Wuala the ultra-secure cloud service.

After reading about this in Pardus Life I was drawn to the option, but until today I had not tried it because it simply gave me only 2GB of storage and already in DropBox I have 5GB. The thing changes now, the arrival of Google Drive has made everyone get on their feet and quickly counterattack so as not to lose market next to the network giant and Wuala now it starts offering 5GB for free.

But let's see in parts what it is Wuala.

Wuala is a multiplatform cloud storage system for both normal computers and mobile devices (Android iOS). It allows you to do everything you do with services like DropBox and even more, since you can also share folders or see directly inside the folders of your contacts (the public ones, of course) and copy them to your space with one click or if you want to backup a folder on your PC or mobile device, you can do it also with a click.

What do you offer above your other competitors? Security and they explain it perfectly:

Wuala is the place to store data without forgetting security. To protect your privacy, Wuala encrypts the data on your computer before uploading it. During upload, your data is separated into multiple parts and stored in different places to ensure that you will never lose a single file. For added security, your password is never transmitted, so no one, not even Wuala employees, can see your private documents.

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That the truth leaves enough desire to use it.

In terms of timing it's not like DropBox that you create a folder Wuala and you put everything there. No, Wuala It is a separate software that does not get into your files, you tell it what files it is going to take from your computer, it does not install anything or create anything by itself, synchronizing is as simple as dragging and dropping or simply from the control panel (file flap…)

Sharing is not a problem either, it is as simple as in DropBox And perhaps the best thing is the capacity for collaboration, which they explain better than me:

Working between different Wuala groups is easier than ever.

Company groups are ideal for companies, associations, communities or teams that want to store their files centrally and securely. Private and public groups count the storage space for uploaded files in an individual account, while company groups allow you and your team to share storage space together. You can share data with colleagues and co-workers in a company group, edit documents, or leave comments. Prepare to collaborate in a different way.

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The truth is that it seems to me one of the best services, and more because they encourage you to gain more space in an original way: «Invite your friends, you win space by inviting them and they gain space by being invitedI mean that for inviting someone I gain 250mb of additional space and you, for accepting my invitation (or that of any friend) will automatically gain 1GB of space when accepting the invitation and creating an account. How about? I will leave my invitation for those who want to accept it and start not with 5GB but 6GB and I earn some extra megabytes, in the long run we all win, especially on the security side, which is what really matters.

Accept my invitation from here

When you register after downloading the program, it will ask you for a serial number which is the one I give you in my invitation, you only need to copy and paste.

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  1.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    Wuala is cool, it's one of the safest out there, if not the safest.

    I already have 9 GB in my free account 😉

    1.    dwarf said

      And thanks to you I am starting to try this service that I am loving. Very simple to use and with tons of interesting options, all without intruding on your computer ...

  2.   sieg84 said

    At the moment I prefer min.us

    1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      But Minus is not a syncing service, only hosting.

      Wow, not in the spirit of offense but I'm sick of them always getting those two things confused. ¬¬

      1.    sieg84 said

        And I never said it was, to synchronize I prefer sugarsync.

        1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

          But the article is about sync services so Minus has nothing to do with it.

          1.    sieg84 said

            That doesn't take away from the fact that you prefer min.us as a service.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              If it comes to preferences ... I prefer one hosted on my own server, I really don't trust third party services one bit 🙂

          2.    Manuel de la Fuente said

            Well then I prefer Google Calendar, which has absolutely nothing to do with it either, but I put it into the conversation because I prefer it as a service.

          3.    sieg84 said

            Are you 5 years old?
            At least min.us has something to do with it, syncing or not file storage services.
            And you still install the min.us client and you have your files, linux, mac, windows, mobile devices.

          4.    Manuel de la Fuente said

            But Minus can't be used to sync and sync services are discussed here, so it's not an alternative.

  3.   They are Link said

    Tomorrow I try to see.
    If I'm convinced I might use it for backups and dropbox for sharing.

  4.   Miguel said

    Thanks for the info, I did not know I will be testing it.

  5.   Chinese said

    Has someone installed it in fedora? throws me dependency problems:

    You need: java-1.6.0-openjdk

    But I have:

    java version "1.7.0_b147-icedtea"
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (fedora-2.1.fc17.1-x86_64)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 22.0-b10, mixed mode)


    1.    VaryHeavy said

      By the way, the same thing happens in OpenSUSE, it asks for Java-1.6.0 and I have a later version but of OpenJDK and it does not buy it ... maybe it is fussy and it has to be the Sun Java ... even if running the one that comes in tarball no problems.

  6.   Chinese said

    Well I fixed it. download tar.gz sorry.


  7.   truko22 said

    Interesting and the client is available is the Chakra CCR repositories, I am very satisfied with dropbox to synchronize between devices and I do not handle sensitive data, but I liked the extra security. I will try who knows later will need them.

  8.   VaryHeavy said

    Did you know SpiderOak? Well, it offers the same security that Wuala boasts, a centralized client with a similar way of working, and although you start with 2 GB (unless they have increased it now), for inviting each friend you receive, not 250 MB like Wuala or Dropbox, but 1 GB free! I already add 19 GB 😛

    Anyone interested in trying it here has my invitation :): https://spideroak.com/download/referral/ea9fc17c31b463eddb5f90ed8f8fe679

    Of course, by accepting the invitation you will win another free GB 😛

  9.   davidlg said

    At the moment I have my dropbox with almost 7 gigs and a box account of 50 gigs that they gave for having a sony

  10.   Gregorio Espadas said

    Indeed, Wuala looks very good, but because it uses Java, it is ruled out for me. I'm surprised that Nano, who hates Java with all her being, recommends it 😉

    1.    dwarf said

      I won the use because it is precisely simple and safe, although java starts to bother me because I can not recommend it to anyone.

  11.   ren434 said

    The fact that I can encrypt my files before uploading them is key for me, although it also annoys me that the software is written in Java and is proprietary.
    Ahg nose does not generate confidence in me.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      I understand SpiderOak is going to release (if it hasn't already) your client's code, and it's not Java dependent.

      1.    ren434 said

        Exacto SpiderOak is a service that promises, bad that it is not in Spanish and its interface is not the most intuitive.
        But at the moment it is the one that I liked the most.

  12.   Carlos said

    puffff who wants security, if you have 25 GB on skydrive. XD

    1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      SkyDrive only has clients for Windows and OSX, so for Linux users it's not syncing, just storing. So DO NOT It falls into the same category as Wuala (same case as Minus and mentioned above).

  13.   nonamed said


    50 Gb free

    for years, unsurpassed

    1.    keopety said

      50 gb for free, you do not believe it or you, I have entered to register and it is almost 7 bucks for 50g

      1.    nonamed said

        learn to read


        Free Trial
        Join Free

        Monthly Price

        Annual Price

    2.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      Another service that DO NOT It is the same as Wuala because it only serves to store, not to synchronize.

      Let's see, it's not that difficult to find the difference:

      Synchronization services: Wuala, Dropbox, Sugarsync, SkyDrive (if you use Windows and OS X), SparkleShare, MobileMe, Ubuntu One ...

      Storage services: Minus, Adrive, SkyDrive (if you use Linux), MediaFire, Rapidshare, Hotfile, the defunct Megaupload ...

      Let's not confuse things that were not designed for the same or serve the same purpose even if they have certain characteristics in common.

      1.    sieg84 said

        SkyDrive only has clients for Windows and OSX,
        so for Linux users it doesn't work for
        sync, just to store. So NO
        falls into the same category as Wuala (same
        case that Minus and that they mentioned above).

        Let's see, it's not that difficult to find the difference:
        Synchronization services: Wuala, Dropbox,
        Sugarsync, SkyDrive (if you use Windows and OS X),
        SparkleShare, MobileMe, Ubuntu One ...

        They say ...

        1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

          Because in Windows and OS X it does sync but not in Linux. I don't know what else I could say to make me understand ...

      2.    VaryHeavy said

        SpiderOak also serves to synchronize.

        1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

          Also, but I did not intend to mention all the existing services, just a small sample so that the differences are understood. 🙂

  14.   dwarf said

    the problem with Wuala is that it uses Java. The problem with DropBox is that they are not very transparent about what they do with your data. Skydrive is from microsoft. SpiderOak is tricky to use. Sparkleshare is free and secure but you need your own server.

    1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      The mere fact that I use Java is already a compelling reason to resist using it. Now, in Dropbox I have 12.4 GB and I have no intention of starting again to collect referrals, so until another service offers me that same capacity for free and without doing anything, I have no reason to move from here.

  15.   VaryHeavy said

    One thing that I didn't like at all about the Wuala service is that it allows you to get a maximum of 3 GB with the invitations (at least for the moment), which compared to SpiderOak and even Dropbox leave the service in a bad place in this regard. from Wuala, since these allow you to reach up to 50 GB.

    The interface is very nice and easy to use, but that limitation leaves it a bit sour taste.

    1.    jony127 said

      I have taken advantage of your invitations and you too hehe to sign up for both services.

      I knew them but I had not yet encouraged myself to try them, between wuala and spideroak I liked wuala more, it is more intuitive to use than spideroak although the latter is not difficult to handle and apart I really like the options that

    2.    jony127 said

      I have taken advantage of your invitations and you too hehe to sign up for both services.

      I knew them but I had not yet encouraged myself to try them, between wuala and spideroak I liked wuala more, it is more intuitive to use than spideroak although the latter is not difficult to handle and apart I really like the options that wuala offers to share folders that I think that spideroak does not offer or at least I do not see how to do it.

      I have been looking at the web of both and as I have been able to read, if I have not been wrong with wuala you can get a maximum of 9gb and with spideroak 10gb and not 50gb com says VaryHeavy.

      To use only as storage I have looked at the min.us website and I see that at the beginning they give you 50gb free, which is very good and it seems that it also has a client for linux, does this service also encrypt the information before sending it like wuala does? and spideroak? If you don't use synchronization only to store and share files, this option seems much better due to the large amount of space it offers.

  16.   Algabe said

    For those of us who use Fedora and now that Fedora 17 has come out and we want to install Wuala, it asks us as a dependency Java 1.6 and F17 brings java 1.7 and does not let us install wuala, we only go to where we download wuala and put it in the terminal.

    sudo rpm –nodeps -Uvh wuala-current.i386.rpm

    With that it will install and it will be working fine with java 1.7 🙂

    1.    Misael (@ MSL79) said

      It was perfect for OpenSuse 12.1 too, it must be said that after this action the package is installed.

  17.   juanma said

    Although you do not like Java, from My PC in windows, wuala mounts a unit by which you manage as in any windows directory, nothing of Java aspect handling it like that. Greetings to all

  18.   yto said

    I already used your code, thanks and good luck

  19.   CHRISTIAN said

    if you can leave the historical review of wuala it is for a duty