Essential and important applications for GNU / Linux 2018/2019

GNU / Linux 2018 Applications

Essential and important applications for GNU / Linux 2018/2019

GNU / Linux may not be the most used Operating System by common users in Homes or Offices, but for many of us it makes life easier and safer, day by day, while we enjoy it. And today the Catalog of Applications for GNU / Linux Operating Systems is immense and impressive, both in quantity and quality.

And these applications may or may not be installable or usable on a wide variety of GNU / Linux Distros, so trying to create a list of applications under the category of "essential and important" can become a long and arduous task, many times impregnated with a lot of subjectivity, because each user or group of users may tend to have their own opinion about which application is better or works better in their Distro or graphical environment, which is totally logical and legal.

Collage of Apps for GNU / Linux

Table of Contents


In previous posts such as: Turn your GNU / Linux into a Distro suitable for Software Development, Convert your GNU / Linux into an Operating System suitable for Digital Mining, Turn your GNU / Linux into a quality Distro Gamerand Turn your GNU / Linux into a quality Multimedia Distro, we have reviewed a good number of modern applications in different areas of use and work.

So this publication will be a complementary publication in addition to being very generic and neutral, since beyond selecting those chosen for being the best in their category, according to their official website or their official user community, they are chosen because they are the more comfortable, practical and functional to handle in your area, since after all productivity is important and it is useless to have the best software if we do not know how to take advantage of it.

The following list of applications that work on GNU / Linux Operating Systems is not intended to discredit or detract from the rest of existing applications, but to emphasize the most useful ones, so at the end of the publication we invite you to freely leave your comments and opinions, adding those that you consider were missing or surplus and why.

Applications for GNU / Linux

List of Applications

Development and Programming

Simple editors

Advanced editors

Mixed Editors (Terminal / Graphics)

  1. Emacs
  2. Vim

Integrated Programming Environment (IDE)

  1. DeveStudio Council
  2. Aptana
  3. Arduino IDE
  4. Code :: Blocks
  5. Codelite
  6. Eclipse
  7. Prawns
  8. GNAT Programming Studio
  9. JetBrains Suite
  10. KDevelop
  11. Lazarus
  12. NetBeans
  13. Ninja IDE
  14. Python Idle
  15. Postman
  16. QT Creator
  17. Simply Fortran
  18. Visual Studio Code
  19. Wing Python IDE

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  1. .NET Core SDK
  2. Android SDK
  3. Java JDK

Version Control Systems

  1. Bazaar
  2. CVS
  3. Go / Git clients
  4. LibreSource
  5. Mercurial
  6. monotone
  7. Subversion


MS Windows Game and Application Emulators

  1. Crossver
  2. Playonlinux
  3. Q4wine
  4. Wine
  5. Winetricks

Game Console Emulators

  1. Advanced MAME
  2. Atari 800
  3. Desmume
  4. Dolphin
  5. DosBox
  6. TwoEmu
  7. ePSXe
  8. Fceux
  9. Fs-uae
  10. GNOME Video Arcade
  11. Hatari
  12. Higan
  13. Kega Fusion
  14. Mame
  15. Mednafen
  16. Nemu
  17. Nestopia
  18. Pcsxr
  19. Pcsxr-df
  20. Playonlinux
  21. Project 64
  22. PPSSPP
  23. RPCS3
  24. Stella
  25. VisualBoy Advance
  26. Virtual Jaguar
  27. Wine HQ
  28. Yabuase
  29. ZSnes

Game Managers


  1. 0. AD
  2. Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars
  3. Assaultcube
  4. Battle for Wesnoth
  5. FlightGear Flight Simulator
  6. Freeciv
  7. Hedgewars
  8. MegaGlest
  9. Twink
  10. OpenTTD
  11. Red eclipse
  12. Supertux
  13. SuperTuxKart
  14. Tales of Maj'Eyal
  15. The Dark Mod
  16. Voxelands
  17. Warsaw
  18. Xonotic


System Sound Management

  1. Alsa Tools GUI
  2. Alsa Mixer GUI
  3. Jack
  4. Pavucontrol
  5. Press Audio
  6. Press Audio Manager

2D / 3D animation

  1. Art of illusion
  2. Blender
  3. K-3D
  4. Misfit Model 3D
  5. Pencil2D
  6. Synfig studio
  7. Wings 3D

Multimedia Centers

Creation of Video with Images and Sounds

Digitization of Images / Documents

CAD design

Image edition

Sound Editing

Video edition

Camcorder Management

CD / DVD Image Management


Multimedia Playback

  1. Tuna
  2. Amarok
  3. Audacious
  4. Banshee
  5. C
  6. Dragon Player
  7. Deepin Music
  8. Exaile
  9. Google Play Music
  10. Harmony
  11. Helix Player
  12. Juk
  13. Coffee
  14. Lollypop
  15. Mellow Player
  16. Miro
  17. Mplayer
  18. MPV
  19. Museek
  20. Ncmpcpp
  21. Nightingale
  22. Nuvola Player
  23. passwords
  24. Qmmp
  25. Rhythmbox
  26. Sayonara Player
  27. SMPlayer
  28. Sound juicer
  29. Tomahawk
  30. Totem
  31. UMPlayer
  32. VLC

Image Retailers

Image Viewers

Video Subtitling

Office (Home and Office)

File Managers

Download Managers



Desktop Video Capturers

Email Clients

Personal Communication by Chat

Personal Communication by Videoconference

Internet browsers

  1. Brave
  2. Chrome
  3. Chromium
  4. Dillo
  5. Epiphany
  6. Falcon Browser
  7. Firefox
  8. Iron Browser
  9. Konqueror
  10. Maxton
  11. Midori
  12. NetSurf
  13. Opera
  14. Palemoon
  15. SeaMonkey
  16. Tor Browser
  17. Yandex Browser
  18. Vivaldi

Document Managers (Office Suite)

  1. Apache OpenOffice
  2. Calligra
  3. FreeOffice
  4. LibreOffice
  5. only Office
  6. OxigenOffice
  7. Softmaker
  8. WPS

Personal Finance Managers

PDF Document Viewers






Web Protection

Application Packaging Technology

  1. Appimages
  2. Flatpak
  3. Winepak
  4. Snap

App Stores

  1. AppCenter
  2. Appimages
  3. Flathub
  4. GetDeb
  5. Openstore
  6. Snapcraft

Terminal / Console Utilities


File Managers

  1. Midnight commander
  2. Nnn
  3. Cleaning
  4. Vifm

Download / Transfer Managers


Email Clients

  1. Vmail

File Editors

Multimedia Players

Image Viewers

Internet browsers

  1. Links
  2. Lynx
  3. W3m

Email Managers



This small example list is just one of the many reasons why GNU / Linux makes its way into all areas of personal or professional use by people. Other reasons may be the development model used to create and sustain itself, which is more ethical, being open and free, that the final product created does not tend to violate our privacy and security, and is practically accessible and useful for anyone who want it.

The final product does not oblige us, force or flood us with advertising or to be used in this or that way, or to be updated in x period of time. And best of all, its great community, which although not perfect is always full of members ready to support and collaborate with others in any development, failure or problem.

In summary, today, GNU / Linux is an Operating System that has good graphical or terminal applications for everything, most of which are easy to install, configure and use.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   jolt2bolt said

    Of the download managers for terminals you forgot the most used and important, "wget"

  2.   Linux Post Install said

    Thanks I already added it!

  3.   Roberto Ronconi said
  4.   oscar2712 said

    They know of a video player other than Kodi in which it has a playlist like Potplayer in windows in which the last video file seen in the playlist is marked / highlighted (these lists work like the Multimedia Libraries of vlc) . With kodi it marks them but for some reason the mouse does not work in the stable version and after closing it (with keyboard) the window manager of all the apps disappears, with the beta version the mouse works but the problem of the windows continues

  5.   roof said

    One of the best players I have found for linux is Clementine ...
    and Transmission for torrent downloading.

  6.   roof said

    By the way ...
    excellent list…. Thanks a lot.

  7.   Alain said

    In the application store, you forgot Elementary AppCenter that already has more than 100 native applications and recently just released a web version.

  8.   Linux Post Install said

    A pleasure that you like it and it is useful.

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    Alain already added Elementary's AppCenter to the List. Thanks for your input!

  10.   Luisa Sung said

    Nice list, just one important detail:
    PC! = Windows

  11.   Javi Happy said

    Impressive list, sharing, we see that in the end for those who are not "married" to some exclusive program for Windows, such as Photoshop or AutoCAD, to name a couple of them, we find many things.

    Greetings and thanks for your work 🙂

  12.   Linux Post Install said

    Thanks Javi, for your recognition of the work of the Blog and the Authors of Publications.

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    Thank you very much for your time and contribution.

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