Where to buy laptops or PCs with Linux pre-installed or without operating system

Linux laptop

A few months ago my laptop broke and I had to buy another one. However he was not interested in buying one with Windows pre-installed, since it was not going to give it any use. That is why I started to ask on social networks about which websites or stores that sold laptops with GNU / Linux, or at least without operating system.

My questions were widely answered and I compiled a few interesting links. The reason for this article is to make a compilation of links that we can increase together and serve as a reference to the entire community that wishes to acquire both a laptop and a desktop with GNU / Linux pre-installed.

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Do you know any other place where they sell laptops or PCs with GNU / Linux? Leave a comment so that we can add them to the list.


All this compilation began as I said at the beginning on social networks, then I record the source of these links:

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  1.   SevillanaLinuxera said

    Acer also sells computers with Linux pre-installed.

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      Will you have the link?

  2.   Frank gamarra said

    query: will you know where in Peru you can get this type of pc?

    1.    cat said

      I'm not Peruvian, but I understand that almost all computer stores sell FreeDOS laptops (the problem is that almost all are AMD).

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Who makes laptops without an operating system is Advance, but Acer also comes with Linux pre-installed (the bad thing is that it comes with a distro but one of the useless ones).

      1.    cat said

        The Acer that I have seen come with Suse (the business one).

    3.    Karel said

      I am writing to you from Moquegua (in southern Peru for those who do not know) here Elektra stores always have PCs with Ubuntu 12.04 on display and in their catalog for Mother's Day they offered a great variety with said OS The rest of the commercial houses ( Efe, Carsa, Curacao) only offer with Windows 8, which seems strange to me because the PCs used by Efe vendors work with Ubuntu.

  3.   Gaspar Fernandez said

    PCbox? They only have a laptop with GNU / Linux, and it is also a bit reduced hardware.

    One thing that can be done, at least in ASUS, is to return the Windows license, they will pay you about 40 or so euros ... which I don't know anymore, is if it will really be counted as one less sale of Windows (for those accounts of millions of Microsoft licenses sold), at least if you don't activate it they shouldn't count it.

  4.   diazepam said

    You forgot one of the most important ones:

    1.    Alexander Mayor said

      Umm, I can no longer edit the article, a member of the community with permission to do so will have to be in charge of updating the list with the links that are published in the comments.


      1.    James said

        Can't edit your own article? I hope that this is due to a technical failure, it does not seem normal to me that an author cannot edit their article.

        I don't know about laptops, but PCs in general can be bought at PCComponentes without coming with any operating system installed (not with Linux yet, but since they charge for the installation, I don't think I would buy it like that even if there is a possibility).

        The case of laptops is complicated, for example I find it difficult to choose one or the other because I am a buzzard of those who care about appearance (in addition to functionality), so I think I would prefer to buy a laptop with Windows even after partitioning The hard drive to my liking rather than buying a PC that didn't have an operating system or came with Linux (which I would have to reinstall anyway because I don't think they mount Arch as standard) if the latter were physically uglier (how bad that sounds hahaha ).

        1.    pandev92 said

          For what a windows license is worth and taking into account that if you remove it, you do not lose the guarantee, in this country of Cervantes (checked twice, once with HP and another with Dell), I remove the windows and put whatever I want XD.

      2.    Manual of the Source said

        I also find it weird that you can't edit the article. I can't control the permissions issue, so I've just added the link for diazepam waiting for some admin to review the case.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          I've had this problem for a long time, so that's not new to me.

        2.    Alexander Mayor said

          According to WordPress the author can create (edit_posts), but not modify them. Actually it is logical, think about the number of authors in this blog, if each one could edit their articles at any time it would be useless to send them for review so that the moderator can decide whether or not it is published. As soon as they were published they could modify them and fill them with spam and the moderator would not notice. http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities#Author

          1.    Manual of the Source said

            Let's see, no, those who cannot edit their articles are the Contributors (which is the rank you must have now), those who can are the Authors and the higher ranks. What I was referring to with the issue of permissions is that they upload you to Author now that we have verified that you are a reliable user so that you can edit your own articles.

            In this blog it is somewhat confusing because you already appear with the Author tag but that is because you are the author of this article, not because you have the rank of WordPress Author; They are two different things.

            1.    Alexander Mayor said

              Everything clarified then, I was surprised to leave as an author and not be able to edit the content. Cheers!

      3.    laura said

        Hi, I buy everything in Computer System, they bring it home to me quickly and without any problem I found it browsing and since then I have bought you the link http://www.dbsistema.com they have many free or ubuntu computers already installed for sale.

  5.   the Fox said

    If you are Mexican, you can now buy PC's with ubuntu at Bodega Aurrera

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      Any link where we can see them?

      1.    zebrami said

        I have personally seen the notebook in Aurrera. Although it does not have an attractive design, it is an inexpensive option and a great advance for GNU / Linux.

        Here you can verify the information:
        - http://www.bodegaurrera.com.mx/imgs/imgs_tab/622/volante-bodega-aurrera-04.jpg
        - http://insights.ubuntu.com/news/bodega-aurrera-stores-shipping-hp-pcs-with-ubuntu-preinstalled/

    2.    Left Handed said

      That's true, I just saw one where I live


    3.    Saul said

      Yes and it is very nice for me to see an HP notebook with Ubuntu in Bodega Aurrera. The only bad thing is that they leave them totally helpless since nobody does not even turn to see them because nobody knows it or knows its advantages. And also in the case of my city, the manager knows absolutely nothing about the OS and is afraid to turn on the computer since he will surely be afraid that something will happen to him. Absurd. So all Windows 8 computers on and that off. He even disconnects it. I take care of when I can go connect it and turn it on hidden. LOL

    4.    betsisg said

      Has anyone already tested these netbooks? those of aurrera with ubuntu

      1.    Saul said

        They are not netbooks. Minimum in the Bodega Aurrera in my city is an HP Pavilion that I think are very decent. It has 4GB of RAM and an AMD VISION A4 processor that I think is not too bad. And what little I tried it is not bad at all. And the price is soooo good in my opinion. At his side they have another HP that is not Pavilion and it shows inferior quality but it is like $ 500 pesos more expensive for having Windows 8. And also the one from Ubuntu brings gift accessories. If I hadn't bought my computer less than a year ago, I would have bought it.

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      Aggregates. 🙂

  6.   dtll84 said

    Here is another manufacturer (notebook, desktop and all-in-one):


    1.    Manual of the Source said

      Aggregate. 🙂

      I've arranged the links alphabetically so it's not a total mess. I have also assumed that they are all links to pre-installed Linux machines and put them on the same list, but it would be nice if they specified if there are some that only sell the machines without OS to put them in a separate list.

  7.   Shengdi said

    I think Dell also sells Ubuntu PCs

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      Could you provide a link to see them?

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Here I leave you a catalog of Dell laptops that are available in Peru (if you wish, you can change it for the country in which you live for more comfort) >> http://search.la.dell.com/results.aspx?s=gen&c=pe&l=es&cs=&cat=all&k=ubuntu

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      For now, Dell's XPS and Alienware are the models that come with Ubuntu pre-installed.

  8.   just-another-dl-user said

    Does anyone know of an Ultrabook (the kind that comes with pre-installed win) that has the best support on GNU / Linux?
    I want to buy an ultrabook, but the ones that come with GNU / Linux pre-installed are very expensive and there are very little known brands.
    that's why I want to buy a known one from a store and that comes with Win pre-installed (the first thing I'll do is delete that crap from Windows and install ArchLinux).

    So I want to know which ones have the best support in GNU / Linux in terms of hardware before I buy it and not regret afterwards.

    1.    pandev92 said

      If you want an ultrabook that has the best support, just look for one that does not have broadcoam wifi and has intel graphics. There is no more ..., because laptops with amd cpu and nvidia graphics I have not seen for thousands of years.

  9.   Manual of the Source said

    Please provide a link where you can see the equipment in question instead of just mentioning the brands or places where they are sold. Thank you. 🙂

    1.    mouse said

      In my comment I could not name it since I bought it in a store in my country without a website http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/X201E/#overview

  10.   mouse said

    In manizales colombia you see a lot of asus and dell computers with linux recently I bought an asus that came with ubuntu and the performance is good

    4gb ram
    intel core i3
    500GB hdd
    Besides that it was at a good price I am satisfied with the performance
    I have arch installed in it xD

  11.   xarlieb said

    I was precisely looking for information in this regard. This post could not be more timely :)

    1.    Alexander Mayor said

      It took a few months in the "Drafts" of my blog, but I thought that from linux it would be a better place to post it, and the amount of comments shows it :-). Cheers!

  12.   Eduardo said

    Without system .. since from there I can manage my partitions from 0 and be able to install Windows 8 and Debian 🙂

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      I already have Debian 7.1 "Wheezy" and Windows Vista on my HP DC7700 Workstation PC.

  13.   Daniel said

    In my country Chile, they sell notebooks with pre-installed linux (SUSE, Ubuntu)

  14.   eliotime3000 said

    In Peru, PC's with Ubuntu are hardly being made and rarely do we get to appreciate one or another PC with a GNU / Linux distro.

    The downside is that looking for a laptop with GNU / Linux is like finding a needle in a haystack.

  15.   majority said

    And in my country, Venezuela, there is already a pc with linux installed on the vit pc and I have seen dell with ubuntu in some pc stores

  16.   Julio Poisot De Maria said

    In Mexico, almost all businesses that distribute computer equipment can build computers to your liking, with the specifications you require and if you ask for Linux, better because that way they don't have to install pirated copies of Windows.

    I had to upgrade a computer that already had Linux installed and a friend got me a motherboard with an AMD E240 processor and 2 Gb of RAM for around $ 1,200MX

  17.   Julio Poisot De Maria said

    If it is a laptop, it will install Linux in a dual way so as not to lose the warranty. It would be necessary to see what are the brands and models that their suppliers handle.

    Or if you prefer, you can buy it directly, just find out that it does not have UEFI enabled, and with some of the main distros you can do a dual installation fully automatically using the free space on the hard disk. Or in any distro you can create a partition manually to do the Linux installation, without touching the original operating system. So when there is a problem you request technical support and you enter with the corresponding operating system.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Let's see once again, there is no law in the world (I do not know if in gringolandia), nor any OEM law, that removes the warranty of the hardware for having changed the software. Do not continue spreading this legend, if someone tells you they have done that, it was just an excuse not to fix anything.
      The second thing is that after one year of warranty you can start to cry, it could take months to fix your pc.

      1.    cat said

        Idem, in any country the guarantee has always been for hardware and not for software, people should be well informed since even for example in the Samsung policies it clarifies that "the guarantee is broken when making a modification to the pre-installed software"

        1.    pandev92 said

          I think you missed the * no xD

          1.    cat said

            What I mean is that they themselves in their policies tell you that the guarantee is broken by modifying the SW, so if you don't know about the legislation they can sell you the story.

          2.    pandev92 said

            Of those who know linux, they most likely know about the current legislation cat xD ..., if they don't want to fix it, report it and do it quickly. When I sent my hp dv6, they returned it to me fixed and with a little sign saying that they only They were in charge of the original software. They gave me to understand that they changed the broken but they did not test if it worked with linux mint.XD

        2.    eliotime3000 said

          I think the ambiguity that was generated has arisen directly from the guts of the clauses of Microsoft's OEM licenses.

  18.   Federico Antonio Valdes Toujague said

    Super Very Good Article !!!

  19.   3 said

    In .co there is a company that assembles and sells cp WITH LINUX OR WITHOUT ANY SO INSTALLED is called janus
    recently bought one and very good.

  20.   debian core said

    Here in Chile, as they say above they sell note with ubuntu or suse. In BIP they sell pc free DOS and a while ago they were selling samsung netbooks with ubuntu in the PARIS store ... but the pcfactory notes are good ...

  21.   Giskard said

    Here is my contribution to the links. In Colombia, in Al Kosto I saw an ASUS brochure where laptops with Ubuntu appeared. On the Asus Colombia page they validate it:


    1.    Giskard said

      In theory HP also offers Linux laptops, as this link shows:


      In practice it is difficult to get them. I remember going to an HP store and seeing a Compaq with OpenSuse. The saleswoman told me that this one was cheaper because it came "without an operating system"; It was a pleasure for me to turn it on and give it a little tour of the Linux World.

  22.   Essaou said

    little offer and very expensive, and to top it off, American keyboards. What I do is go to a store and they let me boot the laptop of my choice from a USB with my distro (in my case Manjaro). If all goes well on live-cd, no problem. As soon as I get home I remove the shit from the script and install my LINUX.

  23.   diazepam said

    Some links for uruguay
    Fastimport (the only linux laptop they have, although there are several with freedos):
    PCM (Acer come with some Freedos)
    Hard PC (one with linux, there are also two more with Freedos)

    1.    diazepam said

      And then there's a bunch of freedos. To save work I leave you mercadolibre

      1.    diazepam said

        Conclusion: Acer defends your freedom more than a ceibalita, hahahaha

  24.   Leper_Ivan said

    Some time ago I bought my latop in a store in Mendoza, Argentina. I saved almost US $ 100 at the time by buying my MSI laptop without OS. To this day, they continue to sell PCs and laptops without OS.

  25.   Juan Carlos said

    Here is one from Argentina:


    Just put "linux" in the browser on the page and you will find several notebooks and desktops running Linux.


  26.   Takpe said

    In Barcelona you can see it online on the web: http://www.gnuinos.com/ and you can go shopping at the store on Casp Street.

  27.   Julio said

    On Amazon.de and Amazon.it you can buy the Asus F201E laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed in two versions: with 2gb of Ram for € 259 and with 4gb of Ram for € 300. It's a great price, but the keyboard isn't Spanish.

  28.   Juanjo said

    I prefer those of linuxstore.es have laptops from 299 euros 4 gb ram and keyboard in Spanish

  29.   Ghermain said

    In Colombia, exactly in Bogotá, there is an area called Unilago and there they have several blocks dedicated to the sale of PCs, laptops, etc ... I bought there almost 2 years ago, a Samsung RV408 FreeDOS notebook and now I have it with Kubuntu and runs smoothly.
    Just walk a bit and ask to compare prices and brands, they sell them to you with a factory warranty.

  30.   darzee said

    From my experience, I recommend those who are going to buy a pc to first make sure that the warranty is covered by the store where they make the purchase and not the manufacturer.
    I bought a Pointofview Mobii laptop with Ubuntu. It lasted a little over six months and when I went to the store they told me that they did not take care of the warranty, that I could arrange it directly with Pointofview.

    From there an odyssey. The first time I sent my laptop, I repeat that it was six months after the purchase, it took FIVE MONTHS to return. And it didn't even turn on. I called customer service within 10 minutes of receiving it. It took them a week to come and get it, a month later they tell me that they send me a new one and they send me the same one. I recognized it by a slight scratch next to the keyboard.

    After that dozens of emails advising that they were managing a new one and months later silence. I filed a complaint in the store, I notified the consumer union, I protested the customer service before… It was useless, I have a beautiful red paperweight.

    I recently asked for a quote for a new PC, with linux of course. The first thing I asked was that they specify who covers the warranty. It goes without saying that I discarded those businesses that do not carry it themselves.

  31.   SEBAXONE said

    Sorry, but PC-BOX has not had laptops without Windows in the catalog for many years.

  32.   BlackSabbath1990 said

    in colombia laptops with Gnu / Linux are obtained

    i have seen asus and acer with ubuntu. and I bought a hp laptop with suse linux and its stickers

  33.   Karel said

    Here in Peru there is a company that offers Laptops with Linux and ships throughout the country:

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      True. That detail had escaped me.

  34.   rodrigo said

    I would also like to know about a place here in El Salvador where they sell that laptop

  35.   Luis Miguel said


    I have been doing a small study because I want to buy a laptop with linux and in the end this has been the result, from the list of stores these are the ones that have convinced me:
    - http://www.linuxstore.es/product_info.php?cPath=85&products_id=233#.Uh9lTawqeY4
    - http://www.pcubuntu.es/
    - https://www.system76.com/
    - zareason.com/shop/UltraLap-430.html

    First, to say that the stores seem made not to want to sell a computer, and secondly, the last two have prices in dollars and the shipping costs do not come anywhere. System76 is the one that I liked the most but it is beyond my budget.
    http://www.linuxstore.esI think it has an impressive offer but I prefer a laptop without DVD-Rom and with a slightly smaller screen (between 13 and 14 ″). Therefore in the end with my budget and the offers that I have found I will have to decide on one with windows.
    If I had a little more budget, I'm sure I would choose System76.


  36.   jovi said

    In pccomponentes there is also without so installed.

  37.   Pedro said

    In Spain, in the appinformatica chain of stores they always have several PCs and laptops without an operating system and they are usually cheaper than those with W8, I have also seen them with Ubuntu pre-installed.

  38.   M Mendoza said

    What are the brands or the parent company of laptops that are available with pre-installed linux


  39.   M Mendoza said

    I want to know which recognized brands of laptops have linux pre-installed; Which one and why are they sold with such a Linux box

  40.   Berenes said

    Thank you very much for the article. For Lixux lovers, it is always good to know where to buy your new computer outside of Windows

  41.   Yolanda said

    The compilation is fine, but there is an error the links where they lead us have parts but it does not link the pcs with linux, in fact if in the search engines of these stores you look for pcs os linux, it does not even look for you it gives you an error, except in this : from Pcubuntu, here you can find them in the search engine. I put this as an example:

    I do not doubt that in those stores they have pcs with the ubuntu operating system, but in some stores it is practically impossible to find them without a label. Thank you very much, it is only an informative message.

  42.   Ishmaelars said

    Now you can buy these computers in any brand, Acer, Lenovo, Hp.
    What's more, you can buy the laptop with the system and request a refund of the amount of the same, claiming that you do not want the operating system, Let's imagine that I want a specific model of desktop computer, why have to buy another that does not convince me? Well, the solution is to buy it, contact the manufacturer and he orders a refund of the amount of the operating system.

    You can buy them here:

  43.   Fernando said

    I like Linux because it is an open system and you are learning daily.

  44.   Yeico said


    I'm looking for a good laptop, with a clear mission that has nothing to do with windows and I think I found it:


    this a Spanish company dedicated to build and sell laptops with linux.

  45.   Maria Jesus Guardiola Soto said

    How is this brand to buy a laptop and if also in this range make affordable offers for fabor if you could advise me on some point of sale where I can see this brand that you indicate because I live in Tarragona capital and right now I am writing to you From the only thing that I can allow myself from a table, if you would make me the faculty in giving me a little advice, it would be really hagredez without more attentive Maria Jesus Guardiola Soto and I live in Tarragona Capital in C / soler n'27 1'2 Tarragona c , p 43001

  46.   soutellana said

    It is good information, there are not many distributors that sell their computers with Linux, it is possible to find them without an operating system although most of them are all with pre-installed windows.
    Although it is true, there are manufacturers that if you claim the operating system and get bureaucratic, it is possible that you get the computer without the operating system and with the reduction in price that it entails

  47.   manual said

    Very good initiative to locate here all the stores that care about the penguin.
    I am looking for an ultrabook with Linux, something light and powerful and I have come across Slimbook that says they are Spanish, and I thought it was great.
    I'm about to get the i5, which I see at a very good price for an ultrabook with these features, how do you see it?
    Thank you!!
    PS: the web is http://slimbook.es/

    1.    elav said

      I was honestly impressed! Beyond being a copy of Apple's Macbooks, I think it has an excellent price with everything it offers, that is, it does not have an RJ45 port and I suppose they offer an adapter. You should also see the feedbacks, the issue of support ... etc.

  48.   robot said

    In Reciclanet http://www.reciclanet.org We sell reused and optimized computers with free software (Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2) at very low prices (€ 50-100).
    You can see the teams at this address: http://www.pclagun.org.
    We are not a second-hand store, but a project for people with limited resources to have access to ICTs with free software.

    1.    Ramon Barrenetxea said

      greetings robot, the new address of the online store for the sale of computers with Ubuntu preinstalled is http://www.reciclanet.org. All of our laptops and computers are refurbished with Linux.

  49.   Javier said

    They sell PCs without operating system or with LINUX

  50.   Julius alberto said

    Well the truth is quite difficult to know where, I always choose https://www.amazon.com

  51.   roentengen said

    I want to recount my bad experience buying a PCUbuntu laptop in case my mistakes could at least help others.

    After studying the different options I decided on them because they seemed to offer the best value for money, but throughout the entire process there have been "red flags" that should have deterred me from getting involved with these people (of course these things are very easy to see them past bull).

    To begin with, they have an incomprehensible web page, which seems designed in 2007, and you are not sure if it works or is abandoned. The buying process is confusing, there is no clear "thread" of what you have to do and what the steps are.

    Looking for reviews of their products on the internet, there are hardly any and the few that exist are confusing and old.

    Encouraged by the benefits, however, I follow the process and decide on them. On the website they offer 3 forms of payment, which I test successively without any working. After a string of emails, logins and phone calls, I end up having to make the payment "for the old woman's account", bank transfer to an account number that they send me by email; a very bad signal for a company that sells online (just like buying one click from Amazon!) ...

    After a few days the laptop, the Tuxy U-Book 7, arrives. The first impression right after opening it is that it is a flimsy product; the case when removing the laptop gives way when you hold it, the power cord is very thin, the clips that connect the battery are uncomfortable and small ...

    Shortly after you start using it, you also discover serious design problems (another problem of ordering a product without being able to physically see it first). The laptop heats up only on one side, which creates an extremely uncomfortable feeling when your hands are on the keyboard - your left hand is hotter than your right. I mentioned this to them in passing on the phone when I got the repair and they told me "it's because of how the components are distributed." Fantastic explanation, but I think that the design would have to adjust to the user, not vice versa.

    Additionally, although this is not a unique Linux problem, the keyboard includes a numeric keypad, which is a lousy idea on a laptop because you're always hitting the touchpad by mistake. I have discovered this in this purchase and it is something that I will always look at in the future that I have to buy a laptop (they do not offer an option without a numeric keypad, but I understand that they are a small company, etc ...)

    All of these things could still be overcome if the hardware worked as advertised. But while using the laptop, I find that the screen does strange things. The refreshment is very slow, the scroll goes with machete blows, and sometimes when you open new windows a cloud of pixels appears for a moment. For a while I think it will have to do with the Xorg configuration or something like that, but the problem is reproduced the same in different distros.

    I call them and comment on this and they tell me that a carrier will come "on duty in the morning but maybe in the afternoon." At their convenience… theirs. After all morning waiting, at 2pm the messenger appears, I give him the laptop, and I want to assume that at some point they receive it, because they do not send me any kind of confirmation of receipt by any means; They have not given me any estimate, either in hours or days or weeks, of when they will give me new news.

    Finally, a week later I see that I have a couple of missed calls from them (although I had asked them to contact me by email), and they tell me that they "haven't seen anything." When I mention the problems for which I sent the laptop, when I get to the horribly slow scroll, the technician becomes new, as if I had not told him before - lesson learned: put this kind of thing in writing. So even more time to wait because they will look at it and tell me something.

    That afternoon they send me an SMS, to tell me that they have not seen anything and that they «proceed to send the equipment through Seur» (they do not specify a morning or afternoon shift), and that the next day «I should» (oh oh ...) receive it .

    The next day I have been waiting for the carrier since the morning. It appears at 8:40 pm, when it was already lost, after a full day withheld due to lack of data on when to expect it. All for a repair that has not been done, eight days lost and ending at the starting point, with a defective and mediocre product.

    At each step of this process I have been surprised by the lack of professionalism with which I have had to face, the absolute lack of respect for other people's time, and the total helplessness to which I have been subjected, all for the mere fact of buying a computer and pretend that everything works as agreed. When I decided on a computer with Linux pre-installed I did it thinking about avoiding the hassle of having to clean it from Windows, the possible hassle of configuring the boot, formatting, etc ... Now I see that that would have been a hundred times preferable to going through all this ordeal , and it is what I will do in the future when I have to renew a laptop. As I say, I hope that at least telling my bad experience will serve to prevent other users from getting into the trap ...

  52.   robotnet said

    Greetings from Reciclanet! We have seen that we do not appear on the list. Could you include us?

    At Reciclanet we assemble reconditioned laptops with Linux installed and a 1-year warranty for 10 years.