We were offline for a few minutes (Hostgator offline)


This is yet another article I'm writing today, but I wish I didn't have to.

It happens that as some may have noticed, we were offline for a few minutes (approximately 20 minutes).

Not just us, friendly sites like Gabuntu.com they also suffered the 'blackout'.

Why did this happen?

It happens that we, Gabuntu and millions of websites are on possibly the best hosting currently: Hostgator. And the hosting (Hostgator) failed us for a few minutes.

I tried to submit a ticket (report), but I couldn't access the admin panel on Hostgator, so I tried to contact them via LiveChat, but they took SEVERAL minutes to serve me.

Then the following appeared on the screen:

[Initial Question]:
(4:59 pm) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(5:05 pm) [ChatSnipedManually]: {«staffId»: »3708 ″}
(5:08 pm) [William A.] Welcome to HostGator Live Chat! My name is William.
(5:08 pm) [William A.] I apologize for the inconvenience. We are aware of datacenter wide issues and we are working to resolve. This should not be down much longer, as we are already seeing services returning.
(5:10 pm) [System] Chat session closed due to lack of network response from Alex after 300 seconds.

The simple translation would be that:

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are experiencing some problems with a datacenter (Data Center) and we are working to solve it. This should not go on for much longer.

Anyway, nothing to worry about 😉

I myself make a backup of the blog every end of the month, so I have a clone of FromLinux until last day 3 (yes, I was a little late this time haha), however I will make another backup as soon as I can, like an emergency 😉

Greetings and really…. A THOUSAND apologies for this, we were not the ones to blame, but still you were the harmed.

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  1.   Francis said

    Well, don't worry, it's not that bad either.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Still ... fuck, what a scare haha

  2.   diego2737 said
  3.   diego2737 said

    visits «from linux» from windows 😐 and for worse with internet explorer! MY EYES ARE BURNED !!!

  4.   Francis said

    Here you visit from linux also from osx, so I don't see the problem, and the ie10 works very well, besides that it is the only browser for metro right now xD

  5.   ergean said

    And what else does it matter if I visit the web? I always do it from Windows, because it is more comfortable for me due to the issue of gravatar and my passwords with keepass ... each one is free to visit this web as he wants, talk about linux, android, windows or osx.

    Still, I respect your comment and understand it to some extent.

  6.   Carlos-Xfce said

    Hi Gaara. I am one of the first readers of DesdeLinux. Before I commented a lot, now not so much, but I've never stopped reading them. What you say about making a backup copy of the blog catches my attention. I know you guys use WordPress (.org) and so far I am learning something about that. Here's a request from this humble server: Could you do a tutorial on how to backup WordPress?
    Thank you for your attention and congratulations for the new image of DesdeLinux.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Hello how are you 😀
      Yes hahaha I remember you perfectly friend.

      We use the WordPress CMS for many reasons, to make a backup of it we do not use any plugin ... simply through cp we copy the files / folders, and also export the database.

      I left a script some time ago that has a lot of commands for backups and such, but if you check it you will find how to make a copy of folders, how to export a DB, and how to compress all this - » https://blog.desdelinux.net/script-para-backups-automaticos-de-tu-servidor/

      If you don't understand, tell me friend 😉
      Greetings and a great pleasure to read you again.

  7.   Carlos-Xfce said

    Hi Gaara.

    Thank you very much for your answer. The truth is that when it comes to making and executing scripts I am completely illiterate. I think I prefer to learn how to use a plugin. There is a ManageWP plugin that allows you to backup to Dropbox. Maybe it's the best thing for me.

    In any case, thank you very much. And here I will continue, always a faithful reader and to learn what more I can ... although I will not delve into things about terminal, scripts, php and others.

    Take heart with the blog. Hey, one last question: what happened to Courage? I haven't seen him around here for a long time.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHA excuse me then friend 😉
      Well yes, there are several plugins but I have not used any 🙁… there I can not help you 🙁

      From Coruage, well… he didn't feel quite right here on the blog.