What DesdeLinux has never wanted to be, and never will be

Greetings to all readers of FromLinux:

I write this post with great regret, because its content is focused on offering a message that is neither technical nor has to do directly with GNU / Linux.

A friend told me recently that the turn our blog and our Community are taking is the price of fame. For those who were not with us from the beginning, I tell you that FromLinux It always had something very clear from the beginning: We would not be a site where any comment was censored and it would be a space where its users would live in harmony.

In short: It would not be the typical blog that is filled with Trolls with comments that contribute nothing good.

In recent times, some comments have been unleashed where not only its content is unnecessary, but where it is offended and attacks other users.

I make a call for attention here, because if this type of behavior continues to manifest itself, we will have no other option but to start moderating these users in order to keep the Trolls blog clean and useless content.

We prefer a blog with 3 comments that "add something" to a blog with millions of worthless comments.

You can give your opinion, say what you think, but under no circumstances do you have the right to use words that offend others. It is necessary to maintain respect among all, and if a bad attitude on the part of a user makes another stop being part of our community, or that the image of FromLinux is affected in any way, action will be taken.

The Administrators of this blog due to personal or other problems sometimes we do not participate or write as much as we want, but we do not stop being aware of everything that happens.

It's necessary that FromLinux keep being that "cool" blog where harmony and constructive exchange of opinions reign. If you see any comment out of place, which we have not noticed, do not follow the thread, notify it through any of the contact channels and we will see what actions to take.

I hope you understand, help us with this and please reflect on it.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   Miguel said

    Very well! I hope you do well with moderation.

  2.   Iyan said

    So perfect! There is nothing more to add, completely agree with you.

  3.   sexiest said

    Perfect! Unfortunately, that is how it has to be if they want people who do not contribute for fear of being trolled to give their opinion or express their doubts.

  4.   Marco said

    I totally agree with you Elav. If there is something that I have always appreciated about this space, it is that it has remained free of trolls and other people, who, far from contributing, destroy. And with this I do not mean to point out someone, because I have not collaborated in anything so far. But the freedom that is enjoyed here is the one that has been lost elsewhere. Sacrificing that identity is not worth it just to maintain the level of visits. As you say, better few, but smart. I'm with you. Live From Linux!

  5.   Rodrigo bravo said

    I think it's very good that they do this because I have already seen several comments with offenses and others. We don't want this excellent site to become facebook 🙂

  6.   Diego. said

    I love that the site is not a place where degrading images of women are needed to attract more audiences. (Likewise, women belong to GNU / Linux and they deserve all the respect in the world and feel accepted). Not like in other places where this type of action has been incited.

  7.   diazepam said

    And now how am I going to have fun?

  8.   Mauricio Baeza said

    As I read in a book… «You have to promote two types of rebellion; against order and against disorder »...


  9.   ArthurShelby said

    In short they don't want to become "Very Linux"….


    1.    elav said

      That is just another thing that we do not want to tolerate. If you want to speak ill of another person or place, please go to that place and speak there. I don't remember seeing any MuyLinux user speak ill of DesdeLinux .. let's respect and do the same ..


    2.    elav said

      And NOTE: I am not referring to your comment, but to many users who call MuyLinux, MuyUbuntu or things like that.

      1.    Azazel said

        I have seen other sites on Linux that speak ill of <· FromLinux and criticize it for being an opinion site rather than information and especially criticize you elav according to your post and do not remove it from antiUbuntu.

        1.    elav said

          Well, I have not read anything about it, and everyone has their opinion. If they somehow decide to disrespect me, I will not measure up to them.

      2.    Azazel said

        I don't remember the pages but I do remember seeing them when I was looking at DuckDuckGO search results from linux.

        1.    Pavloco said

          It was in Ranking Linux. I saw it too when I voted for from linux.

      3.    Clarify, pisha said

        A wise decision, it is good not to criticize a site in another when in addition to that other site you can enter to criticize it.

        But one thing must be clear.

        Why is MuyUbuntu called MuyLinux there are several very obvious reasons, but the first is this:

        Click here: http://www.muyubuntu.com and you will see which page you are redirected to.

        Could it be that, among other things, that page is called something else because it deserves it, because it has been sought or because it intentionally wants to be?

        Without sterile polemics, but the little things clear.

  10.   quebec said

    If the comments with insults and trolls are not eliminated, the party will continue, it cannot be that, for example, in the post of pandev92 "things to change", pandev92 cocolio and 2 others filled the post with trolls and the only thing I read in part yours elav was "It seems to me that they can leave the subject" and send them to fight by other means but as children they continued and there was no father or mother to ban them and that is where they fail.
    It is good that they leave comments that are in the gray line of troll / funny because of the "censorship" issue but because they did not eliminate (going back to the same example) the comments of the pandev92 post that were clearly offensive and with the desire to distort.
    The heavy hand is not bad if they do not just go out of hand with the cleaning of comments. Clean or almost clean blogs of trolls are not born, they are made with years of or inviting them to stop being troll or directly kick them

    1.    elav said

      That is another issue. Discussions between users as if this were a chat. Let's try to avoid them please.

      1.    mono said

        I think the discussion in comments is good, healthy, productive and even entertaining. As long as this is about the subject exposed in the post. Another thing are the typical Flame wars Gnome vs. Kde or distro A vs. distro B.
        Congratulations on the site and I think that the troll problem will have a prompt solution since it shows that the community is quite good.

    2.    unodetantoos said

      There is one thing that has always bothered me about Hispanic blogs / sites / forums / etc, that especially includes Spaniards who speak a lot but give censorship a pleasure.

      Let me explain, among my hobbies there is also the Friend (that legendary and piece of machine 🙂) so I also post in several communities of users of that old computer. In these communities the moderator / admin or whoever is in charge acts as such, that is, their mission is to monitor the forum / blog or whatever and not act as a censor. They never delete a comment and therefore those who hang from it. What they do is edit it, remove the offended part and put in bold so that the reason for moderation is visible, that is, they moderate they do not censor. This has several advantages, the first is that over time the troll will stop taking for granted because everyone will see why they moderate him and it is a matter of time that people no longer answer him and the second is that as it becomes evident late or early he will leave by himself because if his post is censored / deleted he will continue to ignore posting over and over again because as long as people see the blog there is always time for them to read him and he will say more and more atrocities.

      It may seem like an absurd method but I can assure you that in user communities that number in the thousands, those who are registered and with much larger trolls than one can imagine disappear after a while.

      Anyway, I hope I have not extended myself too much or bothered anyone but it is a personal opinion, better to edit than delete.

      1.    Windousian said

        Deleting part of a comment and adding a phrase like "Moderate for profanity" is still censorship. Another thing is that it is a more effective censorship and there I am with you. It is better to edit than delete, but it takes more work and there are moderators who do not have the patience and / or time required.

        The "includes above all the Spanish" is a rather misguided prejudice indeed.

  11.   Yoyo said

    And can we comment from other operating systems other than Linux? : - /

    It is that how our OS appears in the comment, it is good to know if that premise is also going to apply.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Ahaha you can always change the user agent and that's it XD, gentoo with kde and firefox ahah

      1.    vicky said

        I'm going to change my user agent to Linux from scratch and dwb as browser. And mention that I use Twm and that desktops are for inferior beings. No one will ever doubt my linux race. Oh Yeahh !! (⌐ ■ _ ■)

        P.S. is there an icon for User agent for elementaryOs?

        1.    sieg84 said

          I think it already has support ...

    2.    Giskard said

      I don't see why not. What I do see wrong is coming to rant against Linux in a post ABOUT Linux. But if you come to talk about the subject in question and you are from the OS that you like the most, what is the problem. As long as respect for the other's opinion is maintained and yours is respected, of course.

      PS (Off Topic): In another post I saw that some trolls (but the good ones) changed the User Agent to indicate that they used Windows 3.1 or "Mario Bross OS" That was great.

      1.    likewho said

        It was in Avira's and the "Mario Bros. OS" is the Nintendo DS / DSi / 3DS hahaha

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          I don't think you will believe that I am actually using Chromium Nightly on Windows Vista.

    3.    pandev92 said

      Now it should say gentoo XD ..

    4.    elav said

      xDD Well no, what's more, the one that uses OS X ... to / dev / null

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        If OSX users are considered why OSX is based on BSD. Rather, those using Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (Oh, Wait!) Should go to / dev / null.

  12.   Giskard said

    My freedom ends where yours begins, a high school teacher explained to me. Or what is the same: your freedom ends where mine begins. This is the basis of respect when thinking of the other in any context.
    Completely in accordance with elav.

  13.   curefox said

    I think it's very good, people become fans of something like an OS when it is only a tool that helps us to be productive and entertain ourselves.
    And the saddest thing is that they become savages if it is said that this is better than the other.

  14.   Manuel R. said

    I have been following the blog for some time and it seems to me a good measure so that it continues to have the quality that characterizes it, I also know that if you were to delete a comment, it would be because it is only full of garbage. Greetings and keep up the good work.

  15.   vicky said

    Actually, outside of controversial articles I don't see a lot of trolls around here (compared to other sites) I guess that's due to the blog owners' restraint skills. Thank you very much 🙂

  16.   dwarf said

    Hmm to see bald, you and I are not different almost in anything, it has always been known that I have an extremely heavy attitude and that my patience with foolish people (and troll) is almost nil. In fact, I am aware that many people believe that I am like Courage (who in fact, most of the time I had to defend and in private, fuck for an asshole) ...

    The point is that people sometimes confuse harshness in a comment with a lack of respect and no, it's not like that, the fact that I, or anyone, criticize something you said and do it harshly does not have to be a lack of respect, indeed, if you are offended because someone differs emphatically from what you think, fine! You can only apply a "poor baby, go cry" to that because I cannot and will not change my way of commenting that no matter how hard it is, as I am often harsh, I also understand when I am criticized and I respond in the same way, It is rare and difficult (you know it well) that I get to the point of insulting; for that you need to give me a lot of rope, a lot of rope (something that not even Courage achieved in the months we discussed).

    Therefore, I am not saying that there are no people who get off the hook with what they say, but you must also understand something (and everyone) and that is that many people too, everything feels bad and they are very sensitive ...

    So, anyway, the questions sometimes go, sometimes they come, there are trolls comments and I am not going to mention who, because I have them well registered, so much so that I do not answer them anymore because it is usual to see them in the same all the time .


    1.    elav said

      You can comment as hard as you want (according to your perspective) and even give your most sincere opinion, as long as you respect the rest of the users or even the author of the post in which you comment.

      You can criticize, but it is not the same to say:

      … I think the author is wrong, because 2 + 2 or 2 * 2 will always give 4…

      To say:

      What 2 + 2 is equal to 8? The author does not know what he says ... what a shitty article.

      Is the message understood?

      1.    dwarf said

        Well, normally I say 2 + 2! = 8 for this, I am and that ... and then; go study, donkey. Or maybe not so but that's the idea.

        1.    elav said

          Well, everything is fine up to the part:

          and later; go study, donkey.

          Because before judging people, it would be good to know what are the reasons why they do not "supposedly" have the ability to know what you know.

          1.    St0rmt4il said


      2.    houndix said

        I think that one of the main problems of the 'trolls', and the best way to distinguish what are simple opinions from what are offenses, is right there.

        I often get the feeling that instead of criticizing other people's opinions and arguments, people are being criticized. There are people who instead of giving an opinion are dedicated to prejudging and releasing personal or secondary things that have nothing to do with the subject matter or opinions. It is not the same to say that "such a thing seems to me such a thing because such and such" as to say "such a thing you say because you are such a thing or you think such and such".

        This is something very common on Facebook and other asocial networks. But it doesn't have to be on blogs, forums and other moderately serious websites as well.

        Although I am not very in favor of "hitting the deck" in moderation, I understand that in many cases it is necessary to have control and avoid certain problems. So, good luck with it, and I hope this site continues to be what it has always wanted to be and does not need to use moderation 🙂

  17.   cat said

    I find that one of the keys to avoid trolls is not putting ratings in the comments (as in this site), when you post them it is filled with trolls putting negatives and other trolls who post anything to generate discussion and have positive votes.

    1.    vicky said

      Reminds me of Youtube

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Rather, to fayerWayer.

        1.    vicky said

          I did not know him, I went to read his comment section. Now I regret it XD

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            The last time I posted a comment on FayerWayer, it didn't appear to me. In addition, the only person who knew how to write in a respectable way, in addition to being the only woman who writes on that site, is Constanza Sturm, who has writing quality, in addition to being quite neutral compared to the other writers who her publications They leave a lot to be desired.

      2.    faucundokd said

        That happens in Taringa.

  18.   eliotime3000 said

    I understand the situation, but until now, this blog has always had such a comfortable environment that it allows its registered users the possibility of publishing a viata point about something, or announcing a news item from the Linux world.

    I admit that many times I comment from my Android, or from Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, but in my spare time in which I can work quietly with my Debian Stable, I start to test applications that really help me to work with my tasks newspapers, such as Iceweasel, Inksape, GIMP, Krita, Mixx and others.

    Compared to sites like FayerWayer, alt1040, this site attracted me because of the capacity that users have in which it can be debated calmly, in addition to that I have suggested since I entered this site, that they use Drupal instead of WordPress since the system The loading of this CMS is weak when it receives a horde of visits, plus the loading time is fast compared to WordPress.

  19.   Wire said

    I hope you have luck with moderation, there are times when it is impossible to follow the thread of comments that are distorted by trolling.

  20.   Leo said

    Excellent!!! Since Linux is a great place and it's not good for some to stain them. Surely it takes courage and time for this work so I congratulate you!
    He encouraged and do not fear that this decision will be counterproductive to the blog, but surely it will be beneficial.

  21.   Zironid said

    I think it's a good idea, and more than one (including myself) have caused controversy for posting on the blog ...

    1.    Zironid said

      Although, as it is said in the entry, the problem (generally) is how the opinion is given and not the opinion itself.

  22.   kondur05 said

    "The Administrators of this blog due to personal or other problems sometimes we do not participate or write as much as we want, but we do not stop being aware of everything that happens" this reminds me of this comment:


    «You will know the details later. The information will probably come out at 0:00 on Friday or Saturday. Understand if we take time to publish it, the editors have a life outside of Motorpasión, and more at that time. »

  23.   Fungus said

    I hope and do not destroy the comment system of this site by applying Disquus or another closed comment manager with the excuse of stopping the "trolling". I have seen how it has been applied in muylinux (excellent site by the way) literally forcing invited and anonymous users to register (which I refuse) and I have stopped commenting there. Of course I understand perfectly what the author of the article is referring to, but simply by ignoring such commentators I believe that a large part of the comment dilemma has already been solved without falling into censorship and "bans".

    1.    kondur05 said

      True that of Disquus, this rest, why if not you give information you do not have the right of expression?

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Facebook is more dangerous than Disqus. In addition, you can put the name you want, also you can temporarily use your Facebook or your Twitter account to comment, also that I have seen a site that knows how to take advantage of the Disqus system a lot and there is one or another troll that comments, but does not arrive to rot from excessive comments.

    2.    izzyvp said

      You can comment as anonymous on disqus.

  24.   abimaelmartell said

    quite successful the post 😀

  25.   Oberost said

    I think the great increase in trolls and other fauna is due to the change that the blog has experienced in recent months.

    From a HIGH QUALITY content, mostly on very interesting technical topics for Linux, there has been a majority of OPINION articles that attract a lot of public but obviously there is a lot of troll among them.

    For me you should toughen the conditions to publish articles much more and be more demanding. If you publish trolls articles with trolls writers then logically you will have trolls readers and commenters.

    a greeting

    1.    cat said


  26.   Yoyo said

    Hard life that of a troll, poor misunderstood. Do not judge if you do not want to be judged, our Lord already said so (and I do not mean the one with the rings)

  27.   edebianite said

    there is Elav speaking. lest from linux become a taringa!

  28.   RAW-Basic said

    Great for the wake-up call .. ..the order and respect above all ..

    Along with me, surely a few who do not regret being part of this community .. 😉

    Thank you all for wanting to maintain this, which is ultimately up to all of us ..

  29.   hunabku said

    I see why Courage suddenly disappeared from the blog. hehehe

    1.    elav said

      Courage disappeared from the blog of her own accord. Nobody expelled him.

      1.    Audacious said

        Courage is banned in the forum (expelled). I don't even know who he is but he's expelled.

        1.    elav said

          Well, we will have to ask KZKG ^ Gaara why I did not expel him.

      2.    hunabku said

        yeah ... he was a funny troll. I love this blog.

      3.    ariki said

        Courage was funny even if a little depressed I hope that boy is fine!

  30.   Leper_Ivan said

    Well, it seems perfect to control the "troll" .. I'll be more attentive to the comments.

  31.   ariki said

    As a regular reader of the blog and I have followed them for a long time, I believe that this issue of trolls is the price of fame, the bigger a website the more diversity of people will enter and there will always be trolls. I also believe in the ability of people to contribute, and of these people on this blog there are very good people wanting to share their knowledge, but likewise I believe in people who only like to distort and not contribute anything on any website, it is also satisfying for them to be known for being trolls .
    Now I think that the measure of moderating the comments of the blog posts will come sooner or later because as the blog grows, new trolls will appear that have not read this post or the rules of the comments, and for that reason they will distort other issues, in addition to this people always abound on the internet. Without more a greeting, we thank you for your work, a greeting Ariki.

  32.   cooper15 said

    I think it's excellent, that respectful atmosphere that exists in desdelinux is what makes me always read them, not like in other places where nobody's opinion is respected.

  33.   marianogaudix said

    I see it well that they put a filter to the TROLLS and energumenos that do not contribute anything to the blog.
    It also makes me sick to see stupid people who do not know about GNU / LINUX, programming, or who enter into discussions of garden clowns. Fights like What is the most beautiful distribution?, Etc.

    The true user of FREE SOFTWARE should have as main objective to improve the community and help the free software grow and improve every day.

    1.    Cocolium said

      Well… but there will always be those kinds of comments, especially from those who want to switch to Linux because they saw a neighing screen in some “hackers” movie, I think that the true user, whether of free or proprietary software, helps to the others and in this area the GNU pro should be the ones that give the most help, right?

      1.    marianogaudix said

        Cocolio I say it because I saw fools. They spend their time talking bad about Ubuntu or Linux Mint, Cinnamon, LibreOffice, etc.
        They speak because the air is free, without having programming knowledge or with respect for the work that other programmers in the community do.
        I've seen angry people who wish the worst for a free software project or for it to disappear

        These people do not contribute anything to the blog.

  34.   Ghermain said

    I like to visit pages with content about GNU / Linux because I have been using it for a short time and this is the ONLY one where I see that people comment, (and quite a lot) with contributions, suggestions, comments but ... there is no lack of the "mosco en la leche" that He comes out with some "guasada."
    I would be of the opinion that when something out of tune appears and that it does not observe the minimum standards of education and respect, it is immediately deleted and the IP of whoever does it is blocked, since most of the people who do it, hide behind anonymity.

  35.   Cocolium said

    Well, I am one of the readers who like good articles about Linux and its use, although I have relegated the OS to servers, routers or VMs, I still like to use it, and well, unfortunately, articles have appeared somewhat fanatical or with someone's whims , but well hopefully they finish and rather follow the good articles related to this SO and its philosophy which is the reason why I have been reading this blog since I don't know how long ago, greetings.

  36.   Federico Antonio Valdes Toujague said

    100% Agree with what you wrote, Elav !!!

  37.   kondur05 said

    Elav, I agree with what you write, as well as nano says one cannot be more daddy than the pope, continue as it comes, the changes are good, and now more than ever from Linux it is necessary.

  38.   Carper said

    Good for the decision.

  39.   Rolo said

    I do not think it good that they moderate the comments "trolls" because censorship knows how it begins but never how it ends.

    * Obviously, xenophobic racist comments etc etc should be tempered.

    I do not know why they say that the typical blog does not moderate when it is the opposite.

    I think that what gives them the characteristic touch and why not their great audience for this blog was their wide tolerance, a shame they lose it. Salu2

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      I know of a blog in which he uses disqus and moderates comments, and he has not lost quality in his commentators or in the content he publishes (it is anmtvla.com). In addition, it depends a lot on the quality of writers that you have on a staff so that the publications are just as great, so that the commentators are respectful.

      1.    pandev92 said

        Although this is true, it is not totally the case, there are people who are waiting for certain editors to write, to go to hell, and that will always be so.
        Now I understand why in certain blogs, comments do not appear automatically XD

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Well, I prefer to comment on those blogs in which they take the trouble to directly moderate the comments that a comment appears automatically and then have a feeling of guilt.

    2.    elav said

      Well, you will tell me when a user offends or attacks you .. 😉

  40.   diegogabriel said

    I see some wanting to troll ...

  41.   x11tete11x said

    I'm going to summarize what elav said xD http://i1.minus.com/ibdSCRteR9Kg6m.jpg

    1.    cookie said

      It's funny because he's bald too ...

      … Elav don't ban me, please!

  42.   CANNON said

    Here a user called Courage used to comment who made very sharp comments, what has become of him?

    1.    pandev92 said

      Sometimes I talk to him, he's doing other things with his life XD

  43.   mario said

    Excellent comment Elav. I ask:
    how a user can contribute to the
    From Linux community ?. I am not
    programmer only user, but I would like

    1.    elav said

      You can contribute in many ways:

      - Posting on a topic that you master.
      - Commenting on a topic that you master.
      - Participating in the forum and helping others.

      in short .. there are many ways. There will always be something that you can contribute and that is useful for the rest. 😉

  44.   xoanton said

    I fully agree on everything.,

  45.   Azazel said

    Good initiative and they should delete these comments from the old posts so that those who find this blog for the first time do not get a bad taste in their mouths about the users. I love this blog and as said before it is the first thing that I visit when I turn on my computer and the last one before I turn it off.

    LONG LIVE <· FromLinux !!!

  46.   linuxmanr4 said

    This is how it has to be, zero tolerance !!!

  47.   cookie said

    Completely agree. It's okay that trolls can be funny sometimes and stuff, but there comes a point where they derail the conversation and it becomes annoying.

  48.   José Miguel said

    I have a blog that will soon be 4 years online, fortunately only some writers of other blogs have come to criticize, but they have maintained respect. As for the regulars, I'm lucky.

    In my case, the administration of comments is not necessary, but in terms of visits, nothing to do with this blog.

    I understand the measurements and they seem correct to me, but users can also stop falling into the "trap", not responding to impertinence. It is another way to collaborate.


  49.   Tina Toledo said

    Hi Elav,

    About three months ago I wrote this:

    Is there a solution to this ...? Of course there is. It's called MODERATION. However, and unfortunately, current forums and blogs in their quest for popularity, reluctance, carelessness, trust, and / or because visits to their site generate money, do not moderate all those offensive comments, out of place or that they do not contribute anything. Does moderating mean restricting freedom of expression? No sir. It is about participating and debating and contributing ideas, but within a framework of order established by a regulation. Today that does not matter in any blog - at least in the ones I know, including this one - and in another, well known, not only is it not moderated but even promotes the "flames war" to generate abundant traffic.

    So, my dear Zironid, that call for good behavior that you make is excellent, but it should not be limited only to the request to “become aware” of the users (the examples of @alto al fuego with Ubuntu and @msx are a sample that a call to become aware is not enough), it should also be extended to all those administrators or those responsible for the forums or blogs so that they do not allow or consent provocative, insulting, inappropriate comments or that do not contribute anything. " (https://blog.desdelinux.net/un-alto-al-fuego-con-ubuntu/#comment-45544)

    Three months ago I thought that and today I continue to think exactly the same. It seems to me that the problem of "trolling" is not the opinion articles but the way in which the editorial writer and those who participate with their answers present their arguments.

    Elav, I have the firm conviction that a site like this, since it is about public and published opinions, has a great responsibility that goes beyond the mere formal and content approach of the written articles. Believe me I'm honest when I tell you that I would never let my son read the article "Calculate Linux: An Amalgam between Sabayon and Gentoo (fedora 19 also came out)" simply because the content of the cat image seems totally out of place. and in bad taste. What kind of responses can you expect if you put such a picture? But also why is it allowed to publish an article with a message like the content in such an image?

    Sixteen days ago @Pedro stated «This blog, like all media, has a social responsibility to promote values ​​of tolerance, respect for diversity, solidarity and freedom. And as we see, computing can serve one or other purposes. It is up to us that it is a fair tool, that promotes freedom, diversity and helps equality for a better society. " (https://blog.desdelinux.net/script-para-eliminar-automaticamente-el-reggeaton-de-dispositivos-usb-conectados/#comment-52193)
    The guy is absolutely right in the world. Do you want to avoid "trolls"? then moderate ... but not only moderate the comments, also moderate the content of the articles.

    A big hug

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      You're right about that. What's more, you could say that we have increasingly come across people who do not know how to moderate themselves, and also with people who promote these types of attitudes.

      Applause for Tina Toledo.

      1.    Tina Toledo said

        Thanks a thousand @ eliotime3000, actually I don't even know if my comment has gone down well or has been considered as something annoying, however my idea is very simple: I totally agree with Elav; comments must be moderated ... but I think that if that policy is applied only for comments, it would not be of much use if the content of the topics is not moderated. And beware, certainly the vast majority of the topics published here are very correct ... but there are also some that, from my point of view, should be moderate. I think there should also be a code of conduct that regulates the responses of the editors.

        Anyway @ eliotime3000 ,, I expect some response from Elav, he has always been very correct and very gentlemanly so I do not think he will leave me hanging on the brush since my message is addressed to him and the truth is that I would like to know that think about my opinion ... maybe my idea is out of place.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          You're welcome, Tina. Moreover, at the moment I am investigating a little more about a couple of things that I lacked to investigate a little more in order to improve my posts (since I cannot edit the posts that have already been approved, I will start a series of blogs called "Errata", which clarifies some points about a badly written tutorials or a stupid thing that I have missed.

          At least I take the time to spend 30 minutes to write an article, correct and polish the draft and if it is ready, I send it to review.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            Excuse me if there are spelling flats, but I'm sending from my Android and touch keyboards with a real bummer to type correctly.

    2.    Charlie-Brown said

      +100, VERY agree with your approach; Now, without any intention of justifying, remember that the blog creators (Elav and KZKG ^ Gaara) find it impossible to moderate comments in real time, due to connection problems that everyone knows, so it will be necessary to find a solution together to prevent trolls from getting out of hand ...

      1.    Tina Toledo said

        Hi @ Charlie-Brown!
        Sure… neither Elav and KZKG ^ Gaara have time to moderate all the comments, but they don't have to. It seems to me that the moderation hierarchy should look like this:
        1.- Elav and KZKG ^ Gaara must moderate a topic before it is published.
        2.- Each editor should be responsible for moderating the answers on their own topic.

        Now, the danger is that an author may fall into the temptation to eliminate all those answers that he does not like, even if they do not violate any rule ... so that this does not happen, it is forbidden that the answers are eliminated and that they only be sent to the trash can. Even this is the most recommended, because in the event of a claim - which undoubtedly will be - there is a record that proves alleged misconduct. Within this logic Elav and KZKG ^ Gaara should try to form a team of very emotionally mature, intelligent and responsible people to collaborate with them in this task.

        This that I propose is not even something new, it is a system that was used many years ago when discussion forums were started on the internet. It is also important to make it very clear what the rules are in order to participate and avoid misunderstandings.

        However Charlie, I don't know what Elav and KZKG ^ Gaara think of my proposal, he's been there for two days and they haven't commented on it. Anyway ... we'll see.

        1.    pandev92 said

          For once I agree with tina LOL

          1.    Tina Toledo said

            LOL! You always say the same:
            pandev92 dixit:
            "That is no precedent ... but I agree with tina."


          2.    pandev92 said

            Once every 3 months, it doesn't hurt XDDDDDDDDDD ahahaha

        2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Tina, as always, what you say is worth it and should (will) be taken into account. Don't worry, I'll say what I told you a while ago on IRC, in FromLinux big changes are coming, huge, there we will change the editorial policy a little, also the structure of the site somewhat, and many more things 😉

          Do not think that we do not take you into account, on the contrary, but we have been working on something great for a month that will make everyone happy, we are in fact finalizing details 😀

          1.    pandev92 said

            I thought I was reading steve jobs talking about the new IPHONE AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH!

  50.   Mystra said

    I very much agree with his position, in fact I previously treated a member of this community very badly and I feel like an idiot for that, since he had nothing to do with the matter but he was very gentleman and sensible not to answer me. Before hand I apologize to Mr. Alf for my departure from mother.

    1.    elav said

      It is very good for the soul to read a comment like this. Knowing how to recognize a mistake and sincerely apologize for it is a gesture that says a lot about you. 😉

      1.    Mysta said

        After realizing my mistake I wanted to apologize but could not find the occasion to do so.
        In the GNU / Linux world you not only learn about technology, but you also learn about human relations, unfortunately when I started in this world I fell into one of the closest vices, the "Troll" and in the lack of respect for others, and this was increased when I was able to install Arch and I felt superior and with the license to offend any other user of another distro, now I realize that this is just stupid and childish.
        Well, I hope I didn't go that far into deep.

  51.   Alf said

    @Mystra is careless, not everyone does what you do, you need pants and in this forum there are several examples to see it, people who rant in a bad way and are so excited thanks to the anonymity that the network gives.


    1.    Mysta said

      @Alf I am very happy that you accept my apologies, sometimes you type without using gray matter.

  52.   marlon ruiz said

    I read your advice and comments with great interest, in general you are respectful, count on my support, it is not much but okay, no.
    I want to learn more about partitioning and grub as I like to do it all myself, this is how you learn and I like to have multiple operating systems on my hard drive. I'm a fan of knowledge and free software

  53.   Ritman said

    It's been days since this publication but I just saw it by following some links.

    It has been a while since I registered in this community, because both the content and the activity around it always caught my attention. I will have left some participation in the forum and a few comments on the blog, but I stopped participating as a result of a couple of "clashes".

    In the first of them it was still a disagreement of opinions, but I think that you can give one opinion and disagree with another without using qualifying adjectives that may offend. Anyway I let it pass.

    The second case was the one that made me not write anything here again until today. For the simple fact of being a user of a famous social network, another "commentator" began to disrespect me, and started calling me in different ways, qualifying me as a person without even knowing me at all. The fact that this troll told me that was not the problem, but that no one came out to put order. That same user whom Tina has named, is not the first time that he or did, and I have seen him rant at ease as he wanted.

    For all this I am glad to have found this post and to see that it is a subject that is taken into account, which speaks very well of Elav and those of you who carry this, although not all with the same spirit.

    As an idea to contribute, perhaps you could put a "report" button only for registered users, so that the staff does not have to go through reviewing all the comments one by one, and only have to go where something really happens.


  54.   Joaquin said

    Sounds good to me, but we would have to see how to moderate: delete offensive comments, edit them, suspend them and send a notification to whoever commented, or leave the community to vote. It is not easy at all.

    According to some, I signed up for the blog because I felt it was (and still is) different. The climate is very pleasant, apart from sometimes seeing some jokes between old friends; or extensive debates without clear conclusions, but that allow reflection (although fanaticisms are sometimes noticed).

    I also agree with seeing the possibility of moderating the posts (I suppose that in the FromLinux regulation it was clear what and how to write). And to give an example, the post to eliminate the reggeaton from the pendrives: it was a good title to attract people and generate conflicts. Although good concepts could be derived about the operation of the script, many focused on discussing musical tastes. Let's leave that post as an example of what we should not do and what should never become FromLinux.

    Together, let's make this blog a community of respect and knowledge.

  55.   joakoej said

    Better, we don't want this to become Taringa