't know why you recommended me a skin similar to iTunes, I hate things on the apple, and I don't care about synchronization, I am one of those who uses a player only to play (worth the redundancy), the Android Winamp I also find it atrocious, I prefer the one that comes by default.

          8.    eliotime3000 said

            I only made a suggestion of skins for Winamp. In short, Winamp is the player I use for the audiostreaming that SHOUTCast offers and to make my own playlists and synchronize them with my Android smartphone with albums. Anyway, Winamp has improved a lot, but I must say that in OSX it should have the same functions as its counterpart for Windows.

  19.   Paul N. said

    Let's see, let's go in parts
    The first thing is that if you want to use Windows, or Mac, or the operating system that you want, it is your decision, quite valid and respected. However, I don't think you say, after writing Linux articles on a site aimed at Linux users, "Hey, Linux is more for this and this reason" from another operating system. Be part of the solution not of the problem.
    The second is related to the content of your article. It is true that Linux lacks a looooong way to be considered ideal. However, progress has been made. And a lot. I have been using Ubuntu for 7 years, and the changes have been many. I never imagined that I could have Steam, with native games for Linux, when I started using it. In the beginning I had problems with everything, the environment was falling, I could not play quietly and connecting to the internet was a challenge. If you make a comparison, your current claims are NOTHING.
    I am not saying to turn a blind eye and ignore the problems presented, which are valid and are real. But also consider how far you've come and be aware of the change.
    Finally, your post seems double standard. You say 'linux is bad, it has these bad things. I switched to OSX, it works better BUT LINUX IS BETTER ». If you say that, I quote, "GNU / Linux is far superior", why didn't you stay?
    That. Cheers!

    1.    pandev92 said

      The first thing is that I still find it funny that people do not analyze well what one writes and leave 3 or 4 towns of what one wanted to say. Part by part:

      1- It is not necessary to recognize what is already good, since that is already good, what matters is to see what is wrong and recognize that it must be changed since they are quite important usability things. If I wanted to have pulled badly towards Linux, I would have talked about other things that I didn't even want to touch on, since they were not constructive at all-
      2- Enough of being conformist people.
      3- Nope, I did not say that Linux is wrong, I said that those things in Linux are wrong :). It is not the same to say Spain is bad, than to say that a city in Spain is bad.
      4- I think I clearly said that I am playing call of duty black ops, formula 1 2012 and Counter strike global offensive and that is why I am on mac osx ...
      5- Really tired of people reading critical articles, with poison on their teeth.

      1.    Cocolium said

        Conformists? conformism is hoping to be praised for using that system, conformism that is, I can't with the audio drivers and I also want to play some little games ...... and that's why I switch to OS X because I hate Windows, when in fact your post should be: How to install games on Linux with Steam, PlayOnLinux, Wine or something like Crossover (which is paid and I used it), and another post in which you show the problems you face with the sound drivers, of which you would have a lot of feedback (feedback) by Linux users.

        A greeting.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Didn't you say that you won't write more? 🙂

          1.    Cocolium said

            HAhaha at least not in your posts, but hey is that one cannot stop craving a stick, and you are too lost child, your behavior is that of a child under 15 years old and too capricious, to top it off you are not located that you yourself are against it, you speak ill of someone who "uses free code" but nevertheless you use an operating system that not only uses free software but apart from not only releasing a single damn of their software wants to appropriate of other things, I do not remember that portions of HTML 5 claimed to be (as always) their "property" and well, that "company" is no more.

            Come on, stop being like that, if 92 is for your year of birth then I'm not wrong right? mature a little and realize the things you say and do, it is a healthy advice.

          2.    pandev92 said

            yes yes ok, :), better go cry to your mom, she will listen to you :), then if the moment comes when you are banned by continuous trolling, do not complain.

          3.    Cocolium said

            Hahahaha and well at least one thing is clear, I do have a mother hahahahaha (you said… shit I already know what kind of education you have, the poorest)

          4.    pandev92 said

            In Internet jargon, a troll or trol1 describes a person who posts provocative, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intention of provoking or annoying. an emotional response in users and readers, with diverse and fun purposes2 or, in another way, altering the normal conversation in a discussion topic, causing the same users to get angry and confront each other.3 4 The troll can create messages with different types of content such as rudeness, offenses, lies difficult to detect, with the intention of confusing and causing mixed feelings in others.

            = you are a troll

          5.    Cocolium said

            In internet jargon ... hahaha, did it cost you so much to get that out of wikipedia? or is it geekpedia? hahahahaha, give it boy, what moment have I changed the subject? I have only entered to correct you, but as a good capricious child you do not want to learn, total you are the troll of this blog because it is a LINUX blog and not him: Because I switched to OS X, keep that for you That nobody cares, learn from constructive criticism, it will serve you in life, and stop playing the intelligent that you are not.

        2.    eliotime3000 said

          I have the chipset that @ pandev92 uses, I started to play with the alsa because the sound was deactivated when I opened the Ardor with ALSA and with a restart everything was solved and it rang again. Can't you get help just typing "alsa" into the console and seeing the options it gives you?

          The one to follows her, get her.

        3.    Manu Rincon said

          +1 🙂

  20.   Diego. said

    I love the freedom that GNU / Linux offers 🙂

  21.   Zagur said

    iTunes is a HORRIBLE player.

    1.    pandev92 said

      well, they are ways of seeing things, when I used it in windows I believed the same, now that I use it in osx, because my opinion has changed.

      1.    Cocolium said

        I do not see a difference between Windows and OS X the truth.

        1.    pandev92 said

          In performance it has a huge difference, and it is something that is being reported in quite a few forums the truth :).

          1.    Cocolium said

            Hahahaha and what performance can a music player offer then? in the time it takes to load? in your memory consumption? how fast you search for your favorite song? hahahahaha, now good for the search for music I agree with you, search quickly, because apart from that it makes its database which is huge, and in the other points, well…. there are already better players that do that, as I already told you about Linux strange Listen, fast, light, useful…. anyway.

          2.    pandev92 said

            what performance? start time, time to move between covers, scrolling songs and much more, but what are you going to know :).

          3.    Cocolium said


          4.    eliotime3000 said

            iTunes for Windows has an insane memory consumption that I hardly use it to update the iOS that are in the iPod Touch and the iPhones. As a music player on the Redmond system it is to cry, but for Mac, it is simply "great" since it uses the Cocoa system and hence its abysmal difference between the Windows version and the Mac version.

            Between QuickTime and VLC, I prefer VLC (a real media player) for its convenience and ability to play the different media formats found on almost all platforms. I hardly use QuickTime to work with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

        2.    eliotime3000 said

          The main difference between OSX and Windows NT 5.X / 6.X is that, in OSX, you can copy the entire folder of the installed programs in one fell swoop, with the user name and product key included. On the other hand, in Windows, at least you have the security that depends on the registry library that it has, because even if you make a mediocre copypasta, such a proprietary program will not work and at least you have the security that your Suite will not be copied. design like Adobe, for example.

          Another of the big differences is that Microsoft is much softer with its terms of copying and redistribution, which encourages you to depend more on the system than on OSX, which its terms and conditions are a dead letter in many countries, but they do not have the ease of installation that Windows has on PC's for its bloody GUI.

          In terms of stability, both are on par. Only Windows is known for its Achilles heels from head to toe and only in OSX are they used to allow malware to enter and as there are rarely cases in which you lose data as in Windows, it is not necessary to install antimalware (in Linux It is not necessary to install an antivirus like ESET's, since the response to exploits is much faster than in OSX and Windows).

          1.    Cocolium said

            Look at the truth is that I never did that trick of the copy paste of OS X, but that blow that you simply delete the «app» (which I finish more MAriCa to refer to a program) from the applications directory and that's it, because when I installed Final Cut and I updated it because it asked me for a valid registry key and since I did not have I proceeded to "uninstall" to return to the previous version and nothing would not let me reinstall because supposedly the program was still there, in a few words a real one for wanted from SO.

            As for the antivirus, because the same Apple «suggested» very kindly some time ago that an AV be installed since: «Not all operating systems are immune to viruses» hahahaha, and well that suggestion is no longer on your site for that they simply already have an integrated AV called xProtect and of course their pride does not lead them to admit that, does it? The worst of all is that they do not make use of the non-execution bits and the DEP and thanks to this there is no virus on PC as such, and well now less thanks to the UEFI so hated by Linuxeros, but hey that's the reality, Apple is a thousand times worse than Microsoft and not to mention its fans.

          2.    eliotime3000 said


            To tell the truth, many of the programs that Apple has perform very poorly with their native interface, which even VLC, which is made with QT, surpasses them (hence why I call them simply "apps").

            Anyway, instead of OSX, I would kindly recommend you to install OpenBSD with KDE so that you realize how superior this system is compared to OSX.

          3.    pandev92 said

            Mhh @ eliotime3000, performance has nothing to do with aqua, in fact applications like mail, iwork, safari, aquamacs etc. they have very good performance, and instead clementine on my pc crawls (it is in qt), and I have a slightly overlocked i5 3570k.

            Clearly whoever wants to use osx, uses it for very different reasons from a possible openbsd user, and most of the reasons could be summarized in eye candy (very subjective), and the use of certain applications such as ms office, adobe photoshop, logic pro, garage band (XDDD this is the one I use) or any other commercial application.

            Clearly there is no perfect OS, there is an OS that covers different user profiles and none of those users is worse or better than the other.

  22.   Paul N. said

    I made a comment on this site and it was apparently deleted ¬¬

  23.   Fungus said

    Well, the general aesthetics of OS X is wonderful, I am still fascinated by the minimalism of Apple computers although I know that its OS is a chestnut. I do not change from GNU / LINUX or to play that for that there are consoles (and steam) although I am not a very gamer to say. I am currently using Trisquel 6.0 and previously 5.5 for over a year and a studio netbook I hope to install Elementary OS (beta 2) in the next few days.

    With regard to players because I like the Music and the Banshee although the latter I stopped using it in favor of the former. Otherwise I could not tell you.

    1.    pandev92 said

      I have no money to spend on a console that I will play 2 or 3 times a week xD one or two hours—

    2.    pandev92 said

      In fact, their computers are what interest me the least, today they have released so many similar computers for 300/400 euros less and more benefits.

  24.   lewatoto said

    Regarding point two, I do not know if you have used music ( no yes yes you meant something like that, music in the case of fedora is available in the repositories.

  25.   Gabriel said

    Music from gnome and music from elementary will improve over time, what I wish there was also in linux is a program similar to codekit.

    1.    pandev92 said

      elementary music is the one I like the most in gtk but it still lacks many things 🙂

  26.   MB said

    Nightingale has SHOUTcast as a radio

  27.   Urizev said

    I would like to share my experience. I have been using Linux for more than 12 years and during that time I did not use another except Windows for specific things. I've been through a lot of distros and desktop environments. I am and I believe that I will be with the free world for many years. However, I had not tried Mac.

    Recently (2 years ago) I am professionally dedicated to iOS development among other things. From the beginning I tried to use emulators to run MacOSX on Linux but in many situations it was unusable. In the end I had no choice but to buy a Mac Mini.

    The truth is that it is not anywhere near as bad as Windows. It has much more stability than this. For a Linuxero it is more comfortable because you have a terminal with bash, being UNIX the philosophy of files and the system is similar.

    But I still miss Linux. The point of freedom of knowing what is happening and why in all aspects is priceless for me. Yes, Mac is very usable and stable, it has very good effects and fluidity, it is very polished, but the user lacks decision when deciding what to do with their system. It is very beautiful ... it can be. I believe that beauty is subjective and those who do not like the appearance of Mac are not allowed to change its appearance.

    In short, I think it is a good operating system, that you can work with it perfectly well, that it is not difficult to adapt to it if you come from Linux, etc ... but it lacks something fundamental for me: Freedom.

  28.   JESUS ​​8) said

    Here is a tutorial on how to record the internal audio of your machine. 😉

    Salu2 of Jesus 8)

  29.   Alex said

    Regarding libreoffice, it is true that it needs an interface improvement, but luckily they are already working on it.

    The v. 4.1 will already come with a sidebar (although not activated by default I think):

    In addition, they will also change in the next version or in the following the icons by default for much more elegant ones:

    Regarding calc, it appears that significant progress is also being made on it:

    1.    Manu Rincon said

      This is what I say many times, Linux is improving daily, and what you find next month may not have anything to do with what there is today. There are many people who still think that Linux operating systems are like they were 10 or 15 years ago.

    2.    cat said

      the icons look a bit like the faenza that posted here (, which I used because they looked good ... I think the path that LibreOffice is following is fine since at least in design it was horrible (not to mention that although it has good compatibility with Office 2003, it still lacks that of 2007 and higher, and that the new formats based on XML came out a long time ago), and add to that how it looks in KDE

      1.    Alex said

        If they look alike enough, it seems now that type of design has become fashionable, and the author of the faenza-libreoffice is also collaborating with these new ones.

      2.    Manu Rincon said

        And the problem is not that MS does everything possible because its Office is not compatible with Openoffice or Libreoffice? As soon as Libreoffice is compatible with Office 2007 and 2010, let's see how long it takes to change the format again.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Nothing, the oxml formats are open ..., the problem is that I had thrown myself long ago, knowing that they were very difficult to implement.

  30.   eliotime3000 said

    Regarding the use of the OSX86 that @ pandev92 uses, I must say the following:

    I installed the iAtkos 7 in my old and suffered 1st PC Chips. generation, which ran the OSX Leopard installer without problems. But after the system was installed, it took a century for the aqua interface to fully run. If you were able to open the aqua interface of the OSX installer with just a measly 32MB of video and on top of that the video was from S3, why didn't the interface suddenly load when it was already installed?

    Investigating later, I was surprised that about 256 MB of video was required for the OSX interface to run normally (twice as much as the Aero interface of Windows Vista / 7), and if we add the sudden increase in consumption of resources when using the flash player when watching YouTube videos, the GUI is more likely to crash in a more catastrophic way than Windows Aero itself running with Flash Player.

    Hence I decided not to install OSX on a PC due to its insane video consumption with its Aqua interface, and that I would test it in its "natural environment" (monopoly, monopoly everywhere) and thus avoid problems.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Man, but the normal thing today is that one has at least a 512 mb graphic…, today even a gt610 (poop poop poop card), you can move the aqua environment with ease.
      Probably any pc of 500/600 euros, has more performance than the mac mini or the imac with intel graphics ...

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Yes, I know, but back then I was still using the Windows Vista Ultimate PC jumper for more INRI, and it really was horrible for me and with such poop internet speed that I had ... Until I got the chance to download Debian Squeeze afterwards After going through the ordeal, my already evicted calender came to life with its impressive speed, and from there I am with Debian Wheezy and Windows Vista with an HP Workstation that is in the conditions so that it does not suffer like my PC Chips of 1st . generation.

    2.    Cocolium said

      Let's see my hackintosh is (was it?) an HP DV6000 is C2D of 2.1 4 in RAM and 512 in video GT 8800, I also installed on my desktop that is ina i7 of 2.66 Ghz 12 in RAM 1 Gb video Nvidia 220 (yes yes already I know) and a huasa amount of hard drives, OS X worked reeebien for me, but definitely there is nothing I can do in OS X and not in Windows so I threw away that operating system crap, because when doing the updates that also They are gigantic because it goes to the devil and again we must be putting the damned KEXTs in order.

      What surprises me Elio is that you have been able to install that system on that machine hehehehehe, I suppose you had to put a hundred pounds of modifiers at startup.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        The iAtkos I was using already had support for that type of mainboard. Anyway, I never installed a hackintosh again because of the heavy GUI it had (if I want a GUI that is really good, I would use KDE on GNU / Linux and Aero on Windows Vista / 7).

        A month ago I tried a MacBook and I realized that to definitively close a program in OSX, I have to do CMD + X so that it closes the program and not consume more RAM. In addition, I was unlucky enough to have the one-button touchpad with the impotence of not right clicking and the keyboard… I really felt more lost than Marco's mother when I couldn't find the keys for the accents and brackets and obliques (and that was in Spanish).

        Hopefully OSX closes your programs for good by simply clicking the red close button and not doing CMD + X to close any program.

  31.   Leon Ponce said

    I totally agree. Although I have not had problems with pulseaudio (hardware perhaps) I have never been able to record internal sound and micro, and that to make podcasts is deadly.

    I would like to say that I have also personally encountered some issues that I think should be taken into account:
    - problems when reading CDs. I always have them. And I am not referring to proprietary CDs (ironically, they suit me well), I am referring to CDs that I have burned with my data (documents, images, movies…) I always have them, and no matter what packages I install, they never disappear. In fact, now I'm on Windows to be able to pass things to my external DD, because yesterday I failed again after installing I don't know how many packages.
    -the problems with the wifi. A classic. Except Ubuntu, all the distros I have tried have given me problems in this regard. And also, a recurring problem: the Wi-Fi driver is not available by default. So far so good, nothing happens. I go to the option of each distro to install it, and here the problems begin. Errors during the download of the driver, problems of not locating packages necessary to install it…. Christ, I don't know how they do it, but whenever I install a distro to test it, I lose two hours just in this regard. It does not seem normal to me that Ubuntu has it so solved and in other distros everything is problems, and the same thing happens to many people.
    -As for LibreOffice, the problems are not only related to the interface. Is that when you try to do something more advanced than a simple document with justified alignment it starts to fail in a huge way. I have ended up getting a huge mania just for the number of times that I have been hung when trying to give a format option to a document, or that it has totally destroyed the format of a document just by opening it.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Mhh about the wifi, I had disconnection problems with a wifi that is supposed to be compatible with linux osx and windows, and in the end I opted to put wep security ..., the wpa hung the connection randomly ...

      About CDs, the only problem I have had is with original Japanese music CDs, which in linux players do not show the tags, over time I discovered that it is because players like itunes or windows media player, use gracedb (which is proprietary , a database), instead all the others use freedb, which is opensource but is not as complete as the first.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Gracenote is great in Winamp, but in Windows Media Player and iTunes it can't recognize albums by unknown artists made from blank discs. If Gracenote released their source code it would be great, but I don't see the possibility that they will do so for their lucrative purposes (as is the case with Japanese labels).

        But what I do not understand is why the hell they do not release collectable editions on vinyl of their best artists for the western market, since there is a decline of the young population in Japanese lands and that the musical interpreters of Japan went on tour to western lands with more often.

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      As for the original CDs, I had no problems so I am not complaining about it. As for WiFi, I had no problems with my TP-Link, thank goodness it had the Altheros chipset that recognized it perfectly, it worked wonders.

      On the LibreOffice side, it does have a long way to go before it is truly OOXML compatible.

  32.   Claudio said

    I find it a good experience to try different OS. I used CPM +, DOS, UNIX, Windows 3.1 / XP. I never used MAC or Win older than XP (except a bit of Vista). If someone has the opportunity to try it and likes to use it, let them do it and if they want to compare it with Linux, I better learn that way!
    With my rescued industrial PCs, I settle with Puppy and Debian. I don't play games and almost all I do is surf, I have no frills like 8GB of RAM (the most powerful one is 512KB). So I congratulate those who explore behind borders that I cannot (and have no intention of passing) and they tell me about it in an entertaining way. Thank you.

    1.    claudio said

      It seems to me that the indicator in the post about SO is wrong! I am using Debian Stable + Mate + Iceweasel (if the Midori from the previous post is correct).

  33.   metals life said

    Self-criticism for gnu / linux is not really valid. why? simply for the fact that it is opensource / free software. Well the opensource / free software give you the opportunity that if you don't like something, if you think something could be improved. You do it you modify the code, they do not offer you the code for nothing, and it adapts to your needs. And if you are going to give a reason why you switched to apple, let it be a valid one. As an example, I got tired of Linux because everything is done in a console or something like that. Even everyone is free to choose the OS they like but don't come up with absurd excuses, really.

    1.    pandev92 said

      In any case you are wrong, from your point of view, that point of view is also applicable to freeware programs, if you don't like it, then use another, or going back to reality, since the state gives you more than what you you pay in taxes every year8 health, education, financial aid, transportation, road repairs), you cannot complain since they are giving you more ...
      That thought leads nowhere, the same thing could say that people cannot complain about Microsoft Windows, because most do not pay for it, and you have the freedom to use anything else, and with that reasoning you are creating "cosmic conformism"

  34.   peterczech said

    There's nothing like Debian Wheezy with Gnome-shell with Alternative Status Menu extensions, User Themes enabled from Gnome-tweak-tool (installed by default on Debian) and Dash to Dock extension ( next to the Zoncolor theme ( and Faenza icons ( or the new Elementary 3 (

    It's the reostia 😀
    The images:

    And for those who want a real BSD to install FreeBSD wolves 😀

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Better OpenBSD, because even Flame malware cannot enter that system.

  35.   Wisp said

    And this is the same guy who never wanted to learn how to use JACK together with Pulseaudio, install with sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-jack the module to reproduce the sound of the internal card together with JACK, run IDJC, connect the JACK ports PulseAudio Jack Sink to the auxiliary inputs or to the STR inputs in QjackCtl (in a graphical environment, it will not be lost in the console) activate the microphone in IDJC and record directly in flacc, ogg or mp3 in IDJC Output the audio of the system along with the microphone. I remain in the above: if you do not want to learn to use Linux, it is easier to become an Apple fanboy perfectly trained to press buttons on Aqua or touch screens crying because iTunes does not accept a gift card that they gave him in a supermarket. There are every useless that even give pity.

    1.    pandev92 said

      I have told you 4000 times that I have used jack with idjc, and I even got help from the radio gnu, and it has not finished going well, how am I going to do a gameplay with jack? And that the recorddesktop record jack at the time to press? Don't you know that the computer has to work for you and not you for it?

      And another problem that Jack gave me is that whatever he did, he recorded the audio of the idjc but at the same time he listened to me, if I silenced I lost all the audio, I am not going to open that again or as a gift.

      Go and now cry to shelldon, that surely he will like to do 4000 steps, so that maybe it works or maybe not, your methods.

    2.    pandev92 said

      By the way, since you are so smart, make on this page a tutorial where you record the internal audio of the pc and your microphone, while playing any steam game 😀, for a nerd like you it should not be difficult


      1.    Wisp said

        Crybaby but you don't try. I already put the steps and I am not an otaku, much less a gamer so you will not be pleased. To be the official flamer of this blog, you have very delicate skin when they remind you of your laziness to configure, let alone program, any program in a graphic environment. And I don't know who "shelldon" is or you repeat anything 4000 times, you ignorant flamer (or if I say "s00b" maybe you know what I mean? Useless licking.

        1.    pandev92 said

          I tell you that I have fiddled a thousand times more than you with linux, audio drivers, video driver configuration, kernel compilation, and reporting bugs, so stop fucking around and do the fucking tutorial, if you don't I will assume that It is not possible and that you are simply putting your chest out.
          Like certain users do, you are the type that says:

          »Nothing fails in Linux, you are shit»

          And thanks to users of your caliber this does not advance. Thanks for reminding me.

        2.    pandev92 said

          This is a community, you do not go through an editor, if you tell yourself so wise, you show us a video on YouTube made by you, step by step on how to configure idjc with jack, without having to listen to your own voice as a return. And you show me how to make it work, jack and pulseaudio at the same time with recordmydesktop, so that this tool records the video and the two audio sources, and I will take a portrait, otherwise I will have to take you for "genti and publican"

          1.    Wisp said

            And do I have an obligation to instruct a useless otaku who cannot record his videos of how he plays his ridiculous little games? In fact, you are the only one who has reported to me that you cannot use IDJC with Jack and PulseAudio (and for the record that the tutorial is on this blog and on my personal blog with many visits) I think not, and less because of the kind way in which you ask me. Maybe you are stupid as a mule in wanting to configure a monstrous hulk with graphics and / or audio cards from the previous decade and preferred to install a sloppy and pirate OS X 10.6 with iAtkos before even pretending to understand IDJC's configuration. Well, it really hurt that I reminded you of your laziness (or is it your lack of IQ?) To configure something in Linux; Anyway, the only way to learn is by doing things, not by copying the abandoned GNU Radio blog / wiki (does it still exist?) or by installing pirated copies of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive's OS. Maybe if you were a little more diligent and less pathetic boastful someone would help you to be less useless.

          2.    Cocolium said

            Hahahahaha bravoooooo very good Blade +1000

          3.    pandev92 said

            And do I have an obligation to instruct a useless otaku who cannot record his videos of how he plays his ridiculous little games?

            1- You don't know how to use google
            2- You don't know how to do it
            3- You are a certified troll with a designation of origin.

          4.    pandev92 said

            Ahh and that tutorial you did for my pc, it didn't quite work: D, besides that there were already tutorials equal to that on the internet and much better.

            And my pc is not from the past decade, no sir, it is probably more powerful than yours and everything 🙂

          5.    mcder3 said

            Wisp. If we are with those little hardware and system configuration problems… I think the GNU / Linux system will never get out of the famous 1% bubble in desktop computers.

            It must be remembered that not everyone who uses a computer is a technician, graduate or system engineer to be dealing with problems that in themselves are very basic up to a certain point.

          6.    eliotime3000 said

            And speaking of otaku fanboys antieverything:
            [/ off-topic]

        3.    pandev92 said

          By the way, this is what I want you to do to show me that you can

          There are other people who have told me to let them know if you can do it.

          1.    Wisp said

            Alright, I didn't want to feed the useless flamer but for the sake of humanity I'll give you your lesson:
            You're welcome, let's see if you learn something.

          2.    Cocolium said

            blade just in case you should give the specifications of your PC so that this kid doesn't complain about it anymore, although of course he will say that his computer is more advanced hahaha considering how self-conscious he is.

          3.    Wisp said

            It is a normal PC armed with my little hands (Pentium at 2.7 Ghz, 4GB of RAM, 250 GB hard disk, partitioned with Ubuntu Studio 12.04 and Crunchbang Linux 11 Waldorf) integrated graphics and audio card (Gygabyte H61M-DS2) no cards apart to play idiotic little games like moron otaku. So anyone who can read can do it.

          4.    Cocolium said

            Very good Brizno, apparently this infectious nerd closed his mouth once and for all, hopefully his parents give him the money he wants to buy his beloved Mac and stop screwing us with his cheap whims and arrogance, and when he does, he will go write for assholes like appleweblog, applesfera or what do I know.

          5.    eliotime3000 said

            Nice video, @Brizno. What's more, I will install it to be able to do my screencasts to be able to do my tutorials for GNU / Linux (as I use Debian Stable with GNOME 3.4 Fallback on my HP Workstation optimized for Windows Vista that I also use and it is on my hard drive).

            Anyway, it is seen that JACK is much more intuitive than other audio recording systems in GNU / Linux. My respects.

  36.   Heero yuy said

    Get this crybaby out of the blog, please Elav, don't let him post more, every time he makes stupid fights like these !!! no offense that little maturity shows high school (pandev92)

  37.   candelaria said

    hi, i'm trying to install itunes on my chromebook and i can't ... could you help me? Thank you!

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