Nym Protocol: Open source and decentralized privacy system

Nym Protocol: Open source and decentralized privacy system

Nym Protocol: Open source and decentralized privacy system

Currently in the world, due to the increase in online operations and activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hacks to systems and online communications. And there is also an increase in the misuse of data by the great technology companies of the world, especially those owners of Social Media and Messaging Platforms.

To combat these ills or problems related to privacy, anonymity and cybersecurity of users, and their online operations and communications, interesting projects have been emerging especially decentralized and open source. One of them is the project of the "Nym Protocol" which is in full development phase.

Utopia: An interesting decentralized P2P ecosystem ideal for Linux

Utopia: An interesting decentralized P2P ecosystem ideal for Linux

And since, we regularly address Decentralized Technological Projects or not, they focus on the privacy, anonymity and cybersecurity of its users, we will immediately leave below some of the most recent links on some of our previous related posts. So that those interested in exploring them after finishing this publication can easily do so:

"Utopia is basically an all-in-one kit for using secure instant messaging, encrypted email communication, anonymous payments, and private web browsing, according to its creators. What is also ideal to use on GNU / Linux Operating Systems, since it allows you to monetize its use with simply a good amount of RAM memory (4 GB) available and a fixed public IP address. Therefore, it constitutes a product to promote freedom, anonymity and the absence of censorship, which has been designed for secure communication, anonymous payments and a truly free and borderless internet use." Utopia: An interesting decentralized P2P ecosystem ideal for Linux

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Utopia: An interesting decentralized P2P ecosystem ideal for Linux

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Nym Protocol: Global Privacy Infrastructure Project

Nym Protocol: Global Privacy Infrastructure Project

What is Nym?

According to Official website of said decentralized and open source project which is in full development, it is described generally as follows:

"Since, the existing Internet protocols filter sensitive data that can be used without the knowledge of the users. Nym is developing the infrastructure to prevent this data leakage by protecting the metadata of each packet at the network and application layers. Nym provides strong network-wide privacy against sophisticated end-to-end attackers, and anonymous transactions using decentralized, re-randomized, blind credentials. Nym's mission is to set the default privacy for online communications."

While, from a more technical way the following is added to it:

"Nym is a permissionless, decentralized, open source privacy system. It provides complete privacy, allowing other applications, services or blockchains to provide their users with strong metadata protection, both at the network level (mixnet) and at the application level (anonymous credentials) without the need to build privacy from scratch."


El "Nym Protocol" it basically consists of 3 key elements to ensure your essential goals. And these are:

A Mixed Network (Mixnet)

Which seeks to offer strong guarantees against leakage and collection of metadata at the network layer. Since, it is a general purpose privacy overlay network that is agnostic and can interact with almost any other digital application or service, allowing individuals, as well as digital service providers, to be able to guarantee their privacy or that of its users.

Private credentials

They seek to allow people to demonstrate their right to access and do things online while maintaining privacy. These credentials encrypt and embed the data required for a given service, including zero-knowledge proof of private data. These credentials are validated in a decentralized and public way, without revealing any link between the user and the service they want to access.


Who seek to achieve a sustainable system and service. These incentives are focused on achieving decentralization of the platform and maintaining the quality of the network service. Inspired by the incentives of the Bitcoin network, this platform's novel proof-of-work system rewards nodes for mixing traffic rather than solving arbitrary Merkle puzzles. Nym node operators are rewarded for the mix test, ensuring privacy for everyone.

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Since, the Project of the "Nym Protocol" is in full development there is much to know, establish, consolidate, so that we can see a very useful decentralized and open source platform that favors us as users in terms of privacy, anonymity and cybersecurity.

However, to delve into their objectives, goals and technology the following links can be explored:

Summary: Various publications

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In summary, the Project of the "Nym Protocol" it is a nascent and interesting Decentralized open source project that offers a platform that seeks to improve privacy, anonymity and cybersecurity of its users, and of all those platforms or services to join it.

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