My Experience with Mate in Debian Testing

I really liked Gnome 2x a lot, it had everything I needed for my daily work, which is not much either but I did need everything at hand or at least almost. When the Gnome team decided to take a turn in the development of the environment (Gnome 3 and its shell) I felt a bit confused about what would become of my favorite environment; however, I decided to give this 'modern' environment a chance, resulting in my total and resounding disapproval. Again I say, I was confused about the future of my environment.

Mate appears, which is a fork of Gnome 2 that supposedly came to save the situation. I installed it in its version 1.2 in Debian Testing and although I liked the result (mainly it evaluated the stability), it was still "green". Then version 1.4 appeared and I updated, yes, with great fear of instabilities.


The result of Mate 1.4 in Debian Testing from my point of view is that, the environment is very robust, almost the same as the same Gnome 2 and that is important; the integration of themes that quite made my head ache in version 1.2, seems to be resolved, with which practically at the appearance level I had back my life Debian; Another factor that it could have was consumption, the environment is not heavy which even transforms it into a option in machines of not so much power.

Mate 1.4

I do not intend to create a debate about the usefulness of Mate, what I want to make clear is that the project can give good support to what we called Gnome 2 for some time, at least so that the "older" environment of Gnome can straighten its way, and at least in Debian Testing it behaves really well as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The best thing would be to do a totally clean install with Debian and Mate from scratch, to guarantee even more performance.


I can only say that you can be encouraged to install it by following is link.

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  1.   Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

    Mate is one of my desktops, of course Kde first and then Mate, followed by Lxde and XFCE.

    Mate is a good option for those of us who have the core 2 duo with 1 or 2 GB.

    1.    saito said

      Not necessarily, I think we can use it in more powerful machines, my friend was using it with 64-bit ubuntu on a Tosiba with 4Gb of RAM and 4-core AMD processor, only that the idiot does not like to investigate certain things, and yesterday we installed Fedora + KDE hahahahaha

  2.   frame said

    the other alternative is to use apt-pinning to get gnome 2.3 from squeeze and the rest of the system on wheezy.
    Of course, when squeeze becomes oldstable, it will stop having security updates, so at that moment the mate project will be the most reliable option.

    1.    satanAG said

      That's what I thought. Now it seems to me that the best is Mate in updated environments, because Gnome 2x still exists but in somewhat outdated distro.

  3.   Israelem said

    I use LMDE with MATE and the truth is that it is an environment that I am really liking. I first tried MATE on Ubuntu 12.04 and then I decided to jump into a rolling relase with LMDE, sticking with this environment.

    So yes, it is a very good alternative. Although if you want Gnome 2.x SolusOS is being a great candidate, since it uses Gnome 2.3 if I'm not mistaken.

    As you say, I hope that Gnome straightens the way, because many are going to MATE, Cinnamon or even Unity and Gnome Shell does not quite like it.

    A greeting.

    1.    satanAG said

      Although LMDE parted ways with what I liked, a cousin still claims that it is very good, and I believe him. Mate behaves so far quite well, in Ubuntu I could not tell you but in Debian Testing, excellent.

    2.    diazepan said

      Actually Solusos version 2 uses Gnome 3.4 but customized to look like Gnome 2

      1.    Israelem said

        Sorry, but on the official SolusOS page it says the following: GNOME 2.30.

        Unless they made a mistake in the ad itself, that's where my mistake came from 😉

  4.   hackloper775 said

    Mate is a very good desktop, but I think it needs many requirements, I have tested it on a netbook in cinnarch and suddenly the screen is pixelated as if the hardware failed and the monitor was disconnected, the same thing happened to me with gnome shell, I don't know whether it's my netbook or cinnarch 🙁

    Because it is a very good environment but I can't use it 100%

    I'm going to test it on Debian to see how it goes


    1.    saito said

      It must be cinnarch "note that this distro is in beta" because I tested version 1.2 in ArchLinux and it worked wonderfully, except for a small bug in the integration of applications in qt that is very easy to fix, and reading a little now I I'm encouraging you to try 1.4, only the maintainers in Arch put a lot of useless dependency on it hahahaha

  5.   Eduardo said

    I am running Debian testing and Mate on my desktop and notebook PC, and I am more than happy with their performance and stability.
    For a while I used Xfce but I was not convinced by how much I added some Gnome things like nautilus or gedit. With Mate I went back to first love 🙂

    1.    Oscar said

      Forgive the "Off-Topic", what repositories do you use to install IceWeasel 14.0.1, I installed Firefox because the version of IceWeasel 10.0.6 gets very slow or freezes on some web pages.

        1.    Oscar said

          Thank you friend.

          1.    frame said

            with that repo I installed aurora (iceweasel 16) in wheezy and it works jewel

  6.   Rots87 said

    I don't particularly like (aesthetically speaking) mate, I prefer cinnamon even though nobody dethrons my KDE

  7.   ieje said

    I have not tried mate 1.4, but version 1.2 gave me a lot of problems, especially with the multimedia keys.
    I think I have to thank gnome 3 for making me know about openbox.

  8.   Leper_Ivan said

    Although now I'm using OpenBox, for a matter of I don't know what, I really like Mate. It's a great environment and if they continue in development, and in this way, it will be a great environment.

  9.   Lithos523 said

    I've been with mate for a few weeks and I'm delighted.
    Except for the integration of mate with dropbox (it keeps opening with Nautilus instead of Caja and I don't know why) everything is great and quite smooth, despite my old computer.

  10.   consume said

    Well ... we will have to evaluate both the stability, resource consumption and flexibility to «customize. All that counts.

  11.   jamin-samuel said

    Waooo good .. Now if the User Agent \ O /

  12.   msx said

    I ask: why would someone use Mate instead of Xfce if both consume almost equal resources? Even Cinnamon, with how green it is, is excellent, super usable and very comfortable and above all based on the GNOME 3 framework, so it is a modern environment with a great future 😛

    1.    elav said

      There are things you would not understand. For example, in my country the proxy to be able to navigate. Xfce no Global Proxy for applications that use it, such as Chromium, Polly... etc, and Gnome / MATE if you have it .. It is just an example, but the thing goes there more or less. Xfce Unfortunately, it still lacks some options that for some, are essential.

    2.    Lithos523 said

      Well, for example, because Ati cards still don't go well with Cinnamon, because I like Nautilus….

      1.    Lithos523 said

        Hey! Because I don't appear as Debian but as GNU / Linux x64
        That's the work of some envious ubunter (just kidding)

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          You must configure the UserAgent in your browser to indicate that you are Linux, but specifically you use Debian 😉

    3.    satanAG said

      Precisely, they consume almost the same, at least starting. With Mate I have a little more tools for the same "price." Regards.

  13.   Manuel R said

    The only thing I don't like about Mate is the generation of video previews, since it reminds me of Windows, that is, if I have a series with the same intro, in almost all the videos you see the same view previous and in Gnome this does not happen to me.

    I know it's nothing serious, but I don't like that detail ^^, otherwise everything is fine. I don't know if the detail will be in ffmpegthumbaniler-box since gnome's ffmpegthumbaniler does generate them well.

  14.   Lucas Matias said

    I liked Mate a lot but I stay with Cinnamon 😉

    1.    Israelem said

      As they say around here Cinnamon in principle has more travel than MATE and also has more features.

  15.   Qugar said

    The diversification of GNU / Linux continues, it is good to find alternatives but ... If a new user wants to enter this world because he is tired of disinfesting his PC and he tries Ubuntu with Unity and perhaps due to an alignment of the stars he does not like that GUI ( ironic mode off) decides to find another GUI. When searching the network of networks he finds: KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Mate, Cinnamon… This user reinstalls his beloved Windows OS.

    I still think that they should focus more on creating well-debugged full desktop environments and adding great features every year and not every 6 months giving rise to instabilities and more bugs. The common applications for both, (with GUI in Gtk and QT for example) are very necessary, because this kills a desktop environment when certain applications are seen as patches of it.

    Thank you.

  16.   Aaron Mendo said

    Great! How good that mate is evolving, hopefully everyone will be encouraged to try GNOME Shell again, in version 3.4 it is excellent and for version 3.6 it is seen that it will be even better.


    1.    frame said

      I also like gnome shell 3.4 😀 +1

  17.   Aaron Mendo said


  18.   Aaron Mendo said

    Excuse me, it appears that I am using chromium and I am actually using epiphany. Why?


  19.   Paul said

    I use MATE 1.4 on Linux Mint 13 MAYA and I have no problem. Hopefully MATE stays in time. I do not care how beautiful but what is configurable and of course how fast. It is known that Debian 7 will bring Xfce by default as a new desktop, but the XFCE developers will have to put the batteries in improving or modifying the desktop to make it more user-friendly and configurable for general users.

    1.    fmonroy07 said

      Mate has evolved rapidly, Xfce has been around for a long time but its development has not focused so much on usability or tool integration.