[Linuxea tu Windows] From Windows - Part I: Introduction

The other day I came across @'s postelruiz1993 about Manjaro, but something caught my attention in the post, something incredible, great and unmatched: «Portal«.

Since I haven't played it for a while now, when I saw the image they gave me a tremendous desire to play portal, so i turned to thepiratebay, install portal with Wine but ... It was closed only because of wine (¬_¬), so I had to install Windows, but install Windows It was very, VERY difficult for me ...

My team:

  • CPU: Intel® Atom ™ CPU N570 @ 1.66GHz × 4
  • GPU: Intel Atom Processor Integrated Graphics Controller
  • HDD: 250 GB
  • Brand: Acer
  • Model: Aspire One 257
  • RAM: MB 1024

A team beauty, right?

And how the hell can you run Portal with that thing oO?

No idea, this netbook is a marvel just for the fact that it supports Portal XD.

That my netbook does not run Portal? Wrong, yes what runs it!

That my netbook does not run Portal? Wrong, yes what runs it!

But ... We return to the topic:

How to install Windows ...

As I have no way of reading the installation DVD, try to install it from a pendrive with the help of the following post by Pablo Castagnino (AKA @let's use linux): https://blog.desdelinux.net/como-crear-un-pendrive-de-instalacion-de-windows-from-linux / but…. it kept loading, something like this:
I downloaded 2 installation images from Windows And the same, not even with the command "DD", I got tired and the desire to play Portal They took me to mount my hard drive with VirtualBox, from there I installed, when I finished copy the Wi-Fi driver, Touchpad and Vga, re-install grub and restart, Done! It worked!!

When I saw that it had worked I was quite surprised oO, I installed the drivers and my system was ready….

Oh Guindou $ 7

Oh Guindou $ 7

Yes, Windows but um, I miss wget and many other tools….

In the next post: Installing Bash!


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  1.   ianpocks said

    you can install nano!

  2.   Hello said

    I do not know if I was wrong about the blog or what is this xD a tutorial to install windows the system is easier to install and the strangest thing even that it has cost you to install it I have installed it on cd and pendrive I see that the problem is between the keyboard and the seat but it was a good humor I hope if it does not repeat xD and if you had so much desire to play the game install virtualbox in your favorite distro and ready to play portal better it would have been a tutorial on how to install virtualbox and install the portal xD game

    1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      Believe it or not, installing Windows from a pendrive is not that simple. I don't know how you did it, but I once tried to install Windows 7 on a netbook and neither one way nor another, until I found an application to create bootable Windows memories; and even so I had to try several since not even the most popular ones worked for me.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        That's true. Also, I rarely use Windows because of how uncomfortable it is to do some things and it is somewhat tedious to lighten it. On the GNU / Linux side, the process is somewhat simpler, but I still have the mania of installing with disks even with an external reader.

        1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

          Although they say that it is old-fashioned, installing with disk is better; first because it presents less complications, and second because you can have your stack of discs with different ISOs ready to boot instead of having to empty a pendrive and burn the ISO every time you need it.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            Of course it is much more practical to save to discs. And by the way, if you know how to buy virgin records and / or you know how to take care of them, obviously you will save a lot when it comes to using them.

            Anyway, I am using my PC both with Windows (very few times) and with Debian GNU / Linux (even to play it works).

          2.    Oscar said

            That is because you do not know this program http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/ I have installed in the 4 OS including Windows 7 and without problem it is also very intuitive and configurable in an 8 Gig pen the DVD batteries are over

      2.    Cocolio said

        Wow that weird, rather for me it has been recontra easy to install either system using flash memory (sorry I hate the term pen drive), I installed Windows 8 on my laptop like this and the same on the laptop, an HP netbook, from a friend, and it was nice, both without any problem, only that for both I had to download the drivers, especially for Windows, and voilà !!! ZERO problems, I think they are making a mistake out there.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Well, if you want to do it at the end of the console, it is a headache. But if you use external applications, it may be that it works for you.

      3.    Hector Quispe said

        On Windows (in CMD):

        List disk
        Select disk (0,1,2)
        create partition primary
        format fs = fat32 quick

        Then you copy the contents of the ISO to the USB.

        That has always worked for me ...

    2.    IvanLinux said

      I have understood an individual who said he was having trouble moving from Windows to Linux. I felt the same when experimenting with Windows. I believed
      I had to try Windows since all my friends started telling me how cool it was.

      I went to Microsoft's site to download it, but it wasn't available. I was angry because I wasted my time trying to find a download link, so
      I decided to ask my friend and he told me where to buy it.

      I got in my car and drove to the place, where I found a store that sold software. I asked the seller for a Windows OS and he asked me which version he wanted.

      - "I want the most complete distribution", I said

      - "800 pesos, please go to the cashier", he said,
      putting the box in a bag.

      I swear I left the store in that instant. One of my friends gave me a copy of Windows XP but told me not to tell anyone. I thought it was a bit strange, because I copy my Linux distribution all the time to give it to my friends. Whatever…

      Take the CD, put it on the CD tray, restart the computer and wait for the Live CD to boot. This is not functional . The CD was just wondering
      that if I wanted to install it.

      I called my friend on the phone and he said that Windows XP could not be started from CD. OK, I decided that I would install it. I followed the instructions on the screen, but got nervous because I didn't wonder if I had other operating systems installed. I know that in every Linux I install, it always asks me to create new partitions or things like that.

      I called my friend again and he told me that Windows XP removes any other previously installed operating systems. Okay, OK, go back to Linux and backup all my data before going back to installing my copy of Windows.

      The installation was pretty simple, except for the part where I was wondering about the serial number, which was a combination of letters and
      numbers. Now my friend was angry that I called him all the time, he better came to my house and wrote his number.

      He repeated to me that I shouldn't tell any living soul about this. He went and rebooted the computer to start it up for the first time. I was shocked when he allowed me to change system settings without asking for my password. My friend swears I hear my voice on the phone again. He
      it told me that root access was given from the start.

      I found how to create another user without root access and login. Then I find that if I wanted to change something, instead of asking for the password, I needed to exit and re-enter as administrator (which is the name given here to root). With this, I realized that there was
      too many people logging in as admin and I got nervous.

      OK, time for work. I went to start> programs, to open a spreadsheet application, but couldn't find anything. My friend told me that Windows does not have any such application by default and that he needed to download it from the Internet. Well, I thought, it's the basic Windows distribution. I am directed to add / remove programs in the control panel, just like in Linux, but there were no programs to add here.

      It only allowed me to remove programs. I couldn't find any buttons or menus that would allow me to install apps. This is strange!

      I phoned my friend again, and he told me that I needed to find my own apps to install, so after googling, I found openoffice.org to download and install. Now I could finally finish my work with the spreadsheet.

      I'll tell you the truth, I didn't have fun at all. I don't quite understand this technology. Because there is a disk A, and then a disk C, where is the B?

      That would be a basic layout. I did not find applications to increase my productivity and I had to spend my time finding them. My friend told me that he needed an antivirus application that did not come with the distribution either.

      I don't understand what a computer virus looks like. How could an inanimate object get an infection?

      In summary:
      I found this Windows distribution very difficult to use. Maybe it can be good for people who understand computers, but for me, no thanks. I go back to my Linux.

      1.    babel said

        Hahahaha great comment. I liked it more than the article

      2.    eliotime3000 said

        This is how I feel when I go back to Windows.

      3.    cookie said

        Upside down world xD

    3.    oscar said

      I don't think you need to be so totalitarian.

      A greeting!

    4.    nocturnal said

      Fortunately I have had to reinstall Windows a few times. I partition, leave it there (laughing dead), and install Linux on another partition. It will be easy to install, but what about how long it takes to install? then in configuring it you can lose what little patience you have left. 😀

  3.   the metal master said

    why do they publish these posts?
    i thought this was about linux !!!!!

    1.    elav said

      Let's see what the series is about. Let's not judge before reading the book just by the cover 😀

      1.    IvanLinux said

        They are a series of posts on how to leave a "Useless Garbage (Windows)" as "A Wonder (Linux)" or at least a "Useful Garbage"

  4.   angelblade said

    You can use wget or even awk or sed or grep. In Sourceforge you look for an example, grep for windows, you install it and add in the PATH variable of your user the bin folder where it was installed, example If the path was

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ GnuWin32 \ bin, you add that to the PATH, previously with a semicolon
    that is to say

    ; C: \ Program Files (x86) \ GnuWin32 \ bin

    And voila, you can use it in any batch script or whatever you require =)

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      If you looked closely at what he crossed out, he downloaded it from TPB and unfortunately, he didn't find a warez version for GNU / Linux.

  5.   stormrider.of.theli said

    On Steam, Portal is natively available for Linux, there was no need to install Windows to play it.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      But surely he wanted to play Portal 2, so he found that detail uncomfortable.

      1.    edo said

        clearly the desktop icons show that it was portal 1

      2.    IvanLinux said

        No, no, I used TPB to download Portal, Guindows 7 is original (Serial Original) and it is Portal 1 not 2 ...

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          If your bank is stingy enough that it doesn't make it easy for you to use a debit card, that's understandable. You do not always have a bank that is condescending to these matters.

          1.    IvanLinux said

            Not old enough ... is everything clear?

      3.    Oscar said

        Portal 2 is also for linux on steam.

    2.    Martin said

      +1 With something like 10 dll you buy portal and half life 2. Intel drivers work very well in linux so if you play it in windows I assure you that you run it in linux. Very bad joke that the pirate bay, (unless you have the limitations of Cuba, like the star publishers here) you should buy it.

      1.    IvanLinux said

        I have some limitations that do not allow me to buy it, perhaps when I buy a decent "Computer" and not what I have ...

  6.   eliotime3000 said

    If you miss wget and other GNU / Linux programs, here is my first article on GNU / Linux applications that I found available for Windows.

    And by the way, Portal 1 has already been ported for GNU / Linux just like DOTA 2. What is missing is CS: GO and Portal 2.

  7.   Cocolio said

    Bah I thought it was some tutorial to put skin of some Linux distro and functions like BASH that they say below, in short, I have never had problems when installing any operating system, except OS X on a non (cr) Apple machine, nothing plus.

    1.    IvanLinux said

      PART I: Introduction
      PART 2: Bash
      PART 3: Graphic Environment ...

  8.   Edgar said

    Shame on you !!! How is it possible that you have a pirate portal? . If you had it original you could play it natively, although with that team you do not expect miracles

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      If the bank does not let you get a debit card that allows you to make electronic transfers, you have no choice but to use TPB + Windows.

  9.   edo said

    So the experience is how you were able to install and run the game on windows 7? As I do not understand what makes an article like that in a blog that has the word 'linux' in the name. Also not to mention what portal is available on Linux, which has even less logic. Do not support piracy, even less with steam promotions. If I was still going to do the tutorial with a hacked portal, I would have talked about how to install it through wine with the CSTM patch, that would be very interesting. I hope someone does.

    1.    IvanLinux said

      I am not saying that pirates download the Portal, that I cannot buy it is different.

  10.   Rolo said

    1 is a windows tutorial, in a linux forum, but since the idea is to tune it as linux emmm it could happen
    2 70% of this part only talks about a game
    3 30% talk about the problems to install windows with a pedriver
    4 the title should be called: «how to install windows from a pendriver to play the blablabla game and load wget and 3 or 4 more programs so that they don't throw me out for talking about windows on a linux blog»

    I give this post a -100 xddd

  11.   Manual said

    Hello, help me please; I have an Acer like yours except for the size of the hard disk, but I have not been able to install linux, I have tried linux mint, ubuntu, elementary os, but I cannot install them.

    I make them bootable but when I boot from usb it hangs and in most of the time I get a kernel panic, what distro do you recommend to install?

    Thank you.

    1.    Pedro Rivera said

      manuel this art is to install windows if you want to install linux you go to a windows blog and ask questions there

      1.    cookie said

        hahahaha it killed me!

    2.    IvanLinux said

      Emm, in my case, I installed Ubuntu and everything was perfect, but you can try Fedora.
      To burn the ISO on USB sticks use Unetbootin

    3.    Damian said


      It is possible that the kernel panic is due to the type of architecture you are trying to use, it is very rare that a Live CD does not boot. You may be trying a 64-bit distribution and for that machine, if I'm not mistaken, you should use a 32-bit one.

      To start with something easy and fast I recommend Xubuntu 13.10 (in 32-bit).


  12.   x11tete11x said

    the truth ... I did not quite understand the idea of ​​this post ... is it propaganda for portal? .. or windows? ... or what? ... because if it were a "tutorial", would the "tutorial" part be this? oO

    «I downloaded 2 Windows installation images and the same, not even with the" DD "command, I got tired and the desire to play Portal led me to mount my hard drive with VirtualBox, from there I installed, when I finished copy the Wifi driver , Touchpad and Vga, re-install grub and reboot, done! It worked!!"

    sorry but I didn't understand: Yes

    1.    IvanLinux said

      It is a series of tutorials that I am going to do, this is the introduction ...
      I have an "ISO" image of my Windows DVD that I made from another PC, but when I recorded it on a pendrive and rebooted it gave me a type of error, I downloaded 2 "ISO" images from the Internet and the same thing happened with all of them. what to ride my hard dico: http://emiliodevesa.com/virtualbox-maquina-virtual-con-disco-duro-fisico/

  13.   Pastor said

    for me installing windows 7 is a walk I just use a program called multisystem and voila.

    - I don't need to format the memory
    - does not give any problem (checked in 3 PCS)
    - It is only for ubuntu (I think; what I am sure of is that it is not available in windows)

    the only thing that if I have ubuntu installed and I install windows 7 I lose the grub and I have to recover, but it is not a problem either.

    1.    IvanLinux said

      Hello shepherd!
      As I mentioned, not being able to install Windows 7 with a USB memory is a problem with my computer and not with the program ...

  14.   babel said

    Yes, in fact it is not that easy, although recently Microsoft itself has released tools to install through USB memory. By the way, for this case it would have been easier to install Steam and play portal like all linuxers do XD

  15.   Darko said

    Can anyone tell me how I switch from Linux to Mac? Is that I want a good distro and I got Mac.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      If you don't have AMD video and no retina display, any distro can work without major problems. If you have these two components, it may be that the road comes with stones.

  16.   facundokd said

    Install KDE.

  17.   Shanty said

    Install windows to play portal?
    But if there is a portal for linux!
    What happens to you sacrificing linux for windows.
    Ok I understand the concept of the post ... but it's still so weird.
    If you can't find portal for free for linux by googling and want to have it, I could help.

  18.   elruiz1993 said

    First of all, thanks for the mention. Second, Portal is one of those playable wonders that every living thing should try (I got it 2 years ago when they gave it away for a limited time 😛). Third, when I have had to fix Windows PCs I always used Windows USB / DVD Tool (the official one from Win) and it always worked out fine. Fourth, I think it would have been easier to create a post on how to install Linux programs on Win and save yourself from the destructive criticism of our comrades. Cheers

    1.    IvanLinux said

      I tried Windows USB / DVD Tool, but the same… D:

  19.   cookie said

    I understand the point of the post: it is only the introduction to the "linuxification" of the following articles, and it was made very clear at the end with those ellipses and the big letters in blue.

    I look forward to the other posts 🙂

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      In my case, I am playing Half-Life version of Sierra Studios, which is older than the Steam version and does not support large resolutions. Let's see if this season to be able to buy the version for GNU / Linux and enjoy it on my Debian.

      1.    cookie said

        Haha OK, I think it's excellent, but… what does that have to do with my comment? xD

  20.   Oscar said

    The post should be called "how to install pirate portal downloaded from TPB and support piracy in a free software and linux website"