What happened to you, WordPress? You were cool before

wordpress crash

We still hadn't finished saying 'What happened, Ubuntu? You were cool before","What happened, GNOME? You were cool before«, And we can begin to ask ourselves«What happened, WordPress? You were cool before«. Our dear friend, that free and free CMS that powers billions of blogs around the world, From Linux included, has fallen into the fashion of start getting rid of as many features and options as possible, as a victim of the anorexia epidemic that affects the world of technology today and that drives you to believe that the more limited you are, the more beautiful you will look.

My words are motivated by what I have read about the future version 3.5 de WordPress, that if everything goes according to plan, it will be with us on December 5 and that it awaits us with "news" such as the following:

  • Disappears widget of Blogroll. If you had it on your blog, better go backing up your links in a widget HTML, because when updating it will be removed. In fact, users of WordPress.com They have already begun to be removed without prior notice.
  • The protocol XML-RPC is activated by default and the option to disable it has been removed. This protocol is only useful if you publish from your mobile using the application WordPressIf not, it can be considered a security hole to have it active there just. WordPress 3.5 is that "use it or not use it, we activate it and you hold on." Still can be disabled by modifying the wp_config.php file, at the risk that this method is also disabled later.
  • Self-embedded by oEmbed They are also activated by default, and as in the previous case, the option to deactivate them has been removed. Again you have to edit files or resort to plugins if we want to disable it.
  • The option to choose the folder where the multimedia files will be uploaded has also disappeared, and in this case I don't know if there is any way to choose it again.

And this is just what I've read so far, who knows how many more things we see (or no longer see) in the final version.

My question here is: What about that mania that all products and services currently have of taking functions left and right? Where was the philosophy that the more powerful a product, the better? When did it come to everyone here that less is more?

They are rhetorical questions because I know the answers well, it all started with the fashion of tablets (I curse you, iPad) and wanting to make things "clear, clean and simple for the end user"; and to some extent I agree, it seems like a correct philosophy as long as it is done with balance. It is not about making an application so huge that it requires 100 GB of RAM and with an interface that makes CERN physicists tremble, but it is not about doing something so simple that it makes a pocket calculator look like Skynet.

For the matter of WordPress, I see correct that if the developers consider that a function is good for the user (according to their criteria, very questionable) they activate it by default, but what drives me crazy is that they remove the options so that the one who does not like the disable. It is an ideology in the purest style Jobs ("The user does not know what he wants, we do") of which so many organizations are becoming supporters. They do Apple (obviously), Facebook, Microsoft (more now with Windows 8), Ubuntu (With Unity), GNOME (With GNOME3), Twitter (which restricts your API), and the list goes on and on, now adding to WordPress.

Something already smelled bad when it was born JetPack and many new functions began to pour into that Plugin Instead of being included natively, and if now it turns out that those that already existed begin to be removed, we will end up very badly.

I think that what the followers of the ideology of Jobs is "our users are dumb and get dizzy with the functions, let's remove them all and decide for them." To those gentlemen who believe they have reached enlightenment, I reply with a famous quote from the Master Linus Torvalds:

"If you think that the users of your programs are idiots, only idiots will use your programs"

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  1.   Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

    As you already said, it is propaganda to pretend that light is better because the new WINDOWS 8 is supposedly lighter than until I try it at least 6 months I will not believe it.

  2.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    Great the final phrase 😉

  3.   anti said

    Completely agree. Managing a small personal blog has become impossible, all in an effort to be simpler but end up making the occasional user dizzy.

  4.   ubuntero said

    I was going to start a project in wordpress but with what I see in your article or I stay in an old version or I switch to drupal ..

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      WordPress is still the best option I think, but… like everything else, it has positive and negative aspects 🙂

      1.    Nano said

        See if what you want is something basic to manage a personal blog, I recommend octopress.

        1.    elav said

          Fallacy.. octopress It is not intuitive at all for a new user. Gentlemen, do not make a mess of all this, already on the best WordPress related site: HelpWordpress they show us the solution for all this.

          1.    anti said

            Octopress says: "A blogging framework for hackers." So or more explicit with its purpose.

            1.    elav said

              There you have given him !!

          2.    Manual of the Source said

            I think you have to revise your definition of "fallacy."

        2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Nah 😀
          elav discovered one called FlatPress that can work with a DB in SQL-Lite ... so I don't need a MySQL server as such, it's great, almost a mini-WP haha.

          I'm still waiting for elav make a post about this hehe

          1.    elav said

            In fact, it doesn't even use SQLite .. it doesn't use DB at all 😀

      2.    anubis said

        WTF? Drupal rocks! 😛

    2.    Manual of the Source said

      It is not recommended to use old versions due to possible security holes.

      Today WordPress remains without comparison when it comes to blogging platforms, and what is happening to it does not prevent it from continuing to be the best, but it does reduce quality and if it continues like that, who knows what to expect in the future .

      I recommend that you try it and analyze whether or not it meets your expectations.

    3.    Dah65 said

      Joomla! it can be a good intermediate option between WordPress and Drupal. I haven't used WP, ​​but Joomla! And now Drupal, and J is much easier than D.

      There are excellent frameworks and templates for Joomla! - I can recommend Helix Framework, Gantry Framework, YouGrids Framework and Vertex Framework. With some of them, plus some extensions of the Joomla Extensions Directory (especially Yootheme's Zoo component, free, which extends the possibilities of Joomla! To be used as a personal blog (judging by what they say, because I have not given use).

  5.   v3on said

    you can't keep everyone happy, the "smartass" who aren't idiots will find a solution

  6.   Neo61 said

    The truth is that the last sentence is more than great, it sums it up.

  7.   dwarf said

    Well, at university they teach you something like "the end user is an idiot, develop so that he understands." They told me.

    The thing is, when you program something that is free and you let them get their hands on it ... Are you sure you're programming for idiots? Maybe some, but not all are morons.

    1.    Charlie-Brown said

      Well, they taught you well in college, I tell you from experience, because I was a programmer a loooong time ago and the end users showed me an infinite capacity to do stupid things. The bad thing about this philosophy is that now all users are put in the same bag and it is not fair, but given the intelligence that the "new generations" are showing, it is like worrying about the future of the human race (KZKG ^ Gaara you know what I'm talking about), so I understand the rationale for this new trend even though I don't share it, I think there should always be options, satisfying both doomies and geeks.

      And excuse me for the billet that has turned out.

    2.    Manual of the Source said

      For me the solution is very simple, and consists of offering a basic mode and an advanced one like VLC does. So you have everyone happy, those who get dizzy with the options and those who want to configure even what not. End of problem.

      But removing options to force everything basic is unforgivable.

  8.   Abimael martell said

    I always prefer to program from scratch because CMS's will always have good and bad future changes and one day I will have to update

    1.    Nano said

      Programming from scratch is not always feasible, many times you need to finish the project quickly and the client needs things that only with a CMS will you be able to satisfy in the established time. Plus less time = more money.

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        Exactly, it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel LOL !!

  9.   kondur05 said

    Well but fuck like linus said some time ago

  10.   3ndriago said

    I have been a follower of this blog since it emerged, partly because Elav is a personal friend of mine and partly because I'm a dying technophile, but sometimes it seems to me that fundamentalist tendencies emerge: "It's a Jobs-style ideology"
    How the heck did we go from the shortcomings of WordPress to declaring that Jobs was a great fascist ???
    There is a serious problem fitting the theme here ...
    If WordPress does not meet your expectations and you need a higher level of control, you already chose the wrong CMS from the beginning. So I recommend you:
    1- Joomla! Best CMS for a couple of years in a row, perfect balance of customization simplicity.
    2- Drupal, if you think you are as brilliant as «Master Linus Torvals» and you are very skilled in PHP
    3- SilverStripe, you're going to have to code a bit (a lot for my taste)
    4- Umbraco, .NET based, and many extensions you have to pay for (Vade Retro, Satana !!!) This can harm the free spirits that haunt these cybernetic places ...
    5-PHP Fusion, relatively small community
    6- phpBB, I know that it is not properly a CMS, but sometimes, depending on the type of website that you try to develop, it turns out to be more suitable than a CMS

    And if not, then do the following:
    1- Read thirty books on PHP, JavaScript and HTML
    2- Write your own CMS
    3- Leave WordPress, Jobs, Microsoft, Facebook, Ubuntu, etc. alone

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      I agree with the abrupt change of subject, I think that everything I said about the "Jobs ideology" and things like that was better in a separate article, but I considered it until the article was published.

      It is also true that because of this I was left with an article that was too alarmist. The changes that are coming upset me but they are not that bad either, after all they can be solved (at least three of them, the fourth I still don't know how) and I am not going to move from CMS just for that. They were just ideas that I wanted to express for a long time and it was up to poor WordPress to come up with his nonsense at the wrong time. 😛

      But neither do I withdraw anything I said, I don't like the ideology of removing options for the sake of making things "simpler" or that WordPress has joined that trend, and much less I like being told that if something dislike stop using it and shut up. It is impossible that I only have positive reviews of everything I wear, so when I have a negative opinion of something I will say it, and that is not why I am going to be told to go off and do it on my own. In the end, without negative reviews it cannot be improved.

    2.    elav said

      Just a detail. As much as Joomla has been the best CMS for I don't know how many years, it doesn't mean that it actually is. In fact, it is possibly the CMS with the most security problems that you can see on the market. If you don't believe me, write to KZKG ^ Gaara and you will realize what I say 😀

    3.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Actually my friend, I wouldn't choose Joomla! for nothing in this life 🙁
      The operation of the core and how it is linked to the plugins or addons is in my opinion, a HUGE security breach, that is, the slightest error and the entire system will be vulnerable to SQLi in the simplest possible way, and it only takes a plugin with I repeat, the slightest mistake.

      I have not tried the latest version (I believe 2.5), but I did do several educational tests with the previous ones… Joomla! it is by far the worst CMS in terms of security when compared to WP or Drupal.
      For example ... right here you have a lot of exploits: http://www.exploit-db.com/search/?action=search&filter_page=1&filter_description=joomla&filter_exploit_text=&filter_author=&filter_platform=0&filter_type=0&filter_lang_id=0&filter_port=&filter_osvdb=&filter_cve=

      1.    3ndriago said

        You said it right, extensions are the ones that can create security breaches. that's why you have to make sure to use extensions validated by use and time in the market
        But out of the box, it is the CMS that offers the most features!

        1.    elav said

          The problem is that we fall into the error of comparing WordPress with Joomla, when clearly both are focused on different things. Against Joomla, Drupal, but not WordPress.

  11.   Irvandoval said

    All thanks to the "minimalist" fashion, I hope it's over!

  12.   jorgemanjarrezlerma said

    That such.

    Unfortunately this extreme minimalism is not a fashion but a trend, for better or for worse. I totally agree with you regarding this mania that Apple brings, since as I have mentioned in other spaces of this blog, Apple is the one that sets the trend with regard to mobile devices and their applications and others make their contribution to this or create an alternative environment with the same characteristics (If not, check out the much mentioned Windows 8). If you look at them and analyze them coldly, you will notice the enormous flow of money behind this and in the end this is what moves the hardware and software industry (even the open source world). I have a blog that I have quite abandoned (from google) and the truth is that I use it for what it was conceived, BLOGUE (at the moment I do not remember the term in Spanish) like the other existing tools on the net.

    Personally, I have always preferred joomla and drupal (although I am not an expert in PHP). They simply offer features to meet a level of need. If not then then you have to get your hands on jquery, html5, css3, bd in sql, etc.

  13.   miniminiyo said

    Man, you have to forgive one thing and that is that they seek to make generic software and then that people patch to their liking, it is what is now carried out in software, everything is to put consultancies and get profits from it, but look at large companies like semicron already They follow that method, something generic with a little of everything and then if you want, you ask for a consultation, they give you service and thus they make more profit than they used to earn half

    In addition, some way I will have to change it, we are on the network, here the only limit is the lack of curiosity, because there is already abundance of knowledge, if you do not disable it by clicking, you can disable text, in the end everything is text so forget limit and think of ways xD that I will already fix them

  14.   Giskard said

    One question: is Blogger so bad that they don't even name it? Even as a starting point for inexperienced users ???

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      Yes. In the hypothetical case that WordPress continued to decline (which we hope not) and Blogger continued to improve (which actually only gets worse), Blogger would be better than WordPress in 250 million years.

      1.    hackloper775 said

        I use blogger but they already changed the design and now it's worse 🙁

        Anyway it is good for basic things and on my localhost I have joomla and it works very well

        1.    Giskard said

          Thank you. Well, I used WP and I really got lost! Things I knew how to do with Blogger I couldn't do in WP. However, I don't really like Blogger either, I think they complicated it unnecessarily. I'll try that Joomla to see how it works.

          1.    Manual of the Source said

            EVERYTHING you can do with Blogger you can also do with WordPress and much better. But of course, as with anything new, it is natural that you get lost at first. As you get used to it, you will see why there is no point of comparison between the two.

          2.    Damian rivera said

            No, I think I explained badly, when I say worse I mean the interface, it is very bad and not to mention if we want to manage it from a netbook or Tablet / ipad (it is almost impossible) although this goes hand in hand with the capabilities, but There is no better place to start blogging than blogging, it is very simple and in fact many Linux blogs also use it even without a domain, only I must feel how the ubunusters must have felt when they put unity on their system

            As for joomla, it is a little more complicated but it is very good to mount it on a local server, I also have wordpress in FAMP and it works very well but I think that the difficulty of use based on the characteristics it offers and in my experience goes like this

            Blogger / Joomla / Wordpress

            (The most popular)

            Also joomla has many security flaws and I only use it on my local network mounted on what I could call GAPM or LAMP, but also in windows you can download Appserv so you can see what Joomla is




            More fun


            I recommend that you use WordPress or Joomla on a local server so that you learn little by little


    2.    proper said

      What happens is that the others can be mounted on your own server and Blogger cannot.

      1.    Giskard said

        Ah, but I don't have my own server. So that's not a deal breaker in my case 🙂

  15.   proper said

    This article left me feeling that the news almost went to the background with so much negative comment towards Jobs and Apple that by the way, they do not paint anything against the background of the news.

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      The article has two parts, one is about WordPress 3.5 and how they begin to remove some functions and activate others by default preventing users from deactivating them, and the other is about the general tendency that many companies have to do the same, configure their products as they please and remove options so as not to let the user choose and go after a misunderstood "simplification".

      After the article was published I thought of modifying it to put both parts in separate articles, but blame elav that he no longer left me, hahaha.

      Maybe I'll put a clarifying note on it later or something like that, although I don't know if it's worth it. In any case, I will make sure that my next articles are focused on a single theme so that things like this don't happen.

      1.    anti said

        And Movable Type? I haven't tried it or anything, but it's free and maybe it's not so touched by such poorly done minimalism.

  16.   kaurer said

    What a fuss you ride for a few changes that I think are not serious at all, but anyway.