What is DuckDuckGo and how to customize it?

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Quack Quack friends!  If he didn't do the joke he would explode, disadvantages of being 14 years old, well let's move on to the post.

A few days ago after going through 7 distros of Linux (Yes free-Taliban, Linux), which did not last more than a sunrise (as long as the ravages continue, I take the position of Terminator from KZKG ^ Gaara), I found a "stable" system that is Arch, -one of the best that I have used- with Plasma 5 Testing and installed it thanks to post from a partner and KDE thanks to the Arch wiki.

And one day I came across DuckDuckGo, a search engine like Google or Bing, and well how almost all mortals before using DuckDuckGo, I used (and sometimes still use) the Google Inc Monopolio Entreprises search service, but after seeing in a post by a former writer of ArtsDesktop It changed my vision of the service, so after thinking it through (1 minute after the post), I tried the service.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages of the duckling compared to Google or Bing are numerous and the most important in my opinion are: Community, the capacity of Personalization and Privacy, And it is that yes gentlemen, the search engine claims to respect 100% your privacy, the development community is impressive and customization is a very important detail for people who pay attention to design like me.

It also has some very nice details such as that if you are looking for a song, it comes out to listen to it directly.


 The! Bangs are like Firefox search engines, there are more than 300 like! Aur or the ones I use the most like! G and! Yt.

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And many more tricks such as mathematical calculations and food recipes that you can see here! in Emezeta.


The only disadvantage that I see today is its algorithm which is a bit (very) lacking, but since I'm not a developer and I'm still dans le Collège republicaine français, I have no right to speak, but the day I am I will think about making a better algorithm and proposing it, and the second disadvantage is that the customization It is limited, it only lets you choose the colors, it would have been nice if we could change everything, but hey, you can't have everything in life.

How to customize it?

Well, the customization, although limited to my liking, is very well achieved, to customize it you have to click on the Menu on the top left.


And we give Advanced Settings and we will have 4 options, but in this part we will concentrate on the part Design and Appearance.


Before moving on to change the colors, I recommend using Flat colors and the ones I use are these. Now we go to the design part in which we will choose the one we like the most since we will change them later.


And then we go to the most important part: the Appearance

app1v2 ap3

I think that to illuminate a little it would be good where the colors go in the search and header.


Well I think you already got it. If you liked the gaimplei give a layman to help, oh stopped, This is not YouTube but if it has helped you I am glad and if you have found any error of a novice writer, report it to me since we will not see the faces much more here.

This is all in my first post. I hope you liked and served. See you soon!

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  1.   Raphael Mardechai said

    I stopped using ddg a long time ago xD Because in the end I always ended up searching on Google with the "! G" XD.

    1.    erUzama said

      Well, thank you for commenting and the truth is that the biggest disadvantage of the duckling is that its algorithm is really sad and I also do it! G is that Google, no matter how bad its search engine is, is of high quality and Stratpage had never heard , Thanks for letting me know.

  2.   Kitten said

    Good article; I like Duckduck Go, but I hardly use it because most of the results jump to me in English, I prefer StartPage.

  3.   Chronic said

    DuckDuckGo is a great tool, it is quite productive to be able to use! Yt,! Bv,! Gi,! Bi,! Fb, or whatever bang you need including! G, it saves you time.

    The algorithm is terrible, but little by little I have noticed improvement.

    1.    erUzama said

      No, it has not evolved, to evolve is to surpass Google search, but its strong point is customization

      1.    Chronic said

        lol, a couple of years ago the results were worse, believe me, DuckDuckGo has made a lot of progress, I would say too much, we cannot observe DDG and its progress comparing it with Google, because then it will be the worst search engine for life, like everyone compared to Google , Google is on another level, friend, trying to emulate or beat Google in terms of results is already a losing battle.

  4.   joaco said

    There is something called freedom of expression, everyone has the right to speak, at least in my country. You don't have to be a genius to figure out something is wrong.

    1.    erUzama said

      Ich habe nicht compreieren, Ich denke dass du bist a bisch incomprehensible.
      I'm sorry, but I have not understood the relevance of the reflection, and sadly what you say is true, I have recently come to France here and since Charlie's here, if you give your opinion, you are a terrorist.
      This is in Europe, countries where the fundamental rights of man such as the right to freedom are respected.

      1.    joaco said

        Missing reading. I quote «The only disadvantage that I see today is its algorithm which is a bit (very) deficient, but since I am not a developer and I am still dans le Collège republicaine français, I have no right to speak, but on the day that I am I will think about making a better algorithm and propose it to you »

    2.    elav said

      And this comment is in relation to? I did not understand..

      1.    erUzama said

        Is that what I have not understood, maybe it is a hidden message from the Illuminati.

      2.    erUzama said

        A troll is always trolled with his weapon.
        He used a firecracker and I used a Tsar bomb

      3.    joaco said

        erUzama: «to foolish words on deaf ears»

  5.   Anonymity is my name said

    The only flaw is the Spanish support is disgusting the searches

  6.   Raul P. said

    Duckduckgo had it as his home page, but he didn't use it, almost nothing is found.

  7.   arazal said

    I sincerely use it since I discovered it; in all my browsers it does not matter which system I am on. Privacy is the most important thing, and more so in the world we live in. Google, Microsoft, Apple ... they are dedicating themselves to pass it by the lining whenever they can. And these things are certainly welcome, and the truth is that every time I have the opportunity I recommend it. In Linux and OS X, Mozilla Firefox brings it by default (in Windows I don't know it because I haven't used it for years), which is a great help to increase its popularity since Firefox is one of the best known and most used browsers

  8.   faith said

    Very good post, the search engine "Duckduckgo" is my favorite that is in the "Midori" browsers because of its ease and speed with an anti-tracking tool, I also have it in "Firefox" which is known to all. The DUCKDUCKGO search engine offers great “https” security and does not record user data.

    What I don't know is how to change the main palette to black (around the address bar), since I met this browser and search engine, I am happy.

  9.   free said

    The downside of this is that the settings are saved in the form of cookies and when you delete the cookies from the browser you use, the DDG becomes the default.

    But it's going to get better, we all want that, I think.


  10.   Gabo said

    It is not so difficult to leave Google, I use Startpage and it works great, not counting the plus of privacy

  11.   one of some said

    For those who use startpage I have to say that it is a good option since it uses the google engine (but I remember correctly) but without the bubble and preserving privacy.

    Personally, the one I use the most is ixquick, which is developed by the same company as the startpage but with its own engine, the truth is that I usually find what I am looking for in it without having to go to others most of the time, hence almost don't use the ddg.

  12.   Chaparral said

    How lucky you are to be able to attend «dans le Collège republicaine français»!
    I couldn't get past primary school and in a public school. At 14 I had to go to work and I still haven't stopped.
    In so far as je vous remains très reconnaissant pour vôtre apport.
    Every time we open DuckDuck we are doing something good for the community. Mon Dieu!

    1.    erUzama said

      Merci pour I will comment!
      And what you say is a shame, and it is one of the things that makes me study the most, to be lucky that others did not have and it is a shame since neither in Spain nor in France they realize how lucky they have been.
      Je vous remercie by avoir lu, mon «post».

  13.   lesco said

    I think it is quite good and its search algorithm, without being as good as Google's, has evolved a lot, and it has become at least acceptable by now.
    The main disadvantage that I see is that if one tries to do a search and sort the results by date, it is a disaster. In this case the results are very few.
    There are certain things for which the date is very important. I also think that the only search engine that has this feature well implemented is Google. It's not just a DuckDuckGo problem.

  14.   Master of the Wind said

    It would be necessary to be more neutral in the comments, and not be so infatuated. And very childish about "Google Inc Monopoly Entreprises", I assume that you do not use gmail but your own private mail server maintained by you, or that you do not use google drive but your own cloud hosted at home.

    You have to have ownership and knowledge before speaking. Above all, maturity (it does not go in the age, which is simply a chronological number).

    For me the advantage of "privacy" is a disadvantage.

    If I search for something several times, it seems useful that it gives me more adjusted results to what I am looking for.

    For example, if I look a lot for Apache configurations, and I look for security on web servers, I find it more useful to prioritize Apache-related searches than to put IIS in the middle.

    Also, privacy is paranoia in my opinion. Google look at your searches? Yes. Is it useful for you? I don't know, fear them. It affects me? No, not even looking for child pornography, if they want to see my searches they waste time, it will not be anything that a normal person does not look for.

    1.    erUzama said

      MMM -_-
      You're right, that was a little humorous note on what other blogs exaggerate about google and the EU. But privacy is important, if you don't leave your front door open. "Maturity" ok, it is wrong to compare yourself but, you have seen the impressive amount of things on the Internet without maturity.
      Have a good day, by the way I still respect your opinion, since everyone has their own.
      Goodbye ^ - ^

      1.    Master of the Wind said

        The thing about the door of my house does not make sense, I thought we were talking about IT.

    2.    Raul P. said

      You have never lived in a totalitarian state, or you live in it and you benefit from it, I am not going to mention country names so that the comment does not censor me, it is not paranoia.

      Richard Stallman recently said at a conference that the mobile phone is Stalin's dream, it is reality.

      Of course, you are free to do what you want with your life, I do not want to impose anything on you.

      1.    Master of the Wind said

        I don't see it as a totalitarian state, since nobody forces you to use things.

        For example, each company for communication with its employees uses its own email servers, nobody forces you to use gmail.

        On my smartphone the same, I have an email account that I use just for that, practically for nonsense. I am not going to send a dump of a DB with important data by a public domain mail, but by an email that has my work domain, and that I know that the security is quite rigid so that it does not leave there.

        You have to limit what you do on the internet as well. If I have confidential things that I don't want anyone to see, I'm not going to put it on my Facebook wall, you have to know how to locate yourself and self-moderate.

  15.   jathan said

    Very good article. Congratulations on sharing erUzama information and making DDG dysfunctional. I have been using DDG for about three years. and most of the time it shows me the useful results I need. Regards.

  16.   Belzec said

    Thanks for sharing, Very good article, let's try it =)

  17.   Alejandro said

    Thank you ErUzama,
    I have learned a little more with your article, so
    I appreciate your information, and if you can
    keep posting. After half a century one
    learn to recognize the info that helps.

    Santiago de Chile

  18.   Yusef arias said

    I use DuckDuckGo on my linux. Since I met him I started using it. Never pay attention to the algorithm thing. At the end of the day for the use that I give it I am not too interested. But if in all the searches that I carry out, I was surprised with the exact results I was looking for.

  19.   vicdeveloper said

    It is my favorite search engine: D!