Respin MilagrOS: New version 3.0 – MX-NG-22.01 available

Respin MilagrOS: New version 3.0 - MX-NG-22.01 available

Respin MilagrOS: New version 3.0 – MX-NG-22.01 available

Surely some of those who read our posts regularly have seen that in some of our  publications (tutorials, guides and reviews) related to testing and showing certain apps or games, we refer to the use of District MX-21 which is based on Debian-11. But we usually mention it as the «Respin Miracles». A name that by the way, at first surely usually causes a lot of humor and laughter in some.

For this reason, today we will delve a little more about this «Respin Miracles». Which recently, has available a remake called after its creator, as 3.0 MX-NG-22.01.

MX Snapshot: How to create a personal and installable MX Linux Respin?

MX Snapshot: How to create a personal and installable MX Linux Respin?

And as usual, before entering fully into today's topic on this interesting Personal respin (unofficial MX Linux Community) based on MX-21 (Debian-11) called Miracles, we will leave for those interested in previous related publications the MX Linux Respines and with said «Respin Miracles», the following links to these. In such a way that they can easily explore them, if necessary, after finishing reading this publication:

"Understand Respin, a bootable (live) and installable ISO image that can be used as a restore point, storage medium and / or re-distributable GNU / Linux Distribution, among other uses. And that is built from an ISO or installation of an existing GNU / Linux Distro. In the case of MX Linux, there is MX Snapshot, which is an ideal tool for this purpose, and which is a modern and efficient substitute for other old tools, such as «Remastersys y Systemback», but that only works on MX Linux." MX Snapshot: How to create a personal and installable MX Linux Respin?

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Respin MilagrOS: Version 3.0 - MX-NG-22.01

Respin MilagrOS: Version 3.0 – MX-NG-22.01

What is the Respin MilagrOS?

For those, who have never had the opportunity to read about said «Respin Miracles», it is worth noting that its creator in his Official website currently describes it as follows:

"MilagrOS GNU/Linux is an unofficial edition (Respin) of the Distro MX-Linux. Which comes with extreme customization and optimization, which makes it ideal for 64-bit, modern and mid/high-end computers. And it is also ideal for users with no or limited Internet potential, and little or moderate knowledge of GNU/Linux. Once obtained (downloaded) and installed, it can be used effectively and efficiently without the need for the Internet, since everything necessary and more is pre-installed". Miracle Developer

Top 10 – What's new in the new version 3.0

In this remake 3.0 MX-NG-22.01 of said «Respin Miracles» the following features and novelties are included, plus the similarities and differences with respect to its last stable version 2.4 – Utopia (3DE4):

Check these top 1

MilagrOS 3.0 MX-NG-22.01 is built on MX-Linux 21 (Debian 11), while MilagrOS 2.4 – Utopia (3DE4) is built on top of MX-Linux 19 (Debian-10). Which allows you to use better and more current Kernels and Applications, than the previous version.

Check these top 2

The new stable version brings already installed, configured, optimized and customized the XFCE Desktop Environment and FluxBox Window Manager. Whereas, the previous stable version that is still available includes XFCE, Plasma and LXQT Desktop Environments, plus IceWM, FluxBox, OpenBox and I3WM Window Managers.

Check these top 3

Now it comes in one ISO whose size is approximately 3,00 GB, while the previous one had an ISO size of approximately 3,80 GB.

Check these top 4

Now 3.0 MX-NG-22.01 brings a lot fewer unnecessary apps and the like, compared to 2.4 – Utopia (3DE4). Since, the previous version 2.4, among many apps, included Minergate graphical mining software, XMRig Terminal mining software, Atomic Wallet, and Binance Desktop, Cryptowatch Desktop and Utopia (GUI/CLI) applications to do Mining. by console using RAM to get Crypton (CRP). And the new version does not bring any DeFi or Blockchain app.

Check these top 5

This new version consumes much more RAM when starting, compared to the previous one. Since, being based on Debian-11, it acquires that characteristic. However, being much simpler in composition, it boots up and shuts down quicker, and runs applications faster.

Check these top 6

Both come loaded with a excellent set of drivers for devices and peripherals, which allow them to recognize and enable a wide range of these (LAN/WiFi Network Cards, Printers, Scanners, IDE/SATA Disks, Drives/Ports/USB/Bluetooth Devices, among others). So that as many of these as possible can work in live mode (live) or when newly installed. And furthermore, both use MX-Linux's AHS (Advanced Hardware Support) repositories to achieve a great level of compatibility and support with advanced and modern Hardware.

Check these top 7

Both come loaded with a remarkable set of applications and games, basic and essential, which allow it to be operated without the need to have an Internet connection for daily office and technical activities.

Check these top 8

All existing versions of Miracles, have had as main goal, demonstrating the potential of creating our own Customized, optimized and suitable respins for our needs. In order to be able to save us many hours/labor in installation and adaptation activities, both in our own computers and those of third parties, for non-commercial or commercial purposes.

Check these top 9

All existing versions of Miracles, have had as secondary target, being a useful means for facilitate a quick and successful migration of those users who have been Windows users for a long time and have little or no knowledge of GNU/Linux. And being used as a technical GNU/Linux Distro, that is, for use in maintenance and repair of other Operating Systems and computers. For example, save data, repair Grub, repair damaged sectors on hard drives, make changes to configuration files of operating systems already installed, among many other things.

Check these top 10

Another great advantage of using the Respin MilagrOS, or to generate one from scratch with MX Linux, using our own technical knowledge and adjusting to our own needs or visions of the ideal Distro, is to be able standardize the largest number of equipment, own or third parties, with a single Operating System that can be quickly operated and repaired.

Screenshots: Graphic interface and applications

with XFCE

MilagrOS 3.0 with XFCE: screenshot 1

MilagrOS 3.0 with XFCE: screenshot 2

MilagrOS 3.0 with XFCE: screenshot 3

MilagrOS 3.0 with XFCE: screenshot 4

With FluxBox

FluxBox: screenshot 1

FluxBox: screenshot 2

FluxBox: screenshot 3

FluxBox: screenshot 4

More related information

Download links

Users and Passwords

  • Main User: Sysadmin MilagrOS (sysadmin)
  • Main User Password: projectotictac
  • Administator: Root (root)
  • Main User Password: projectotictac

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In summary, the «Respin Miracles» is an interesting initiative to know, test and replicate by others, using MX Linux as base. And since, this respin only comes in 64 bit version, it would be great if others could make some for 32 bit computers, and thus continue to extend the life of certain equipment that could still offer good use to many, who could no longer opt for better and more current Hardware.

We hope that this publication is very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre, Código Abierto y GNU/Linux». And don't forget to comment on it below, and share it with others on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux.

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