Void Linux founder leaves project due to internal problems

John Romero Pardines (founder of the Void Linux project) I quit the project due to internal problems among the developers and is that his resignation resulted in some conflicts arising with which the founder of Void Linux simply exploded and also caused an internal fight.

Judging from the messages on Twitter and the abundance of offensive statements and threats against other developers, Juan suffered a nervous breakdown, with which Juan Romero Pardines I make the decision to delete your repository on GitHub which contains the copies of the xbps, xbps-src, mklive and void-runit developments.

Also, During the conflict, he threatened the other developers to make legal claims and he said about the possibility of revoking the license for the code written by him. Although in the latter it has no possibility since Void Linux is supplied under the BSD license and the license for the already open source cannot be revoked, so John can only change the license for his copy and post future changes under a new license.

How did the problem arise?

A few hours before it, Juan posted a proposal to reorganize the processes associated with making changes to packages. According to Juan, the current decision-making scheme for approving changes requires improvement, otherwise it becomes anarchy and creates the risk of significant problems when updating the system libraries.

As a way out, Juan proposed introducing a mandatory preliminary review by several participants changes made to packages that affect other packages. Not everyone agreed with this approach, fearing that the revision would lead to a decrease in development efficiency and the appearance of conflicts between maintainers, to which Juan reacted quite violently to the disagreement, causing a conflict.

An explanation from the developers rshelves appeared on the Void Linux site, whiche assured users that Juan's departure would not affect the development and status of the project.

On behalf of the community, an apology was also expressed for Juan's abusive behavior and a call to respect each other.

To answer the immediate question of the day, Juan RP (xtraeme) has chosen to leave the Void Linux project.

There will be no noticeable interruptions for users, and the project will continue as before. We appreciate your support of Void and continuing to advance the Void State. To any manager or contributor who has received one of xtraeme's recent posts, I would like to extend my apologies for this and for those of the project. Void is a project that we want everyone to participate in, and that means treating others with respect.

And is that this is not Juan's first outburst of anger, as in 2018, he did not respond for several months to the messages and left other participants without access to infrastructure and the repositories and before that for more than a year he had not participated in the development, forcing the community to organize, transfer the GitHub repositories to a new account, and take control of the infrastructure.

Given this, (8 months ago), Juan returned to development, but the processes in Void Linux have stopped depending on him and he was no longer essential. But Juan still felt like a teacher, which caused dissatisfaction with other participants.

It is alleged that in Juan's publicly available messages, only echoes of the larger conflict that occurred during closed-door communication and related to problems in his personal life are visible (there is evidence that the assault was sparked by inappropriate mention of Juan's personal problems).

Many of the attendees were not happy with Juan's behavior towards other participants, his overly categorical view of things and insulting statements in response to disagreeing with his point of view.

After Juan posted a message about his intention to leave, other Void Linux members didn't wait long and immediately revoked his right to access repositories and infrastructure and after he attacked several participants with insults, they simply reached an agreement to revoke their access.

Source: https://voidlinux.org/

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  1.   Manson said

    What is happening in this world that is all altered. The same thing happened with Solus. Well, the Qt thing has left us in our panties with the security updates.

  2.   PICCORO LEnz MCKAY said

    This article dilutes a lot what happened: I SAW THE PROVOKING COMMENT! AND IT WAS SO:

    "Before coming to order here go and order your own problems"

    AND THIS IS OBVIOUSLY AN INSULT! However, he replied: «leave me alone that we are not talking about me» EVERYTHING THAT IS HERE IS FALSELY WRITTEN and the websites saved in the wayback machine file show it.

    in case the comment will be moderated .. there are many sources that will publish it so don't try to silence me!

  3.   Pumuki said

    It sends noses that the founder of a distribution has to leave the project because of people who have come later and do not agree with something.
    It happens in many projects, people come who do not paint anything, who do two things and already want to kick out the people who have been creating such a project for years.